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The rain was pouring down as she stood there just looking at the stone. Of the hundreds of names on it there was one she couldn't get her eyes off of. She always came here, but today was special. Today was the anniversary of Naruto's death.

"Why?" was the only question that came to her mind.

"It's not fair why did you leave?" it has been five years since Naruto died and every time she came here she replayed the events in her head. She hated it but the memory always came flooding to her. Suddenly a familiar chakra signal approached.

"Sakura" the voice said

"Kakashi-sensei" It was a sign of recognition and nothing more

"I thought I'd find you here come on let's get you home" it was a ritual they always do. It would always be raining on this particular day, as if the sky was crying for the fallen hero. Sakura would be out in it reminiscing on that day and Kakashi would find her and bring her home to Ino.

"Ah there she is thank you Kakashi-sensei" said Ino

"It was my pleasure"

As Kakashi left Ino had brought the sulking and soaked Sakura into the house. She made some tea while Sakura got on some dry clothes.

"Sorry for worrying you like that Ino I-I just needed t-to think"

"It's alright I just wanted to make sure you were safe we are roommates after all"

Sakura smiled the first time that day but it seemed out of place, it was the anniversary of his death after all. The unfortunate events of that day five years ago rushed into her head.


"N-Naruto please hold still I need to heal this wound" Sakura said with a shaky voice. Though the fox was helping it didn't seem enough to heal the almost fatal wound Sasuke inflicted on him.

"Haha I'll be alright Sakura-chan don't worry"

"Hn how persistent we are, I thought for sure that would have killed you"

"Sasuke stop this madness you'll never complete your ambitions and you know that please its not to late to come back" Sakura said with teary eyes.

"HA! You actually think after all of this after all I have accomplished I'd want to come back to your pathetic village!"

"It's yours too Sasuke!" Naruto yelled weakly

"Hn dobe I'd hardly call it my village anymore"

Naruto began to stand up "that's it teme I'm bringing you to the village DEAD or ALIVE whether you like it or not"


"Sorry Sakura but I can't let him get any closer to the village I understand I you'll hate me after this bu..."

"No I agree with you" Sakura interrupted "he needs to go down once and for all"


That's when everything seemed to slow down for Sakura just as Sasuke was about to perform his largest fire justsu an orange blur came out of nowhere and tackled him. Sasuke pulled out his katana and charged it with lightning chakra and Naruto a kunai with wind. They clashed and Sasuke fell.

At first all she felt was relief but just then the cliff of the mountain they were fighting on gave way.

"NARUTOOOO!" Sakura yelled but all she could do was watch as he and Sasuke plunged to theie death.

-End Flashback-

All she could do was watch, WATCH and she called herself a ninja. 'I'm so weak and pathetic' she thought 'why, why him'

"Come on Sakura lets go to bed"

Sakura put down her full cup of tea went to her room to have another sleepless night.


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