8:03 p.m. Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Patient, Cecilia McAlan was transferred to Arkham's isolation unit after refusal of medication, relentless pounding of her head against the wall and attacking several guards. She will be held there until Dr. Peterson arrives back in Gotham to assess her personally, until then all attending physicians are assigned to record and log all of her behaviors.

"Behaviors?" Dr. Tullius asked. The mandatory request was less than helpful for her lingering questions. The warden uneasily shifted in his chair, this particular patient's history made the warden's nerves soar greatly. His fingers began to mindless tap against his leg.

"Sit down Cathy, I'll explain." The doctor held her clipboard tight to her, as she sat down. Her eyes wide, but she said nothing to him, while he poured himself a rather tall glass of scotch. He downed his drink and began to pour another before he spoke. "Ms. McAlan was admitted to Arkham three months ago, by request of the Gotham Police Department."

"She's a criminal?"

"On the contraire, she's a victim. The police psychiatrist deemed her as too unstable to fit in with society."

"Victim of what, per say?" He put down his drink; extreme hesitation seemed to cloud his usual husky voice.

"What I now tell you is to be kept quiet, no one outside of Arkham is to know about her presence, let alone the crimes committed against her, got that?"

"Yes sir, you have my word." She moved in closer, just barely teetering on the edge of her seat, now she was personally intrigued by what he had to say.

"She was severely maimed and beaten over the course of a year. Somehow she had managed to escape her captor, and fled directly to the police. Her psyche is considered to be irreversibly damaged by the prolonged terror that she was said to have dealt with. She claims her 'demon', her captor, tells her to do things along with the voices in her head. Which can't be plausibly explained because only Dr. Peterson, I and selective members of the Gotham Police Department knows of her true identity." He paused, and swallowed down mouthful of scotch. "The Cane family has paid dearly to keep her identity enclosed."

"The prestigious multi-billionaire Cane family?"

"That would be the one." She was confused. Why would the second richest family in Gotham, behind Bruce Wayne, want to cover up this girl's identity. Was she related to the Cane family?

"I didn't hear about her kidnapping on the news."

"Oh yes, you have. But the Canes have been very careful. They have made her true identity unknown by the public. They don't want their name to mix up this media sensation. You know her under a different name. Does the name Smiles mean anything to you?" She gasped. It was a young, beautiful dark haired girl who was photographed smiling at each of the Joker crime scenes with the dead victims. Some photos were posed like posh dinner parties with the dead bodies, others where she was staged with the bodies like a nativity scene. The more gruesome ones are where she lays with the bodies as if they were lovers. She was always smiling. Always Smiling. The doctor shuddered.

"I thought Smiles was a willing participant in the staging of the crime scenes."

"That's what the media has tricked people into thinking. They never disclosed the actual information concerning her because the Cane family paid them not to. They reporters never mention the joker's messages that were scrawled on the back of every photo. He always wrote that Ms. McAlan/Cane, his beloved toy, enjoyed fulfilling all of his requests. Most of which were barely legible, but noted as demeaning and utterly sadistic, I won't go into details. But he took the pictures to show she was excited by his crimes, that's why she is always smiling. He had turned the girl against her own sanity."

"That poor girl."

"You may think that, but others disagree."

"They think she's a liar! How? The photos alone are proof enough." He raised his hands defensively.

"I didn't say that, but others have their doubts about the credibility of her story."

"Because she hears voices?"

"Well yes, and also because she has a hard time deciphering reality from fantasy. She believes that the Joker lurks in her room at all hours of the day and when confronted about it, she tends to get violent. Which explains tonight's episode. The guards tried to sedate her, and she became psychically volatile. That's why you are assigned to oversee her until Dr. Peterson returns."

"May I talk to her?" The warden seemed reluctant.

"You may, but remember to record everything you do with her, so Dr. Peterson is fully informed when he gets back." She shook her head, understanding her new responsibility. "Here's her file, good luck with this one." She nodded once more, before she left the room. She could no longer deal with the warden's borderline dependency on alcohol; it's no way for someone to cope through the day. She begin to flip through her file.

Cecilia 'McAlan', age twenty-two. Patient has extreme anxiety issues, borderline schizophrenic and is easily violent. She fears and talks to things that are not real. She is clearly disturbed by her experiences, but willing to cooperate to a certain degree. Usually until she is triggered to attack. It isn't known as what sets her off, but she is considered a major threat to everyone around her, but mostly to herself. She self-abuses, which she claims her demon/captor tells her to do. The other voices seem to be a calming defense mechanism against her 'demon'. But 'they' also tell her to do things to herself. She has a tendency to call out for her 'daddy'; it is unknown to who it is meant for. We assume it is a plea towards her father, to come rescue her when her 'demon' is around. Note: This patient is a participant in profiling her captor.

Was Dr. Peterson seriously using this traumatized girl as subject matter, so he can profile the Joker? He was walking along a dangerous line by performing these specific interviews with her. This is why Arkham is going downhill. Dr. Peterson was clearly violating standard ethics with this patient, but was not being chastised for it. And all of it was well documented. But everyone was so obsessed with figuring out how the Joker functions, instead of helping the girl. They're gaining knowledge at her expense.

10:37 p.m. Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Through the two-way mirror, I watched the subject twitch and convulse against her restraints. She fought feverishly. Her hair was knotted with snarls; her body was fresh with sweat. She was screaming with all her might.

"HE'S HERE! HEY DADDY! THEY'RE TAKING ME. AWAY. AWAY." She fidgeted again before screaming once more. "THEY'RE EATING! THEY'RE EATING! PLEASE HELP ME!" I winced. She sounded positively frighten. This girl had seriously gone through hell and back.

"Are you sure you can handle this?" Charlie, the guard asked.

"Yes, I just wanted to see her behavior first hand."

"Well you're in heading head first into an inferno of insanity."

"I'm just here to make sure she doesn't explode before Peterson gets back."

"Good luck with that Cathy. I'll see you later." She waved good-bye and shook her head. It was the second time within an hour; someone said good luck to her. Cecilia can't be that bad. She haven't met a patient yet, that has defeated her methods.