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It was dark when they reached the house. It was on the far end of the village and the last house on that street it was on a sort of hill that looked over most of the village and just like Kakashi had said it a simple home. As they walked inside Naruto noticed that the furniture looked like it was brand new. The coffee table and the couch in the living room gave a warm welcome to the traveling warrior, towards the back a wide hallway lead to the kitchen. A dinning table sat to the left near the front window so you could see the bushes and small shrubs outside, Naruto guessed his mother had a garden out there that she could look at as he saw patches of dirt ready to be used during the spring. He imagined his father would watch her lovingly as she would take care and pride of her growing garden during that time.

Stairs led up to the bedrooms, the one on the right must have been his parents as there was a giant king size bed in the center of two night stands. Two doors sat on each side of the wall the left was a giant walk in closet which not inspected at closely looked empty, yet if you took the time to look there were seals at the bottom corner of the two sides of the closet, Naruto decided to inspect that later. On the other side of the room was a beautiful marble floor bathroom with a giant tub and shower the counter tops for the sink were a light gray granite.

Traveling to the other room Naruto noticed it was meant for him when he was a child. It was simple and small perfect for child. A crib placed on the far left wall near a window that looked over the hill onto the village. On the other side was a double size bed most likely meant for when he became too old for the crib and needed to sleep somewhere bigger it was placed perfectly so that even there he could look out the window and see the village, there was a dresser by the back wall next to a window that overlooked an open area.

They went down stairs again and traveled to the kitchen towards a back door that lead to the opening. Once outside Naruto noticed that it was a personal training ground and it was huge. Dummies placed carefully in different battle positions ready to be stricken, targets placed in difficult areas meant for perfect aim. Many weapons placed in cases protected from the weather near the far right. In the middle there was a pond that blocked the path between them and a dojo. The entire grounds were surrounded by forest, with a couple of trees here and there placed randomly around the training grounds. Naruto wanted to explore more but it was getting late and he had to admit he was getting sleepy and now that he thought about it a little hungry. As soon as that thought left his mind his stomach growled and he herd a giggle behind him.

"Naruto this place is beautiful, how about we go inside and I make is something to eat?" Sakura said with a smile.

"Sounds great!" Naruto said and they both went back into the house.


Sakura was able to find some vegetables, steak, and some rice and made stir fry for the both of them. She was a little surprised at first and didn't expect to find anything in the cabinets or fridge, but Naruto touched a seal that was on the left wall near the stove and when she opened the fridge there was food like it had been frozen in time. She was also able to make some hot tea.

Naruto was scarfing down the food, 'boy this is delicious I haven't had a real meal in months!' Naruto thought excitedly. As he was eating he looked at Sakura he noticed she was very quiet barely touching her food. He was across from her of the table, getting a better look at her he realized that she had changed, she had the diamond on her forehead like Tsunade did and she wore a similar blouse except hers was an off pink almost white, she still wore the same skirt with spandex and her cargo boots what really surprised him was her hair, tied in a short bun with two thick strands framing the sides of her face. He also couldn't help but to look at her bust, she must have grown about two or three sizes since he was gone. He quickly pushed any thoughts out of his head and look at her face. It had grown in with her forehead and her skin looked soft and porcelain, beautiful.

She glanced up and noticed that he was looking at her and quickly looked at her food again trying to shove some food in her mouth. 'Kami she is beautiful, I wish I could kiss her.' That's when Naruto remembered something right before he passed out earlier when Sakura hit him. She kissed him, she actually kissed HIM! He had to find out why.

"Sakura-chan I have a question."

Sakura looked up from her food he looked curious with a hint of hopefulness and happiness his eyes sparked with wonder. 'Those eyes.' Was all she was thinking, so much she almost didn't hear him speak as he asked quietly almost nervous, "why did you kiss me?"

Sakura felt a blush rush over her face she was almost redder than Hinata when she would talk to Naruto. "What?" Was all she could mutter out.

"Well at least I think you did, r..right before you knocked me out, I don't know maybe I was just imagining it, n...not that I imagine you kissing me all the time, it was just a thought that maybe, possibly you did. Did you?" Naruto rambled

Sakura didn't know what to say, 'should I tell him?' She began to speak fumbling on her words but as much as she wanted to tell him she couldn't speak the truth.

"I...I was just s...so excited to see you I don't know what came over me, but I w...was also confused as to what was going on, it was just a scramble of emotions really, just happy to see my friend standing there." She said the last part as quickly as possible. With that she shoved three bites in her mouth as quickly as possible and with a half full mouth said, "it's getting late I better go, but I'll come by tomorrow in the morning and we can get some training in maybe explore that dojo." And before Naruto could ask her to stay she was already by the front door. It was obvious she wasn't going to talk about this any more and she had to get back to Ino, she would be worried. Well that was the excuse she put in her head and with a quick goodnight she was gone.

'Well kit that was indeed... Interesting' Kyuubi said in his mind and with a quick poof the fox was in front of him "so big plans up ahead hmm?"

"Ya, I guess you're right this will be interesting." Naruto sighed and got up from the table. Beginning to collect the dirty dishes.

"Neh, kit I'm hungry." The fox whined.

"That training ground is surrounded by a forest I'm sure you can find something in there." Naruto said with more harshness than intended. Then with a little more lightness "just make sure you don't go all crazy scary on some unsuspecting villager alright? I'll leave the back door open for you." He said with a smile.

"Tch not like I couldn't get in if you didn't, I'm tied to you remember, so all I'd have to do is appear in that altered seal of yours." With that Kyuubi shrunk two sizes and eight tails disappeared.

"And don't worry I'll be back before anyone could even get a good glance of me." With that he disappeared into the darkness.

Naruto dragged himself upstairs, despite his new strength and stamina he was still very tired from his travels as he ventured three days without rest just to get to Konoha. He slumped onto his parents, what was now his, bed with one person on his mind. He knew she wanted to say more and he did too but if she found out what he really was, what he really sacrificed to leave the the underworld to be here again then she could never love him, no one could. 'Youre right Kyuubi, this will defiantly be...interesting.' With that last thought he drifted into a dreamless slumber.