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"Shouting/Techniques/Demon talking"


Prologue – Hajime (1)

Naruto had a horrible day, first he found out his best friend/brother figure had defected to join the sickly looking snake sannin for power. Then while he was about to catch said friend, another sickly looking guy that could pull out his own bones and use them as weapons ambushed him. Good thing Bushy Brows was there to lend a hand, hopefully he didn't die. Now he was standing above a waterfall overlooking a valley where they would have his last fight in the living world with the very friend he was chasing.

There stood Naruto, dressed in his ungodly bright orange jumpsuit. It consisting of cuts in the fabric from the bone user. "SASUKE!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. Now named Sasuke was smirking at his now former friend. He was dressed in a navy blue, short sleeved shirt and gray pants. His skin was ash grey with what resembled a pure black shuriken on the bridge of his nose.

"DOBE" He yelled in and arrogant tone. Each was holding a powerful jutsu in each hand, ready to use. Both Naruto and Sasuke lunged at each other from a good 35 yard gap while yelling at the top of their lungs the name of their attacks.


As their attacks collided with each other, a ball of energy suddenly surrounded both boys as inside said ball of energy, something unexpected happened to both combatants. To Sasuke, it was that Naruto's formed had changed the moment their attacks landed upon the other. Now, Naruto had what was a black jacket that covered most of his body except his hands, lower legs, feet and face. His hands hand black gloves, while his pants seemed to be baggy, black pants of some sort. The feet were covered in black combat boots that seemed slightly worn. He also had a hood, but it was off, showing his lean face. His hair seemed to be a little longer and apparently swept backwards as if it had been combed back. The face stayed similar though, but that's when he noticed that the blonde was now 5' 9".

For Naruto, it was the fact that his now lost friend had shoved the chidori through his chest. At first, that was all he could register until he noticed that Sasuke had reverted to his normal form and was staring down at him. Sasuke's face held a blank look, except when you looked into his eyes. His eyes had the look of anger. Not at the dying blonde, but at himself for letting his lust for power to lead to this event.

As Naruto died, the clouds started to blot out the sunlight until his eye lids closed, never to open in the realm of humans again.

"Damn gaki (4), you just had to go out and die on us," came from the age old fox demon Kyuubi.

'Shut up fur ball, I don't want to deal with you right now.' Naruto replied in a sad tone.

"NO, if you would have begged for more power, I would still be alive. And you as well by consequence."

'Well too bad, we're dead now.' He was things well as he watched his sensei, Kakashi Hatake, arrive and knock Sasuke unconscious with a quick chop to the neck. 'Guess I'll just follow them,' he said off-handedly.

"Do that gaki, and you only hurt yourself," the fox said in a low tone.

'What do you mean?' Naruto asked a little concerned as he never really before heard the Kyuubi of all beings sound worried for him.

After a little thought, the Kyuubi responded, "Nothing gaki, just make sure not to lose if you really want to follow."

To be continued…


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