The Race for Your Life

You may be a wealthy guy this is a debt you still have with them, they have been trying to kill you. Money, is what makes the world go round according to them. Oh yeah; bombs in your car, trucks that come out of nowhere when you're driving late in the night; they have tried everything. But you still managed to survive those traps and stayed alive.

You grew tired of them, you sold your property near the beach, got rid of your exotic cars and moved to the apartments located in the downtown area of San Francisco. However they found you, later they found out about that race. Its name is The Run, the most dangerous illegal race known by the people who do that for a living. It's a race across the United States and oddly, the race starts at San Francisco and ends at New York City. You made a deal with their boss, he said they wouldn't kill you if you made it to New York in first place. You accepted, thinking it would be easy, like going on a cross-country trip.

They gave you an Audi R8 to start driving. But as you hit the streets and highways of the US, you suddenly realized that it would be so damn hard to get to New York in first place and in one piece. Why? Because you weren't racing against noobs, you were racing against the world's most notorious drivers. You had to evade the country's police force, you still remember the damage a helicopter did to your car back in the highway. And the most dangerous obstacles you had to face during The Run were the minions of those bastards. Those guys really wanted you dead.

Trouble didn't catch up to you until you almost got to New York. You had survived long enough to get to Denver just to end up in a car crash. Yep, you were driving a Ford Taurus SHO Interceptor you had stolen from a cop when a car hit you on the side of your car hard enough to flip you over. You lost consciousness but now you are slowly waking up, flashbacks of things that had happened to you during The Run start running freely through your mind. Now you're fully awake, you hear a woman screaming your name as if she was warning you about a danger. "Jack! Jaack! JACK!". You look around and realize you're inside the wrecked Taurus that is lying on a railway. You start to move your arms and your head. But something's wrong, a train is approaching the wreck but you don't notice it. Suddenly you hear it's loud horn and watch its headlights coming towards the car. Your heartbeat speeds up and you smash the car's window with your feet in a desperate attempt to save your life.

This is not an ordinary race after all.

This is the race of your life.

This is the race for YOUR life.

This is THE RUN...

NOTES:Well, this is my first NFS fic. I hope you had liked it and please leave some feedback.