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A young Naruto was walking down the street. He knew he shouldn't but he wanted to visit the man that was like a grandfather to him, the hokage. It was his fifth birthday, the anniversary of the Kyuubi attack, and the day that the villagers got piss drunk. Naruto noticed a large crowd ahead of him and decided to take the alleys to get to the tower. However, when he started to go in, he heard a scream of "There's the demon!" and took off like a bat out of hell.

He knew he could outrun them as long as it was just villagers, but lady luck was not shining her light on him today. A kunai came whizzing past and sunk in his left calf muscle.

"Ahh!" He screamed. He stood back up a ripped the knife out of his leg and kept going. However, another kunai came whizzing and stuck in his right calf muscle, effectively dropping the little boy. Soon, the mob was upon him, kicking, punching, and using anything they could get their hands on. While the shinobi there were using kunai and, unfortunately, jutsus. All the while, they were screaming things like "Die Demon!" or "Kill the fox!".

"Kill the kyuubi!" One drunkerd yelled. Suddenly, Naruto felt the mob leave and thought that they were stopping, only for a giant fireball to come his way.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" He screamed. Then he snapped. The alley was flooded by a deep red chakra, burning those near and throwing everyone else away. Suddenly, the shinobi who launched the ball of fire was disemboweled. Three others near him were cut in half. Another person was beheaded and the man next to him lost both arms but was still alive, screaming. Then, all that were still alive were brutally mutilated. Not a minute later, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third hokage, and his most trusted anbu appeared. Even the battle hardened war veteran, Kakashi Hatake, vomited at the scene they saw.

They saw Naruto laying by a garbage bin, covered in blood and holding a severed head. Hiruzen shakily walked up to were Naruto was laying and shook him awake.

"Naruto, what happened here?" He asked. Naruto gave a smile, but it was empty.

"They broke your law, they mentioned Kyuubi." Naruto replied. Hiruzen knew at this moment, that the Naruto they knew was gone forever.


Naruto, now thirteen, was on his way to the academy for the gennin test. All the while, he was still wearing that smile from 'the incident', as he calls it.

'Ne, Kyuubi-sensei, this is going to be easy, got any ideas to mix it up?' Naruto asked Kyuubi.

"Well, as you know, during the substitution part of the test, they are going to throw a kunai at you, I suggest replacing it with one of those paint kunai and substituting with Sasuke." Kyuubi suggested. Naruto nodded. Later, in the academy, Naruto was sitting next to the person who would be the victim of his next prank, Sasuke Uchiha. Suddenly, a rumbling could be both heard and felt. Suddenly, the door burst open and Sasuke's top two fan-girls came bursting in. or at least tried to. The two got stuck before collapsing onto the floor. Sakura, or as Naruto calls her 'The Pink Banshee', and Ino Yamanaka.

"Ha! I win, Ino-pig."

"In your dreams billboard-brow." Sakura came up to the seat Naruto was in and demanded that he get out. Naruto turned and stared at her.

"Kiss my mother-fucking ass you banshee." Naruto said. Sakura was shocked. She went to hit him only for him to catch her fist and look her in the eyes.

"You try to hit me again, and when I'm through with you, not even your own mother will recognize you." He warned. Sakura nodded and decided to sit beside Hinata. Ino saw the sit on the other side of Sasuke open and sat there, only for sasuke to move and sit in another sit in the corner of the room. Naruto moved to Sasuke's old seat and before Ino could get up, Iruka came in.

"Everybody sit down and shut up. Today, as you know, is the gennin test. We are going to start with the weapon throwing portion. Follow me to the targets." Outside, there were ten targets set up. after most people were done, it was Sasuke's turn.

"Sasuke Uchiha, your up." Mizuki announced. Sasuke went up and took the five kunai and shuriken. He threw each with expert precision. over all, he scored an eight out of ten.

"Good job Sasuke, next up is Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto walked up and took the tools. He stood in front of the targets and pulled a blindfold out of his pocket and put it on. He threw each of the targets and each weapon made there mark. He pulled the blindfold off and, after the shock wore off, Iruka announce his score.

"A perfect score! Nice job." Later on was the taijutsu portion with a random instructor. Sasuke Uchiha was practically allowed to pass as the instructor didn't even try to stop him. Naruto went up and ran at the instructor. He blurred out of vision and knocked the instructor out.

"Now for the ninjutsu portion of the test." Iruka announced. "We will start with substitution." When Naruto's turn came up, he made sure the kunai was one of his special paint kunai. When the instructor threw the kunai, Naruto substituted with Sasuke and Sasuke, unfortunately for him and his fan-girls, was hit in his 'boys'. The kunai exploded, covering him in a neon orange paint. Sasuke fell to the ground shortly afterwards.

The tranformation portion came up and Naruto decided to transform into Kyuubi's human form. When the smoke dissapated, there, instead of Iruka, was a woman around 5'6 with red flowing hair that reached her ass and an elegant red kamono. She had blood red eyes and her pupils were slitted along with elongated canine teeth. She was, all in all, beautiful.

"Naruto, who did you just transform into?" Iruka asked.

"I transformed into my sensei." Naruto said, still in Kyuubi's human form, her voice, while soft, held power. Naruto let go of the transformation and sat down. Kiba walked up to him.

"Naruto, were can I meet your sensei, she's hot!" He whispered to Naruto. Naruto looked at Kiba, a giant grin on his face.

"You can't." Naruto said. Kiba's shoulders slumped.

"Now for the bunshin portion." Iruka announced. Eventually, Sasuke created the three bunshin minimum and took his hiate-ate. Naruto walked up afterwards and created ten kage bunshin. He had each clone pass his Hiate-ate over to him; everyone in the class was shocked that the clones were solid.

Fox:Did I spell hiate-ate and kage bunshin right?

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