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Now because of the angstyness and tragicness of the last few chapters of the manga. (which I still cant help crying over... ELLIOT! TTATT) I decided that I should make something NOT angst to at least cheer up (I spent the whole week angsting before I decided to write this fic)

Now this is my attempt at Humor, possibly going to evolve to crack once the play actually starts.


WARNING: THIS IS GOING TO BE BL (Boy's Love, actually just Shonen-Ai so no Yaoi)

Right, so I know the idea of Romeo and Juliet is so overused (but hey, it's a classic and it's cool) and that it would fit Elliot + Oz/Ada better as an actual couple... I love Elliot Leo more XDD

Right, so enough of me and my mindless rant, let us begin :D


Taking a deep breath, Elliot tried his best to fight off his nerves which are seriously making themselves known. Stuck in unbelievably warm velvet with pants that seemed too tight to actually be normal, he tries to ignore all the attention he was getting, and the fact that he was wearing exactly what he was wearing.

He was supposed to be the master, and yet his own 'servant' is able to wrap him around a delicate finger whether that guy is aware of it or not.

No matter how (he will never admit this himself) stubborn or prideful he gets, it seems that just one word from his supposed 'servant' finds him complying to whatever it is he says. It doesn't matter that it can be pretty embarrassing or even unbecoming of him as a noble.

Well, proven that he doesn't really mind this most of the time… something which is strange because he 'never' seems to mind anything if it's from or about Leo. That guy just has that kind of power

Which brings him to his current predicament

Flashback to 4 days ago:

It was overall a peaceful day, the shining was sun, the air was clean, the birds were singing, and Elliot was currently reading the next exciting volume of "The Holy Knight". Oh yes it was indeed a very beau-tiful day… that was until a pamphlet was placed right in front of his eyes, completely blocking his view of fine ink narrating how Edwyn was able to lead his kingdom to glory.

"What… is this?" Elliot asked through gritted teeth. Annoyance was evident on his tone and expression. Thankfully, the hindrance was removed and he was finally able to return to reading.

"The 4 duke houses decided to hold a public play for the kids at the orphanage. The Vessalius household suggested it" Leo began.

"A Play huh? Good for them" Elliot replied without paying much attention, eyes still glued to the print that was on the book.

"They're going to be acting out Romeo and Juliet" Leo continued

"I see, a Shakespeare original. Nice choice" The brunette commented, still completely engrossed in the book. And so he wasn't able to see the mischievous smile currently decorating his servant's face.

"I thought it would be fun so I decided to sign us up"

Elliot was about to make another random comment when his servant's words actually registered in his mind and he nearly dropped the precious book he was reading.

"Wait. Leo… Did you just… say… 'us'?" the Nightray heir slowly lifted his head, eyes as wide as saucers and face gradually becoming paler.

Leo smirked. "Yep, Us, as in you and I are going to be joining the play Elliot" the black haired teen answered all too cheerily.

Elliot stood up to protest. "Why me? I never had a say in this and I do NOT want to join in any play, especially if it's hosted by that Vessalius!"

"Sorry Elliot. I'm afraid there's no turning back. Here's your script by the way" the petite teenager handed him a stack of papers before turning to leave.


"Come on Elliot, it'll be fun. It is also a duty of a noble to complete the tasks given to him. Besides, this is also for the House of Fianna. I don't want to disappoint my little brothers and sisters. I even promised them that I'd get you to join. So Please?" Leo explained, an undeniably adorable pout on his lips.

Elliot stood at the spot for a couple of seconds, obviously dumbfounded and unable to form a coherent response to that argument. It was only when the click of the door signaling the exit of his trusted servant, along with the call of 'Let's work hard Elliot' did he manage to speak… or cry. "YOU COULD HAVE ASKED ME FIRST! DAMMIT LEO!"

Present Time

With an audible sigh, he tried to loosen the very stiff collar of his shirt while silently reciting his lines in his head once again.

'That Leo, at least he had the decency to help me memorize. Seriously… why of all plays must it be Romeo and Juliet? And why of all characters MUST I BE THE LEAD? Come to think of it, I have no idea what character Leo is playing, he never comes to the rehearsals... He must only be a minor character. Tch, enjoying himself while I suffer'

"Okay everyone, the curtain will be up in a few minutes, get ready and don't mess anything up" the voice of Sharon Rainsworth resounded through the air and everyone knew it best to do as she says, especially now since there seemed to be quite a heavy atmosphere around the girl, and so the stage was set and the characters that weren't needed in the scene migrated backstage.

