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I sit stand in the bathroom, pouring bubbles into the bath as I test the water; it's just a little more than warm, just how I like it. I smile at the quietness of the house, Sam having taken Matty out for the day, just some father son time, while Bobby and Dean looking into some demon crap downstairs. I feel a small smile brightens to my face as I think of how good everything's been going lately, Dean hasn't even noticed his phones missing, tucked away and turned off in my nightstand. I just don't want anything spoiling this; I don't want to have to leave my son to find my father.

Things have seemed almost normal, but I've still been seeing her around, at the store, in the junkyard, my room, I've even started dreaming about her, some are memories and some are what could have been. I don't know what it is she wants from me, or why I haven't told anyone yet, all I know is I feel good when I see her, happy, but then she leaves and I remember what happened. Honestly, I just miss my friend.

As I pin my curls up, letting my nightgown fall and reveal every inch of me the door opens "hey baby girl" smirks my eldest brother and I glare "Dean, you can't be in here! What if booby hears?" he just chuckles lightly, taking a step forward and resting his rough, worked hands on my well-formed hips "then he must have great hearing because he just left!" I look at him, at that smile on his face as he leans in and kisses my neck, nuzzling it gently "I miss you Emmy!" I bite my lip as his hands start to roam around my flushed, soft pale skin, one cupping my ass lightly, the other holding my hip in a vice like grip "you want me De?" I tease, running my hands down his chest, drawing on skin just on his jean line, but he grabs my wrists and says, our green eyes meeting "don't Emmy, no games, not this time!" He seems so genuine, this is new to me, he usually thrives on my games, but not this time, he just wants me "sure, I can do that" he smiles as I lean in for a kiss.

The kiss grows more intense and he grips the back of my head, deepening the kiss as he backs me into the sink and starts kissing down my neck with long wanton kisses as I moan loudly, after so long untouched in the crowded house can you blame a girl?

I pull on his spiky hair, pushing him away as I reach for the leather belt and he pulls of his white t-shirt. Just as I manage to open his fly he swots my hand away and grabs the back of my thighs, lifting my bare flesh onto the cold sink, Goosebumps rising from the sudden chill as he quickly pushes his jeans the rest of the way off and then finds his place between my legs, his eyes lock with mine as he kisses me harshly and I hold onto the sink and him for dear life. He enters me swiftly, both of us far to hungry for appetisers, and starts pumping slowly as he holds my waist to him, his chest clapping with mine as the sound of running water floods the room "oh Emilia, fuck, you're so wet baby girl, so fucking good!" a moan, my head falling back, and dig my nails into his shoulder "please De! I need you so bad!" this seems to make him more impatient and his thrusts become more urgent.

I look at down to where he's driving into me, watching as he pulls in deep, then almost all the way out, how he makes me shutter and i look back to him. His eyes are darks and lust blown as they search mine and then his lips are on me again, but it's all teeth and roughness. He then moves down to my ear, nipping lightly, holding my head in pace right next to his cheek, his pace never faulting "i love you Emmy! Emmy, Emmy, mine, Emmy, our Emmy!" he chants those three words, 'Emmy', Mine' and 'ours' in my ear over and over like a prayer, but Dean doesn't pray, he doesn't believe in god or fate, he believes in family and evil! But I just wind my legs around him, pulling him as close as possible "I love you De, oh my Dean, my hero!" I mutter as white hot flashes cascade inside me, and our lips crash together as he spills inside me.

As we pant for air, blissfully content, he smiles "I love you to" but as me stay where we the sound of gushing breaks up and I quickly push him back "oh fuck!" as I turn off the tabs, the bath in overflow and the floor soaked in bubbles and water. I look at my brother, who's wearing that stupid goofy grin and can't help but giggle "it's not funny!" and he chuckles "hey you're the one laughing!" and we laugh together, quickly cleaning the floor so i can finally have my bath!

A short while later as I sit in the living room on the sofa, in my baggy shirt and night shorts, my hair still slightly damp from my bath, the front door goes and in runs my son and brother. I smile as the four year old jumps on my lap "hey Mommy, look what I go!" he shows me a batman comic book and I nod "cool! I love batman" Sam sits beside us and says "yeah, only because your obsessed with Harley Quinn!" I scoff and glare "yeah says Peter Parker!" he just chuckle and shakes his head "at least I grew out of it!" I just pull a face at him and Dean walks in "hey, nothing wrong with being the hero, just remember spidy, the bat always wins!" the Small boy in my lap shakes his head "no, you're all wrong! Batman has gadgets and money, spider man was just bit by a spider and Harley Quinn just dose what Joker says, no, the ultimate comic character is Superman!" we all just laugh lightly at him as we argue about the meaningless comics, and it feels good, normal.

That night as I took Matty in he asks "mommy, are you going to leave again to find Grandpa John?" I sigh and look him in those innocent eyes "yeah, I'll have to" his face falls at that and he says "i don't like it when you go, I get bad dreams!" my eyes widen at that, remembering about the visions and I fight back a sob, I'm not going to give my son a weapon like my father did when we had nightmares "I know baby, but there just dreams, they don't matter!" he smiles slightly, so yes I lied, but he's my son, not a hunter! I kiss him goodnight and head back to my room.

However as I walk inside, there sits Dean on my bed, his phone in his hand. I stop in my tracks as he stares at the phone, not looking at me at all as he says "why do you have this?" i swallow and lie "i found it, must have forgot to give it back, my bad." But then he looks at me his eyes hard and angry "don't lie to me Emilia! There are missed calls from dad on here!" I lower my head slightly to the floor "how could you do this? He's sending us orders and you hide them away! Don't you want us to find him?" my head shoots up at that and I instantly say "you know I do! But Dean he..."his eyes are full of anger "he what Emmy? What could he have possibly done?" i quickly take a step forward and answer bitterly "he texted on the night of my son's play! He knew it was Matty's big night, he knew and he didn't care!" he just looks at me for a moment as i carry on "I want to find him Dean, I do, but not at the price of Matty's happiness! You saw him on that stage, when he waved to us, that smile!" he looks down at the phone know, all anger gone from his eyes "I won't sacrifice being a parent to be a hunter, not like he did" he just looks at me and says "he did his best" and i shout "well it wasn't good enough! I can count on one hand how many of my birthdays, plays, awards and Christmas's he showed up for. I won't do to my kid what he did to us, he's our dad and I love him and I know he only did what he thought was right" Dean looks at me then and I say, firm and true "if it comes down to being Daddy's solider or Matty's mom, then it's no contest!" his face frowns in that way of thought it dose "I get it, I really do and your right." He moves a stand of hair behind my ear and says "Matty comes first! That's how it should be...when did you become so grown up?" I laugh and lean into his arms and he holds me close.

As he holds me, head resting on top of mine I say sadly "we have to leave again don't we?" he just kisses my head and sighs "yeah, we have to find dad, find out what's going on so it doesn't come back to us, to Matty." I close my eyes tightly at that and nod. Tomorrow we leave and i say goodbye to my dear friend and baby boy again, tomorrow would suck!