A Chronicles of Nick story

Takes place shortly after the end of Infamous and will have references and charecters from the Dark-Hunter stories



"mind link"

Kyrian sighed as he rose from his crouching position on top of the roof. New Orleans had been quite for the last week and a half. No Daimon attacks, no murders, no demonic rituals, not even a stray zombie. Kyrian sighed again and turned to head home but before he could move he heard a woman's shriek from alley below him.

Without hesitation he leapt falling two stories and landing perfectly as his retractable sword flicked open. If he were human he would have been blind in the dark alley but because his Dark-Hunter eyes were more sensitive to light he could see the five figures cowering in the alley's grimy back.

Stretching out his psychic senses he identified them as two Apollites, one male, one female, two lower level Demons, and strangely a Were-Hawk. He also saw a person in a black cloak standing in front of them spinning a silver and red dagger from finger to finger.

"So my argent little siblings are you ready to lie down and die yet or am I going to have to roast you first" the man in the black cloak said. To emphasize his point he held out a black gloved hand and manifested a fireball.

The Were-Hawk looked around hopelessly until he saw Kyrian. Hope lit the boy's features "help us plea…" the boy started but was interrupted as an invisible force slammed him and the others against the back wall and held them there.

Kyrian winced in sympathy as he heard more than a few ribs breaking but he focused on the cloaked man as he turned slowly.

"And what have we here" the man said as he sniffed the air. "Dark-Hunter" he asked.

"Yes" Kyrian said.

The man bowed. "Good servant of Artemis" he said. "May I ask why you are here" he said.

Kyrian jerked his head towards the back wall.

"Ah" the man said. "Then your services are not required" he said. "I am here to rid the world of these…" the man stopped searching for a word. "People" he finished lamely.

"I'm here to protect them" Kyrian said.

The man let out a long savage almost inhuman laugh that sent a chill up Kyrian's spine. "They butcher and kill the innocent you are sworn to defend and you want to protect them" the man asked.

"And by killing them you are no better" Kyrian said.

Fury radiated from the man and Kyrian could feel the weight of his glare. "You" the man said venomously.

"I'm sorry did I touch a nerve" Kyrian asked.

The man spun to the people behind him as they started snickering but that stopped abruptly as they felt his glare. "You I will kill slowly Dark-Hunter" the man said. "But for now I must feed."

Kyrian rushed forward but before he took two steps he felt every joint in his body lock in place.

"Be grateful Kyrian of Thrace you are about to witness something few have ever seen and lived to tell about" the man said as he swept his cloak aside and rolled up the sleeve of his shirt.

Kyrian stared at the strange armlet on the man's wrist. It was made of black metal with a large shimmering diamond in the center. To the left and right of it sat two emeralds smaller than the diamond but they still pulsed with power. And at the four corners of the diamond sat four tiny rubies. Gold filigree was inlayed around the jewels to form an elaborate crest.

Kyrian watched as the man raised the armlet to his chest and faced the jewels towards his victims.

"They are garbage" the man said. Then with profound sadness whispered "and I am one of them." turning his thoughts away from that the man straightened. "Homin preteritus niiso quod defaeco profusum. Excito suum denique fortuna" the man said.

Kyrian watched as the light that emanated from the diamond danced and swirled around the stone before it extended out forming a vortex like dome over the man's captives.

They screamed and thrashed as if they were being torn apart. As he watched a strange mist seemed to gush from their pores.

As he relised what it was Kyrian tried to look away. But the same power that kept him from attacking also held his head in place and forced him to watch.

"Vniglag" the man said as he tore the armlet away from his chest. The vortex faded and Apollites, Demons, and Were-Hawk fell to the ground. "Now my dear Dark-Hunter are you ready to die" the man asked.

Kyrian snarled and flexed against his bounds but nothing happened.

The man turned and drew his sword. The long blade of the hand and a half sword was made of iridescent black metal spiderwebed with veins of red that seemed to pulse with life. The hilt was the same black metal wrapped in leather. It ended in a jagged ruby pumble that glowed with a light similar to the twin silver dragons that made up the cross guard.

