When Ryoma's nose finally stopped bleeding, Ryoma relayed everything that happened in the conference to Tezuka, Fuji and Inui. They were surprised, it seemed, that Ryoga suddenly changed heart so fast. In fact, Ryoma himself was surprised by Ryoga's sudden changes in attitude.

When they left the bathroom, Ryoma and Tezuka headed towards Ryuu's house and Fuji and Inui went home. It was a quiet walk to the bus stop. Soon, Ryoma would have to go home. This was the last night that Ryoma would have the chance to tell Tezuka the truth. He would not have a chance to be alone long enough to tell him ever again. When they got on the bus, Tezuka payed for both of their fairs, and he asked "what stop do we take?" Ryoma thought, and said "the seventh stop, right before Shinjukuka"

Tezuka nodded and it went quiet. After thinking about it Ryoma said, "Ne… Buchou, when we get back to your house, I have something to tell you… its really important" before he could chicken out, Tezuka nodded. Ryoma gave himself no room to back out. It was now or never. Ryoma laughed internally. Up till now, he kept jumping from telling him to not telling him, and now he had no choice.

Now that he had no choice, Ryoma started dreading the outcome of his confession.

Getting off of the bus, Ryoma directed them to Ryuu's house. When they got there Ryoma knocked on the door and yelled "Ryuu-nii-san, wake up!" then a few minutes later the door opened to a tired and sleep deprived Ryuu. "Hey, Ryuu-nii-san. I came for my check up. Is now a bad time?" Ryoma asked, not wanting to intrude on his sleep.

Ryuu, after coming to his senses, said "No, No, I'm glad you came," then he noticed the taller boy behind Ryoma and said "who the hell's this?" Ryoma flinched, there it went, Ryuu's ability to make the absolute worst first impression. Ryuu looked like a complete badass, his hair a little long and putted back into a mini pony-tail

"oh, Ryuu-nii-san this is Tezuka Kunimitsu, buchou this is my cousin Echizen Ryuu. Ryuu-nii-san this is my senpai from school, Tezuka-buchou, also the buchou of the Tennis team I'm on." Ryoma said as he went in the house without being invited, and Tezuka following.

When they were in the house Ryuu walked away saying "I'll get my things, be right back…" and walked into the other room. Sitting down, Ryoma tried to relax some of the tension between him ans Tezuka by saying "so, what do you think of him? He tends to give a bad first impression..." Tezuka seemed at a loss for words,the Echizen family was full of different kinds of people, but all Tezuka said was "well, he seemed very…" and without being able to think of a word he said "interesting."

Ryoma laughed, and said "Yeah, I know what you mean. when we came to visit from America, I was terrified of him. It wasn't until I cane a few times that I got used to his personality." while Ryuu was in the other room, getting his stuff he and Tezuka simply talked about random things. It was fun, in Ryoma's opinion, to be talking with Tezuka like this.

When Ryuu finally came in he said "I'll examine you in the other room, Tezuka-kun, help yourself to the fridge." and lead Ryoma to the other room. (skip the whole awkward undressing part) laying on the bed Ryoma distracted him self while Ryuu checked him and when he was done he said, "so do you ever plan on telling me what happened?" Ryoma shook his head no, he had no intention of telling him. Ever. "And the guy you brought with you? What about him?" Ryoma looked up and said "what about him?" Ryuu took a moment to answer then said "you act differently around him, that's all." Ryoma's eye's widened in surprise. He never noticed that he acted differently.

"anyway your good to go. Not even a scar. Oh, and come by more often. I get a little lonely here." Ryoma rolled his eye's and said, "as many girls you always have here? I doubt you have time to be lonely." and walked out of the room.

Walking in the room Ryoma said "I'm good to go, Buchou, lets go." Tezuka nodded then followed, "so, there was nothing wrong or anything…?" Tezuka asked, almost shyly. "nothing. Not even a scar." Ryoma stated, slightly proud of the fact.

Hearing this, Tezuka was happy. He didn't want any scars on his Ryoma. Wait, his Ryoma? Tezuka shook his head, there was no way that Ryoma could ever like him…

When they got back to Tezuka's room, Tezuka said "well, what did you want to tell me?" Ryoma started, suddenly thinking of backing out, but then what would happen? Would he regret not telling him? Would it make things awkward? A million questions started running through Ryoma's mind. Then, "I'll tell you after dinner." Ryoma said almost inaudibly. Tezuka nodded, very curious as to what could be plaguing Ryoma's mind so much.

