"Bye, Momo-senpai, Kikumaru-senpai, Oishi-senpai" Ryoma yells behind him, running toward Seigaku's entrance. Hearing his Senpai yelling there bye's back he raises his hand in acknowledgment. He knew that if he were late Ryoga would find a way even worse than usual to torturer as if he wasn't doing that every second of the day anyway. Moreover, his parents were away, leaving Ryoga in charge, making it that much worse.

Ryoma ran as fast as he could, willing himself to make it home before 5:30. If he didn't… Ryoma quickly cast this thought away. He did not want to think about it at all. Ryoga was a sadist. He likes to see people get hurt. Especially when he was in a bad mood. In addition, today was Tuesday, so there would be no doubt in his mind that his mood would be murderous. It was the day his girlfriend always turned down dates because of work.

Opening the door of his home, as expected, Ryoga was waiting, leaning against the wall. But, what Ryoma didn't expect was the beer bottle that was in the hands of ryoga. Looking more closely to Ryoga, Ryoma notices, his face was flushed, and he wasn't leaning against the wall because he was tired of waiting, it was because he needed it so that he wouldn't tip over. "Ryoga…..?" Ryoma asks quietly, not wanting to upset him. Ryoga looked at him up and down, and it gave Ryoma goose bumps all up his arms, and a sudden surge of fear.

Taking an involuntary step back, he turned to run. However even in Ryoga's drunken state he was just as fast as he usually was, Ryoma however was a little tired from his thirty minute dash home and he was being lagged down with his school bag and tennis bag. Ryoga grabbed Ryoma's arm, making Ryoma drop all of his bags in the entrance way. Ryoma struggled with Ryoga even after he had him immobile. Ryoga then pulled Ryoma up the stairs behind them to Ryoga's room. Ryoma was still struggling against Ryoga as he pulled pants off; terrified by the way things were progressing. The next thing Ryoma knew was that his hands were tied to the headboard of Ryoga's bed.

His legs flailing he tried to escape, the ropes however had a different plan. The more he struggled, the tighter the ropes became, but even despite the pain, he was yelling at Ryoga calling him every cuss word in the book, in both English and Japanese. Ryoga was stripping, not listening to Ryoma's pleas for him to stop. Then Ryoma finally asked as Ryoga was walking toward him, tears streaking down his face "Don't you have a girlfriend?" Ryoga then paused. A strange expression passed over his face. One of pain, fury, frustration, and betrayal before descending on Ryoma again.

Despite Ryoma struggles, Ryoma can feel Ryoga thrust into him again and again. Even as Ryoga yells out in pain, Ryoga gives no recognition of even hearing him. Ryoma can feel the blood dripping down his legs, and the hot breaths descending on the back of his neck. All the while pleading for Ryoga to stop, telling him that it was hurting him…

Hours later, Ryoma's voice is sore from yelling, and his eye's puffy from the amount of crying. Ryoga sat next to him in an odd daze, not hearing, feeling, or seeing anything, despite the violent shuttering that was shaking the bed that was rolling off Ryoma's whole body.

After about ten minutes Ryoga seemed to realize what was happening around him. He turned to Ryoma, looking at the bloodied sheets, that surrounded his lower part, to the ropes that turned Ryoma's writs red and even bleeding in some places. Ryoga then moved to cut the rope, not sure what he felt when Ryoma flinched away from him even for coming close to him.

Ryoma was looking away from Ryoga not wanting to look, see, or even feel a touch of him. He was disgusted, hurt, and felt a deep sense of regret. He had always hoped he would get to choose the one to lose his virginity to. Ryoma knew who he wanted to lose it to too. But even though he knew it probably would have never happened. He still hoped that some day he would be able to tell him. To tell… Tezuka-Buchou that he liked him.