It was always a strange life for the Winchester brothers, not that they knew that, they thought that this was the way all family's where, but when their father, John Winchester drove them back to a backstreet town they'd been in near a year ago they found that strange, the only town they ever really revisited was Bobby's, a friend who'd saved John from one of the many monsters when he first started hunting. The stranger thing was when he walked through the front door with a screaming pink bundle in his arms and then passed it to a seven year old Dean. As he looked into the baby's green eyes she stopped crying, she was a pink-ish colour, with small brown curls on the top of her head. He then realised that Sam, who's turning four in a few months, was peeking over his arm, looking at the baby girl as she stared from each then let out what sounded like a giggle.

When John walked back in a few minutes later, with an already assembled crib, obviously old and from the motel, with lots of bags in it and his hands, he shut the door and smiled, dean asked "dad, what's with the baby?" looking up, confused at his father, who takes a step forward and says "boys this is Emilia, your sister!" both boys look at him like he's lost his mind "her mom and I met when we where here last and…um…anyway Patsy, her mom, died in a car crash. They were going to put Emilia into care!" the boys seem stunned slightly, the fear of orphanages is one they both know well. That seems to be all he's willing to share and goes to putting her things away.

Dean and Sam both look down at the small girl, Sam putting his finger to her cheek and she grabs it happily, "hey baby sister" the younger boys smiles and dean cant hold his grin at looking at her "hey Emmy" the small girl laughing, innocent green eyes shining as she plays with Sam's finger.

As the years passed the boys became so devoted to their little sister, she just turned six a few weeks ago, back in April, John didn't show, but she didn't seem to care. Dean stole her a white bunny teddy and Sam got some money from John, getting her a t-shirt with a picture of the four of them in the centre, she was more than happy. However it was then that Dean started to notice things, like girls, and he was good at getting what he wanted, Rachel Miller, Fay McKenna, Ginny White, and a lot of other nameless girls he's made out with, but as he sat watching Emilia unwrapping her presents he realised what all those girls had in common. Curly dark brown hair, green eyes, baby faced and an innocent smile, they all reminded him of Emmy. He couldn't help but think 'what the fuck?' as he scorned himself.

It was Sam that noticed soon after, the way he looked at Emmy, caught himself doing it a few times, the way Dean would look at a hot girl, his Dad looked at a hunting knife he didn't have and Emmy at candy. He didn't know what it was, what it meant, but something in him said that it was bad. A while later as he gave Emmy her bath, he felt it again, as she played with her rabbit, Henry, soaking it with her. He looked behind him, feeling a presence and saw Dean leaning on the door frame, some sort of conflict in his eyes, an inside battle with himself as he quickly muttered something that sounded like 'sick freak' and stormed into his room, slamming the door. Sam looked at Emmy, who suddenly lost all her playfulness and said, holding Henry close, covered by bubbles "De's mad. Why?" she asked, confused and upset. Her brother shrugged and stared washing her hair, but something inside him said he knew what was wrong with his brother, the same thing that was wrong with him, but Dean, at thirteen, knew what that meant, Sam just knew he was fucked up, even at eight.

A few weeks later, the three of them crammed into one bed, their dad in the room over. Dean cursed him silently, he could afford separate rooms but not another bed! As Emmy, who laid in the middle looked up at her eldest brother she smiles "Don't be mad De, Sammy dose it to!" he looks down at her confused "what you mean Emmy? Dose what?" fear built in him, she's so innocent with her sweet smile, button nose and bright eyes "the way you look at me. don't be mad De, I like it." he looks at her hating himself "what? No, Emmy. Its naughty!" she just shrugs and smiles with a giggle "don't be silly! You're my brother, you keep me safe from the bad things." she nuzzles into his chest as a form of comfort, but her legs are tangled with Sam's, who's turned away from them. She's just so small, Dean thinks "you and Sammy are my boys Dean, and I love you." in the dark dean raps an arm around her small shoulders and shudders "I love you to Emmy" not knowing what that means anymore, both unaware of the awake Sam, listening to every word, a tear falling into his pillow as his gut tells his the same thing as Deans,…you're a bad thing.