This is short.

The shortest I've wrote, and it just appeared in my mind. So I tried writing in a different way.

do you like?

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Thanks boo! & now the story.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

As far as Katherine was concerned, she was the winner. Sebastian had failed since he fell for the headmaster's daughter, but here she stood outside the school looking at her page in his journal. She, Katherine, was supposed to be on top and yet it was all coming crashing down. Katherine looked up from the page and glanced around at most of the student body that ended up just shaking their heads at her. A single tear ran down her face as the headmaster pulled her arm up to reveal the cross: the cross that hid the powder that no one but Sebastian knew about. Headmaster Hardgrove twisted the top of said cross and pulled—watching as the powder fell to the ground. Katherine went to turn and run into the school. She stopped short looking into her mother's disapproving eyes.

"Moth—", Katherine started, but her apology was cut short.

"Katherine Merteuil, I believe we should leave," Her mother said, her voice as cold as ice.

Sebastian's father turned with her mother in tow. It looks like she has a lot of explaining to do. As she left the school for possibly the last time she thought to herself,

"This wasn't supposed to happen."