BLEACH: the new Espada

Summary: what if another Vasto Lordre joined Aizen? What if he became the Quinto Espada? How will this effect the Bleach universe? Wielding his blunt sword Dormir Libelula fights for his own personal dream. A united Hueco Mundo and bring Armageddon to the Shinigami

Hey guys welcome to my new OC fic. Just to say OC are accepted so feel free to submit one. But they have to be detailed at least two paragraphs to describe the characters personality, looks and powers. And they must be Hollows. And they can only be several Vasto Lordre class characters though the rest can be either Arrancar or Adjuchas class. So any-who this fic will start on June 15th as I am working on other Fics but this one is going to be my main project for the year. Looking forward to see those characters. Oh and yes the old Espada are still alive as this takes place straight after the Soul Society Arc.

p.s: this will turn AU eventually just to say.

Pairings of characters are accepted.