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Summary: She never could have guessed the outcome after meeting one of Sesshoumaru's business partners...

Pairing: Robin/Kagome/Superboy

"And who is this fine lady?"

Higurashi Kagome immediately narrowed her blue eyes at the handsome male, not at all entranced by his charming voice that would have bimbos falling over each other to hear again, "Oh," Kagome blinked, not looking very apologetic, "Am I interrupting something?" Her eyes flew over to the figure sitting behind an expensive guest.

Taisho Sesshoumaru resisted the urge to sigh as he eyed Kagome with a slightly irritated look, "What are you doing here?" He asked impatiently in English, "As you can plainly see, I am quite busy."

"Taisho, don't be like that!" Bruce Wayne waved his hand, acting in his playboy facade, "I'm not complaining about the interruption." He gave an alluring smile to the teenage girl, though was a bit surprised when she merely ignored him.

"Another one escaped the barrier," Kagome said in Japanese so the stranger wouldn't understand her, "It's getting annoying! Do you know what kind of lame excuses I have to make up to skip class?" She glared, "Onii-san." She added for good measure, knowing he hated to be called that.

Sesshoumaru's eyes flashed dangerously and he was about to say something when Bruce moved out of his chair and offered his hand to the girl with another attractive smile, "Hello, Miss. I am Bruce Wayne – might I ask for your name?"

Kagome blinked, as if just noticing him for the first time, "Yeah, okay," She bit out impatiently, forgetting her manners because of her irritation with Sesshoumaru, "What do you plan to do about it?"

Sesshoumaru turned back to Bruce, "I'm afraid we will have to continue this at a later date," He said stoically, "I have other business to attend to, it seems."

"It's no problem," Bruce waved it off, "I don't mind extending my stay here in Tokyo for a day or so. It will give me the chance to see the sights," He picked up his briefcase, bowing his head lightly, "I hope our negotiations go through, Taisho." He gave a wave of farewell to Sesshoumaru and another smile to the teenage girl before letting himself out the door.

Kagome almost wanted to shiver at the deadly glare Sesshoumaru was throwing her, "Never interrupt this Sesshoumaru again during a meeting."

Well, if she got that reaction, all the more reason to do so next time...

Just a random idea...