Online sale and mix-up mail!

A LevyXGazille One-shot!

Summary: AU. How they met and fall in love. Just because of mix-up mail...

Chapter One: Mix-up Mail.

Levy stifled her laughter, smiling in delight. After trawling the nets, wandering in dusty libraries and shops and even traveling to the faraway Harjeon Port, she finally found it!

Magic Histories and Arcane Runes.

The only book that was ever written by Seig Hart, a prominent Historian and Archaeologist. The book contained the entire history of Magic before the Etherion wars and rumored to have a map of the Old World before magic disappeared for Earth.

Levy had dreaming for this day for a very long time. Finally. Just left for her to do was to enter her credit-card number (thank god she remembered to pay last month bill before the card maxed out…again), and her address.

And wait.

She slumped onto her desktop, now whimpering. The period she hated. She never had any patience for this part. Waiting and waiting endlessly for the book to arrive. Wondering and ferreting….

There, she did it again. She better head over to Lucy before she drives herself crazy again.

Gazille crackled evilly. Pantherlily or commonly known as Lily looked inquiringly at his cousin before shrugging, turning back to his textbook. Better for him not knowing anything.

Finally. After eons of waiting. He finally found it.

Metallica Ultimate CD, containing all the best songs and rumored to have a new song that was never released. Judging from some of the website he was currently browsing, the song was worth gold and killing for. And after countless phone calls (more like death threats) and emails (more death threat) he finally found it. Now after filling out that stupid delivery form, he just has to wait for it.

Levy chewed her fingernails, staring in agitation at the door. According to her calculation, the book was supposed to arrive today.

She waits.

Gazille bangs the drums loudly, his ears straining for the long-awaited doorbell. Finally. In minutes, he's going to have that CD on his hand.

Gazille crackled, hitting drum harder, successfully deafening his poor cousin, who grumbled and ran out of the house.

Once again the boy peered at the address, wondering why on earth he took the job. Cursing his boss, he pushes the bell. A bluenette open the door even before the bell ended, smiling adorably.

"Is it here? Where is it?" Levy squealed in delight as the delivery boy wordlessly gave the package. That's weird, she thought, holding the parcel, it wasn't supposed to be this thin.

"Um, excuse me, but I think you gave me the wrong package."

The boy stared in surprise, before looking at the delivery board. "Um, this isn't 13B, fairy Hill apartment?"

Levy could only nod, still staring at the parcel, or rather at the terrible writing on the delivery stamp. "But here," Levy pointed at the paper, "It says 13th street, Fairy Hill." It suddenly hit her, she had the wrong package. Which make the book would be at…

Barely had time to lock her door, Levy ran pass the surprised delivery boy, clutching the wrong package tightly. She has to get that book. She has to!

Gazille meanwhile glared at the postman, who was praying at several different gods right now. "What do you fuck mean, you fucking have the wrong package?" He yelled at the poor man, shaking him off the floor.

"I meant," The man squeaked faintly, "due to the address, we may have delivered your package somewhere else."

"I GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU! FIND ME MY PACKAGE OR YOU'RE DEAD!" Gazille hollered before tossing the poor postman out of the house, fuming angrily. He stalked back into the living room, kicking Lily's precious coffee table on the way. He glared at the package which he tossed onto the table, seething about his lost CD. Fuckwit bastards, now he had to wait for a long time before they could track down his parcel.

Gazille roused out from his angry thoughts, as the doorbell rang. It must be the postman. Gazille stalked to the door, planning to screamed some more at the stupid man.

He opened the door.

It wasn't the postman, his angry neighbor, his cousin or a cop ready to whisk him away to Jail land for beating up a government officer.

It was a young bluenette, gasping on her front porch, waving his parcel.

"Excuse-gasp- me, I think I have y-gasp-your stuff by mistake. Do-gasp- you happen to have -gasp- mine?"

He can only stare in surprise.

Levy laughed as she sipped some drink Gazille managed to rustle up, her eyes staring at the package on her lap as Gazille stared at her as if she was an unknown species. "… and I thought, maybe you have my book. So I ran here to get it." She grinned at the dazed boy, "by the way, I'm Levy, Levy McGarden. Nice to see you."