Without another word the man rushed forward.

Kyrian felt his bounds snap and managed to block an instant before a blow that would have cut him in half hit.

"I see you were able to dissipate my bounds quite quickly" the man said as he spun away.

Kyrian used the opening and sliced for the man's neck.

The man leapt up and blocked before his slid his blade along Kyrian's aiming for his heart.

Kyrian pulled back and parried but stumbled as his sword was almost torn from his grasp. "If I do this" Kyrian said turning his stumble into a spin.

"Ah you show skill" the man said as he blocked Kyrian attack and pushed him away. "You parried my attack and swiftly attacked in the follow through" he said. "You the one they call Kyrian. The rumors of your skills are evidently true" he said as he blocked Kyrian's attack. "But it doesn't matter" he said.

"And why is that" Kyrian asked as he pressed the man into a corner. Kyrian slashed three times in quick succession sending the man's sword flying.

The man hissed and raised his arm in a defensive gesture but froze as he felt the tip of Kyrian's sword on his throat.

"And why as that" Kyrian asked again his tone mocking.

"Because no one defeats a Knight of the Lady" the man said.

Kyrian started to say something but his words turned into a howl of pain as something hit him in the chest and threw him against the opposite wall. His pain glazed eyes drifted down to the four blood red blades that protruded from his chest. As he watched the blades withdrew. He followed them back to the man and relised they were the rubies in the armlet.

Kyrian groaned as he slumped.

"It's over Dark-Hunter" the man said as he sheathed his sword and drew his dagger. The blade was a long triangle of silver steel with a vein of red that ran from point to guard. The only other adornment was a crest in the shape of two dragons wrapped around a sword that was embossed on the guard.

"Soon you'll lose your willpower" the man said in a soothing tone as he walked over to Kyrian.

Kyrian's eyes clouded as he fell into a half sleep. He looked up as the man stood over him and raised the dagger.

"And then you will obey my command" the man said.

"What am I doing" the thought raced through Kyrian like lightning breaking the spell the man had on him. He thrashed and relised he was tied down by invisible restraints. "Let me go" he growled through clinched teeth.

"There's no use fi..." the man started but stopped as he howled in pain and clutched his chest.

Kyrian rolled as he felt his bounds break and managed to get away a second before the dagger that would have staked him sank into the pavement. Kyrian rose and grabbed his sword.

"Zankou now is not the time" the man growled.

"What" Kyrian asked.

The man snarled and raised his hand.

Kyrian had only a moment to see a bloody flash from the pendent around the man's neck before a bolt of energy hit him in the chest and threw him back.

"Damn it Acheron is this your doing" the man shouted at the sky.

Kyrian hauled himself to his feet as he picked up his sword and ran at the man. But as he got close the man exploded into thousands of tiny strange looking red insects that flew off in all directions.

Kyrian sat there for a long time trying to catch his breath and push back the pain. Wincing he pulled out his phone and dialed the number. "Acheron" he asked.

"Kyrian what's wrong."

Kyrian sighed with relief as he heard the ancient Atlantean's voice. "Ash I need you to get over here something weird is happening" he said.

"Kyrian weird is normal for us" Ash said.

"Not like this. This is different" Kyrian said as he went to the end of the alley and looked around. "I don't know what it is but something about this just doesn't feel right" he said.

"What do you mean" Ash asked.

Kyrian spun and saw Acheron standing a few feet behind him leaning against the alley wall. "You know I hate that" Kyrian snapped. "And I don't know why this feels wrong it just does" he said.

"Why don't you start from the beginning" Ash suggested.

Kyrian nodded. "I was out on my rounds like normal when I heard a scream. I came down here and found two Apollites, two Demons, and a Were-Hawk cornered" he said.

"That doesn't sound too far out of the ordinary" Ash pointed out.