Until dinner was ready, Ryoma and Tezuka did their homework and Ryoma packed all his stuff up, making sure that he wasn't missing anything. When dinner was called, they went down stairs and ate with the family. "where are Natsume and Mizuno?" Ryoma asked. "oh they had some school trip until tomorrow…" Ayana answered " oh, well then, Ayana-san, Tezuka-san, Ojii-san, tomorrow my parents are going to be home, so I won't be staying the night anymore. Thank you for everything until now" Ryoma said, bowing lightly, when dinner was finished.

They seemed surprised by the suddenness, but Tezuka otou-san took it lightly ans said "well, it was nice to have you this past week." Ayana-san took it a little harder and said, "oooh, Ryoma-chan, please come visit. It was such a thrill to have you until now" with tears, lightly settled in the corner of her eye's. Ryoma nodded, and said "I will try" then followed Tezuka back to his room.

"well, Echizen, what was it that you wanted to tell me?" Ryoma looked away then sat down, then stood up, "I…" then he paced a bit. Giving up Ryoma said "What would you say if I said that I… uh… well… uh…" Ryoma looked down, then said "l… liked you?" then it was quiet.

Ryoma sat there, in the dead silence, waiting for Tezuka's reply. It was quiet, for several agonizing minutes. Then "I.. I'm sorry, buchou, I'll leave…" suddenly there were tears in Ryoma's eyes. Turning to leave, Ryoma made to grab for his stuff, only to be stopped by two much larger arms wrapping around him.

Ryoma froze, not sure what to do. "do you really like me, Echizen?" Tezuka asked in a soft voice. Ryoma nodded, tears still in his eye's. Then Ryoma was whorled around, facing Tezuka. "I like you too, Echizen." then he kissed Ryoma.

Suddenly receiving a kiss from Tezuka, Ryoma was stunned, but was quickly carried away. The next thing he knew, they were laying on Tezuka's bed, there clothes were off, and he was under Tezuka. When Tezuka came in for a kiss, Ryoma happily complied, their tounges dancing in their mouths. They were both hard, but when Tezuka went to Ryoma's lower half, he covered it up. "what's wrong, Echizen?" Tezuka asked, "I… it'll hurt…" Ryoma said in a weak voice. "Tezuka smiled sadly and said "I'll make it feel good" then moved Ryoma's hands.

"aah~" Ryoma moaned as Tezuka put his mouth around his stiff member, and slipped one finger in his tight hole. Squirming uncomfortably Ryoma, shifted trying to make it feel a little better. One more finger went in, then another. "h-hurts… buchou…" Ryoma whimpered "Kunimitsu" was all he said in reply.

After a while the fingers stopped hurting, in fact, they felt really good. "ah, K-Kunimitsu…" then the fingers were removed completely.

Then, suddenly, they were replaced with something else "aah! Hurts! It hurts, Kinimitsu!" Ryoma cried, tears rolling down his eye's. "it'll feel better soon, Ryoma" Tezuka replied, and it did. Soon Ryoma was moaning in pleasure, as Tezuka hit his prostate hard, over and over. "Aah!" Ryoma moaned "Kunimitsu!"

Ryoma continually moaned. "Aaaah!" his voice echoed in the large room and his body trembled slightly. "Ngh…aaah…" Sweets pants of bliss poured from his mouth as Tezuka pulled back and pounded into his body as Ryoma's mind began to get fuzzy "I… I'm coming!" he gasped, and then not much later they came together, and Ryoma passed out, unable to keep awake.

Waking up, Ryoma was completely embarrassed, and didn't know what to do. Looking at the clock, it was 5:30AM. Ryoma was slightly surprised that he was able to wake up that early after everything the night before. Ryoma blushed at the memory and tried to get up. He wished he hadn't. a sharp pain shot up his backside when he moved. "uugh!" he wined, accidentally waking Tezuka up. "you said that it wouldn't hurt," Ryoma said, and a small smile played on Tezuka's face. "I said I would make you feel good, and I did" was his reply. Then, suddenly, Tezuka came up and kissed Ryoma saying "your mine, Ryoma." Ryoma smiled "Hai, Kunimitsu"

A small preview of my next story~

'plink' 'plink' Ryoma opened his eyes, only to see, once again that nothing had changed. He was still there, he was still in pain, and he still had no hopes of living…


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