"This is so exiting isn't it Elliot? Having to do a play and for the children at the orphanage too. Did you know that Alice and Break are in this play too? Speaking of which I still can't believe you are Romeo. I wanted to be Romeo!" And here Oz Vessalius with his continuous rant entered his line of sight.

"I never wanted to get the lead nor did I want to even BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE SO DON'T COMPLAIN TO ME ABOUT IT!" Elliot snapped. Oz was unfazed.

"Well, I know, after all the parts were decided through draw lots anyways so it's really not my place to whine. I still wish I was Romeo though, it would have been the perfect part for me" the blond ranted once again.

Elliot halted "Did you say… "draw lots"?"

Oz looked back at him, expression curious. "Yeah. The parts were decided through draw lots" and then he realized just why the brunette looked like he was about to explode. "Oh I see, Leo didn't tell you about it did he? No wonder. Ne Elliot, do you know who's playing Juliet in this play?" he asked.

Elliot knew by the mischievous glint in emerald green eyes that there was something he doesn't know of. And by the look on the brat's face, he knew it would be pointless to ask.

Now he was nervous… more nervous than before. But the fact that he didn't know who Juliet was when she was supposed to be the one who he'd be interacting with the most in this play is just very unsettling.

'Now tell me AGAIN why I didn't ask who would be playing the parts? Oh right, I was busy complaining about my own part. Damn what if its Ada Vessalius? That will not be very good, what more if it's the Rainsworth? OR IF IT'S THAT ALICE GIRL?'

Dread filled his stomach then, he knew just how scary Sharon Rainsworth was just by her Aura, and Alice was someone he'd rather not associate with, as for Ada…

"Good afternoon Elliot. Are you ready for the play?"

"LEO! I've been looking for you! Where have you been all..." Elliot hurriedly turned to his servant only to find himself once again completely stunned. "… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING?"

Leo looked as calm and casual as ever… despite the fact that he was currently in a BABY PINK long sleeved GOWN with the hem reaching only a little past his knees, PINK lace shoes, and a silver circlet in his oddly NEAT black hair... although his eyes were still obscured by his untouched bangs. "Hmm? Oh this? Haven't I told you about my part in the play? Hmm… Ah! I guess I haven't…"

Elliot stared. He just stood there gaping at his currently very feminine looking servant, eye twitching ever so slightly and trying to keep the thoughts of how his servant looked incredibly adorable in that dress out.

"Elliot? Elliot. ELLIOT!"

Snapping from his very impolite behavior, he immediately averted his eyes and cleared his throat. "So… would you mind telling me just WHY you're wearing a DRESS of all things?"

"Right Actually I—"

"Apparently, there were more guys than girls. Leo-kun was supposed to be the one to play Romeo, but he volunteered to play a female role instead" Xerxes Break suddenly piped in out of nowhere… Elliot glanced up by instinct, and sure enough, there was a square shaped hole on the roof just above the white haired man…

"Eh? Wait, he was supposed to play Romeo? Why did you suddenly volunteer to be the girl? Have you no shame as a man?" Elliot turned to his servant, eyes hard though questioning.

"Well… the remaining role was supposed to be for you because you weren't here, which meant that you'd be playing a lady no matter what the outcome. Leo-kun just saved you from that fate. Aren't you lucky to have such a loyal servant Elliot-kun?" Break intercepted again, now licking a particularly large lollipop.

Elliot was touched. "Leo… is that true?" he once again turned to his servant, eyes sparkling with comical tears that makes people think up of some sparkly background that makes him look like he came from a shoujo manga.

Leo titled his head with a finger to his chin, a very feminine gesture that made Elliot blush (to which he would never admit no matter what) due to the overall cuteness his servant has.

"Well, I guess that's one of it. The other was just because the kids really wanted me to play this part. Actually, even before the character selection, they were pestering me about playing Juliet. It was a coincidence that the character meant for you was Juliet, so I decided to just switch with you" the black haired teen explained.

Elliot sighed, for some strange reason; he was not at all surprised by his servant's answer, that doesn't change the fact that he was somehow dejected by this as well. Wait a minute…

"YOU'RE PLAYING JULIET?" and once again the Nightray heir cried out.

"Yup" Leo answered, a small smile on his face. "Let's work hard ne Elliot?" and without permission he shook the taller teen's hand before a couple of kids came and dragged him away, talking about how they still need to do his hair.

Elliot stared at his retreating form and tried to fight off the blush he was sure was evident on his face.

"Oya oya, isn't this interesting? Elliot-kun's face is all red, I wonder why fufufu~" Ah right… Break was still there…


Right, so how was it?

The actual start of the play would be in the next chapter so this is just the prologue.

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