"Gazille Reitfox. Thanks." He sat in front of her, looking at the girl in wonder. It was the first time he ever had a conversation with a girl, a freaking girl that doesn't flinch away from her. A girl who actually treats him like a fricking person, not some gangbanger with a severe social problem.

No, Lluvia does not count. She like a sister to him… well, sort of.

This girl, this Levy, meanwhile, was currently squealing over the book she apparently was waiting for… "Is that the Magic Histories and Arcane Runes by Seig hart?" he asked bewildered, that's hardcore stuff!

"You're familiar with it?" Levy smiled, feeling at ease with the boy in front of her. Despite for his scary exterior, she could tell he's a nice person, and devoted to music, judging at the drum stand behind him and the music books and scores scattered around the room.

"Yea," Gazille scratched his head uncomfortably, "I read it before. The book quite good, ya know. The guy knows the shit he writing about."

"Wait, you read it? Then you know about Etherion war? The fall of Symphonia Kingdom? The Ecliptic Zodiac Keys?" Gazille reels away from Levy, who was staring at his with sparkly eyes. "Err yea. If you want, I have a copy of Rise and Fall of Symphonia Kingdom. If you want…"

"I would love to!" Levy squealed in delight as Gazille gave her the black book. "I've being looking this book for ages!"

Putting the books aside for later, she then stared curiously at the parcel, "So, what's your parcel?" Gazille smacked his head in surprise.

"Fuck dammit, I fucking forgot." Gazille tore open the wrapping and stared greedily at the CD. "Is that a Metallica Ultimate CD? Wow, I thought there were rare." He stared at Levy in surprise. "I really like the band, might I borrow it sometime?" he can only nod in surprise. A girl that enjoys talking at him and listening to rock songs. Heh, hell must be frozen solid right now.

"So, I think, I have to go. I promised my friend I'm having tea with her." Levy suddenly stood up, looking a bit regretful. "I suppose I'll see you around?"

Gazille nodded." Yea, sure why not?" he opened the door for Levy, rain splattered both of them.

It was raining cats and dogs.

Levy stared. "I guess Lucy don't mind I don't turn up for tea." She turned to Gazille, "Didn't you say you're a percussionist?"

Gazille only nodded as Levy walked back into the living room and sat on the sofa, staring expectantly at him. "What?"

Levy smiled, pointing at the drum set. "Play a song for me."

"No fucking way, shrimp." Gazille crossed his hands to his chest staring at Levy, who stared back.

"I'm not a shrimp." She huffed but grinned nonetheless, "pretty, pretty please?" Levy smiled adorably at him, her eyes sparkled brightly; he could have sworn there were flowers around her. Obviously Levy was a person no one can say no to, especially with those expectant, trusting eyes, innocent expres….

"Argh! Fine. What song shrimp?"

Pantherlily shakes the water from his hair as he entered the apartment, pulling his headphone away, relieved that the thunderstorm was over. God, how he hate lightning. As he hung his wet coat, he hears a girl sang softly.

Wait, what?

Apparently his cousin was having a jamming session. The military student stared in surprise as a pretty bluenette was strumming away with his bass guitar as she sang to Paramore '"Misery Business" as Gazille banging away on his drum kit. Was he smiling?!

Lily stared, Gazille was smiling. Oh, not those usual sadistic smirks he used against his or the down-right scary, menacing grins reserved for his rabid fan girls at the academy, but a real smile, out of gentleness. Huh, who knew his piercing faced cousin was even able to produce such a facial contortion?

Furthermore, the girl; (who the heck is she) was grinning back at him as the reach at the end of the song, obviously having fun with the anti-social punk.

Levy laughed out loud in relief as she finishes the song. This was the first time she played the guitar, and with the help of Gazille (after a few bad starts; who knew this guy was a good music teacher?), she was strumming away like a pro. Well, almost…

"That was so fun! Can we play another song, Gazille? "The said percussionist merely nodded, smiling, almost looked content. Hell whoever this girl was, she made Gazille happy, and that's alright for Lily.