Annabeth walked through Camp Half-Blood, watching various campers train with each other as she mulled over her thoughts. Last night she had gotten in a huge fight with Percy, and as of now they weren't friends.

She scowled. It hadn't even been over anything big, she just had a close call in capture the flag, and Percy had been worried. That was all, but the anger and frustration that had been building up in their relationship had just overflowed, and it ended with her walking out of Percy's cabin in tears. Annabeth hadn't seen Percy since then, as far as she knew, he was still in his cabin.

Not watching where she was going, Annabeth tripped over someone's stray foot, tumbling to the dirt with a cry. Rough hands picked her up, and Annabeth found herself staring into the sweaty face of a particularly beefy son of Ares.

"Watch it" He growled, eyeing Annabeth with an expression she didn't like.

"Sorry" Annabeth mumbled, turning to walk away.

"Hold it" The Ares kid said, halting Annabeth's escape by putting a heavy hand on her shoulder.

"What?" Annabeth snapped, turning around.

"Watch it missy, Do you know who you're talking to? You're talking to Mike Markle. Son of Ares. You keep using that tone on me and I might have to exert my power over you" Mike threatened.

Annabeth couldn't help it, she snorted in laughter.

"Your POWER? You couldn't exert control over anything, not even a fly" She laughed. Mike got red in the face, then did something that Annabeth didn't expect.

He punched her.

Mike clubbed Annabeth right across the face, sending her sprawling in the dirt. A crowd had gathered by now, watching the scene unfold.

Mike stepped forwards and kicked Annabeth in the stomach, winding her. He bent down and pulled the girl up by the collar of her t-shirt, meaning to punch her face again.


Percy's clear voice rang out through the camp, halting Mike's abuse of Annabeth. Mike dropped Annabeth to the side, and she backed away, clutching her face.

"You gonna fight me, punk?" Mike growled.

Percy stepped forwards with a smirk.


Mike spat on his hands, curling them into fists so tight they cracked his beefy knuckles. Percy did nothing.

"Put 'em up, kid" Mike said. Percy shook his head and stuck his hands in his pockets.

Mike let out a roar and charged at Percy. Percy easily sidestepped, causing Mike to go crashing into a rack of shields with a clatter. This made the brawny son of Ares even more angry than before, and he charged again.

Percy did the same thing without hesitation, this time adding a small push that added to Mike's momentum, causing him to run straight into the ground, where he rolled over and looked at Percy with a dazed look.

"You shouldn't hit girls, least of all MY girl" Percy said, spitting at Mike. Gasps went up from the crowd around them.

"I'll hit anyone I want to" Mike retaliated with a glare. Percy's green eyes flashed, and in an instant he was kneelign over Mike, handpressed to the son of Ares' throat.

"I can knock you out with one punch" Percy said in a low tone. He brought his fist back, and for the first time in history Mike looked somewhat scared.

In a brilliant move, Percy made to punch Mike's face in, but cut short a quarter inch from the bully's face, tapping his cheek and effectively sending Mike into a dead faint.

The crowd around them cheered as Mike's body flopped to the ground. Percy got up, dusting his hands off. Annabeth came forwards, and Percy could see where Mike's punch had landed, bruising part of her left cheek and cutting her lower lip.

"I'm sorry" Annabeth said, and Percy pulled her into a tight hug of forgiveness that she returned eagerly.

Percy pressed his lips to Annabeth's unbruised cheek, grinning when she flushed in embarassment.

It was a very good day.