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"'Another one escaped the barrier'," Bruce murmured, repeating the phrase he had heard from that girl once again, "What exactly does it mean and does it have anything to do with the locals here going missing?"

Dick shrugged lazily, "I think you're just over-analysing it," He sighed, not really wanting to go after the bad guys on his vacation. After all, this wasn't really their jurisdiction, "Maybe you just mistranslated what she said?" He suggested, "Japanese is not the easiest language to understand." He muttered under his breath.

"For a girl with an adopted brother like Taisho, I highly doubt she can just skip school on her own whim," Bruce said dryly, raising a brow at his ward, "Those Taisho are up to something... or know something at the very least."

"Why can't you ever relax?" Dick complained, "This is supposed to be a vacation! Do you even know the meaning of the word?" He rolled his eyes, spotting Wally just a little distance away, obviously flirting with some Japanese girls (who obviously couldn't understand a single English he was saying).

Bruce sighed, nodding silently while making a mental note to look up a one Taisho-Higurashi Kagome.

At the same time, blue eyes narrowed at the three figures.

'They're already suspicious...'