"I'm getting there" Kyrian said. "The one cornering them was a man. At first when I came up to him he called me a good servant of Artemis and told me that I wasn't needed to kill them" he said. "When I told him I was here to protect them he flipped out."

"The Demons I understand but the Were-Hunter and the Apollites were technically innocent" Ash said.

"After that he used his powers to hold me in place and did something to the others" Kyrian said.

"What" Ash asked. "He had a black armlet and used some kind of spell that…"

"What did he say" Ash asked harshly.

"Homin preteritus niiso…" Kyrian started but stopped as Ash cursed. "Do you know the spell" he asked.

"Are his victims still here" Ash asked ignoring Kyrian's question.

Kyrian pointed to the fallen bodies.

Ash went over and knelt by the Were-Hawk. As he touched the boy's arm he hissed and recoiled.

"What is it" Kyrian asked. "

They're empty" Ash said.

"Their souls are gone" Kyrian asked. Ash nodded. "So what we're dealing with some kind of Daimon on steroids" Kyrian asked.

"No not a Daimon" Ash said.

"What do you mean" Kyrian asked.

"When a Daimon drains a person of their soul a small piece of that soul stays in the body" Ash said. "But these are completely empty" he said.

Kyrian paled. "What could be strong enough to do that" he asked.

"I can only think of a handful of beings with that kind of power" Ash said. "And none of them are friendly especially when you take into account the spell" he said.

"What does it have to do with this" Kyrian asked.

"Out of all creatures strong enough to do this only five are old enough to know it" Ash said as he rose. "Was there anything else he said or something he left behind" he asked.

Kyrian thought for a moment before he picked up the dagger and handed it to Ash.

He cursed when he saw it.

"What is it" Kyrian asked.

Instead of answering Ash twisted the hilt.

Kyrian was shocked as he heard air depressurize. As he watched the red vein turned silver and a clear substance poured from tiny holes in the blades edge. "Poison" Kyrian asked.

"You have no idea" Ash muttered.

"What" Kyrian asked.

"I think we should tell everybody to have all hands on deck for the next few days" Ash said.

"Why" Kyrian asked.

"Because" Ash said holding up the dagger. "if I'm right one of the most powerful an evil beings in all of history is in New Orleans and if he is things are about to get bloody."

The red insects winked into existence a moment before they melted into a howling crimson tornado.

"Enturg" the man's voice echoed.

The tornado immediately splintered revealing his kneeling form as he rose. The man inhaled deeply sighing with pleasure as he took in the deep dark power that lived in the air.

He was in Kaeleer. The ancient realm had once belonged to his parents who had been the King and Queen of a race of Gods unlike any other. But that was a long time ago. Those Gods were long dead and he now ruled this realm. But that wasn't why Kaeleer was so important. It was important because it was one of only two places he could take his true form without the help of a special person.

The man was torn from his thoughts as someone behind him cleared their throat. Turning he saw three figures in hooded black robes kneeling.

"Welcome home Akri" they said as one.

The man said nothing as he looked at the three children who were his Lieutenants. The tallest was Chaosti the oldest of the three brothers, to his left was Gabriel the youngest, and to the left was Zankou the middle brother. These three were part of a rare breed known as Remnants. They were among the few who could trace their bloodlines black to his original thirteen children. In addition to being his Lieutenants they were also three of the most important beings in existence. Over the centuries other generations of Remnants have served him in a way similar to the Dark-Hunter Squires and in the past have acted as Generals, warriors, spies and assassins. But their true purpose was far beyond that.

The man nodded to them before his gaze fell on Zankou. "What happened" he snapped.

"We found him" Zankou said simply.

"Who did you find" the man asked. "And tell me why he is so important that you hurt yourself to contact me" he said looking at the small blood stain on the left sleeve of Zankou's robe.

"We found the Malachai" Chaosti said.

The man took a step back in surprise. "The Malachai" he asked.

"Yes" Chaosti said.

"And is he the one we've been looking for" the man asked.

"We suspect him" Gabriel said.

