Fox bashed into the door of King's house, but Fox had little time to describe it.

"King, I am home now!" He shouted as he smoldered at the doorway. His bandana suddenly fell off and rippled across the floor "And I am so handsome and also my bandana is off?"

"Oooh, Fox, oooh!" King moaned. He rested a hand on his head as he swooned toward his canine lover. Suddenly, the corgi leapt into Fox's arms, smiling warmly.

"Let's do it." King whispered quietly to his husky boyfriend. "Yes." Fox replied, and he gazed into the corgi's beep blue eyes. "And I will leave my bandana on." He suddenly dropped King to the floor to pick up and put on his bandanna, only to pick King up again and carry him to the Bedroom of the house.

Meanwhile, within a twenty-mile radius of the event, all the female pets in Babylon Gardens moaned with pleasure as their collars began to rip off in a dramatic fashion. "FOX!" They all clamored.

The male pets, however, began to swoon as they all suddenly became gay. "FOX!" They all shouted.

Overall, it was amazing.