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Hi, a small note to all :)

Some events taking place towards the ending of Brotherhood are going to be altered. Not by much... but I need to make this story make a little bit of sense, don't I?

Time line: Just after the ending of Brotherhood. There are a few changes which will be revealed later within the next few chapters. Um, this is just the prologue, so the next chapters should be a good bit longer.

One last note before you read.. I've already started a fic (Why I'm starting this one is still a mystery to me) where Edward and Al are thrown through the gate, but honestly that plot arc is used so much :/

This, I see less about and I'm going to do my best to put as many twist as I can to make it even more original.

Please bear with me on this journey :)

The Fullmetal Alchemist tore a rather sticky piece of paper from his cheek as he blinked open his eyes, trying to remember just what it was he was doing and why there was an annoying buzzing sound in his ears.

He looked down to see a pile of books lying messily on top of a frayed and battered desk, papers ripped out and wrote on in a messy, rushed scrawl. A cup of coffee sat off to the side, and he could smell the large amount of sugar that must have made up more than half of its actual contents.

Edward shook his head, blinking again as he tried to make the buzzing go away... Where was that exceedingly annoying sound coming from?

"...awake yet?"

The blonde groaned, turning to see the bored face of his commanding officer.

"I should have known it was your voice buzzing in my ear." Edward growled, turning around in his chair to look at the flaming bastard. Heh.

"Glad to see that you're awake, Fullmetal," Mustang greeted, a cocky smile on his lips. "Although, I must say that I do feel terrible about waking you. I had no idea it was time for your nap."

"Shut up."

"Anyway," Mustang mused, getting back to the topic of why he'd actually stopped by the newly appointed Lieutenant Colonel's office. "Apparently, you have an assignment."

At this, Edward perked up. He had only been appointed for a few weeks, and most of the military's efforts were focused on cleaning up after the events that unfolded on the Promised Day, so an assignment was the last thing he expected to receive. Paper work, of course, but not an assignment.

"What is it?" He asked curiously, taking a yellowed packed from Mustang. He moved his research aside, clearing off just enough room on his desk to avoid burying, and most likely loosing, his first assignment.

"Well..." Mustang began, loosing his words before he could even form a sentence. Edward raised an eyebrow at his commanding officer's sudden discomposure. "Uh, you're just going to have to read it for yourself. It's quite the mouth full, and one I'm sure you don't want to hear from me."

"Probably right," Ed grumbled, though now he was eying the packet with a deep suspicion. He waved the colonel off so he could inspect it for himself.

As he made his way to leave, Mustang turned to face the teen. "Oh, and Fullmetal?"


"Don't uh...overreact. Grunman was serious when he wrote up this request," The look on Mustang's face was solemn, which only increased the teen's anxiousness. Regardless, he nodded his head and turned back to the packet, wondering just what the hell he was getting himself in to.



It had taken much less time for Fullmetal to react to his new assignment, and for that the soon to be appointed General Roy Mustang was left amused. The blonde had already stomped out of his own office, packet held angrily in his hand, and headed down the hall of Central Command on his way to have a word or two with the Colonel. When the door to his office slammed open, Mustang was not surprised to see an fuming alchemist standing in its threshold.

"What," Fullmetal hissed, disdain and confusion evident, "..is this?"

"I believe that would be the assignment I handed you not ten minutes ago," Mustang stated, his chin resting on his palm atop a newly laid mountain of paperwork. Really, he couldn't wait for his promotion to be approved. He didn't see himself missing all the..perks of being a colonel. Not at all.

"I bet you think this is funny, you bastard," Edward muttered, but the colonel could read his words just fine. Mustang sighed.

"I told you not to overreact," was the colonel's simply reply. "Grunman is being serious about this."

"Grunman has lost the little sanity he had left," Edward said, waving the packet in front of him for proof. "I've never even heard of this country!"

"Clearly," Mustang began, a surprised tone to his voice, "You haven't read the whole thing if all you're complaining about is not recognizing the country."

"Oh," Edward muttered darkly, "I've read the whole thing... it's a load of crap."

"Fullmetal..," Mustang warned. He was ammused in the beginning, keeping his cocky smirk, but now his patience was running thin. He didn't mind a good back and fourth, it kept his work days lively, but he didn't intend on doing it all day. That would be a waste of his time.

Edward, still standing in the threshold of the door, looked rather taken back. His posture had fallen and he looked at Mustang as if he had suddenly turned chamara. "You believe him?"

"It's my job," Mustang said, and the other alchemist could detect loyalty in the way he sounded so certain. "Besides, I've seen my proof."

"You've seen proof of this... this magic?" Edward questioned, all hints of anger had gone from his tone. Now, there was only disbelief.

"You could say that..."

"I don't have time for your riddles," Edward huffed, finally walking from the center of the doorway to go and collapse on to one of the sofas conveniently placed in the colonel's office. "This doesn't contin any logical sense to its entire being... and a school none the less."

The colonel sighed. Yeah, the whole situation was a bit unbelievable. They were suddenly becoming aware of a country that apparently existed on the other side of the world, one that none of Amestris had ever heard about or seen. One that wasn't included on any of their maps or charts. Now they were dealing with what these outsiders called magic, an alternate to alchemy that could bypass the laws of equivalent exchange without a second thought. On top of that, this notice had appeared in the form of a letter - delivered by owl.

Who even does that?

"So what are you going to do," Mustang asked, changing the atmosphere of the conversation. Edward looked up from his spot on the sofa, glaring at him as if it were obvious.


"You think that's wise?" A new voice questioned. It was an old, yet familiar voice that rang from where the alchemist had entered a few moments before. Edwards eyes snapped towards the noise, seeing a rather amused looking Grunman. The Fuhrer.

Grudgingly, Fullmetal stood with Mustang to salute the man who had just walked in. He respected the man, but that didn't mean he believed him.

"Magic like this can't exist, it goes against every law an alchemist knows," Edward said, resisting the urge to lace every word with a venomous edge. "And last I recall, I'm here solely because of that fact."

Grunman walked over to sit in the sofa just across from Edward, gazing at him with collective, knowing eyes.

"Yes, and that's why it's not considered alchemy," Grunman said, choosing his words carefully. He knew it was vital to get this young man to believe what he was telling him. The future of their own country could possibly be at stake.

"It's illogical," Edward stated. "Physically impossible."

"I know," Grunman admitted. This was the cushion, one step back and two steps forward.

"Then why did you even write out this assignment if you know that already?" Edward questioned, his temper rising. He didn't appreciate being toyed with, not after everything he and his brother had lived through. It was like getting another slap in the face and being told to start over, that all his life's work were void. And if this was suppose to be some kind of prank, he did no think it humorous.

This time, it was another man who answered, appearing in the doorway with a starry, mystical look in his light blue eyes. "Because what I told him is nothing but the truth."

Edward glared at that man, not realizing at first just who he was looking at.

"Who the hell is this," Edward demanded, looking over the man in question. He'd never seen anyone dress like him, wearing what looked like a cross between a robe and a silk dress. It was almost insulting that the higher ups gave Edward grief about his red cloak, but they let that man walk in here like this?

With his long beard, pointed hat, and half moon spectacles - this man stuck out more than Edward ever could even if he purposely tried.

And trust him, there were time when he did.

Grunman passed him a halfhearted look for his disrespect, but said nothing else on that matter, moving to introduce the man. "This is Albus Dumbledore, and he's the outsider from England."

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