The man nodded before he turned back to Zankou. "This is good news but not good enough to justify what you did" he said. "Why didn't you just contact me though the link" he said referring to the psychic link that he shared with every Remnant.

"We tried" Zankou said. "But you didn't answer. One of us getting hurt was the only other way we knew to summon you" he said.

The man took a deep breath and leashed his rage. "You are young in the craft" he said. "So it's alright but don't do it again unless you have to" he said.

The three nodded.

"So where is our Malachai at" the man asked.

"He is a student at St. Richards" Gabriel said.

The man cursed as he heard the name of the school that was practically a breeding ground for in-training Dark-Hunter Squires and young Were-Hunters. "And he's protected" he asked.

"Yes we sensed the presence of a Daeva" Chaosti said.

"Anything else" the man asked his calm tone belying his temper that strained against its leash.

The three brothers looked at each other for a moment. "We also found traces of power that suggests the presence of…" Chaosti started but stopped as the heavy obsidian doors slammed open and two Spathi Daimons walked in dragging a Fringe Guard between them.

"My lord" they said bowing.

"We pulled this out of Tartarus" the one on the right said.

The man turned to the Fringe Guard "what is your name filth" he asked.

"Bricis your highness" the Fringe Guard said.

"Well Bricis give me one good reason why I shouldn't just kill you now for intruding here" the man asked.

"He said he had some information on a certain demon spawn" one of the Daimons said.

"Really you've seen the Malachai" the man asked.

"Yes" Bricis said.

"And what information can you provide for me" the man asked.

"I know who protects him" Bricis said.

"Pray tell" the man said. "Unless this is about the Daeva because I already know" he said.

"You know about Malphas" Bricis asked.

The man cursed softly as he heard the name of the great demonic General. "Is there anyone else" he asked.

"I'm not sure what she was. But after Malphas killed me and before I was sent to Tartarus I saw a girl. They called her Nekoda" Bricis said.

"Nekoda" the man said quietly shocked by the name. But the shock quickly turned to rage as turned to Chaosti, Gabriel, and Zankou. "Why didn't you tell me Nekoda had resurfaced" he shouted as the entire black palace shook with the force of his rage.

"We didn't know. I mean there were small traces of power but we didn't know they were hers" Chaosti said as the brothers backed away.

With difficulty the man pulled back his rage and turned to the Daimons. "Get him out of here" he said pointing to Bricis. "And after that summon Scration" he said.

The Daimons smiled and nodded before they started for the door. "Do you want us to just toss him back into Tartarus my lord" one of the Daimons asked.

"No" the man said causing the Daimons to stop and look back. "He deserves a reward for his services" the man said.

Bricis looked up and smiled as he shrugged off the Daimons. "Thank you my lord it would be a…" Bricis started but stopped as he heard the words that were worse than a death sentence.

"Feed him to the Charontes" the man said.

The Daimons laughed as they grabbed the stunned Bricis and started dragging him away.

"But wait I thought you said I deserve a reward" Bricis shouted.

"This is your reward" the man said. "Better a final death than spending eternity rotting in Tartarus" he said.

Bricis let out a fierce battle cry as he broke free of the Daimons and rushed at the man with sword in hand.

The man laughed and held up his hand. "Kiria" he whispered.

Blinding light flared in the room as Bricis let out a scream of pain that was cut short with a crunch. Then as suddenly as it had appeared the light vanished.

The room was silent as everyone stared at the spot where Bricis was. The Daimons gulped before they bowed and left.

"Akri" Zankou asked.

"Yes" the man said. "You're sending Scration to Nekoda. But what about the Malachai will you send one of us" Zankou asked.

"No" the man said. "Well I was out tonight I sensed Acheron's power but as strong as he is there is no telling how old it is. So no I won't send you out because I'll need you three if anything happens to me" he said.

"As you wish Akri" Zankou said. "But if you aren't sending us who are you sending" he asked.

"My most trusted agent" the man said before he vanished.

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