Chap 1 - Sirius POV

I rubbed the back of Mione's neck as she sobbed into my chest. She had been having horrific nightmares and would always come to me sobbing. Next to her was Harry, my godson. No, my son. He was helping to try and comfort Mione but it was to no avail.

"Shh Princess. Calm down, the war is over. It's all finished," I whispered into her hair. Her sobs started to subside but she was still hiccupping softly.

"I just want it to all go away," Mione whispered softly.

"I know baby," I replied. Mione's breathing started to even out and soon, she had fallen asleep against my chest.

"Harry, tomorrow we are going to head down to Gringotts and complete the adoption papers and ritual. Once that is done, we are getting the hell out of here. Mione can't take this anymore and frankly, I can't either," I said. Harry nodded and lay down on my pillows. I lay down beside him with Mione cuddled tightly to my chest.

The next morning, the three of us woke up quite late.

"Morning kids. Get ready and we will head down to Gringotts," I said. Mione and Harry jumped out of my bed and walked out to their rooms. Once they were gone, I walked into my ensuite and showered before getting dressed.

I walked into the kitchen and quickly made us some breakfast while the kids got ready. Mione was the first to come down and I smiled at her softly while placing a plate of food in front of her. While she ate, I looked her over. Since the war, Mione had changed a hell of a lot. She was once quite fit and healthy but when the war ended and her parents were killed, she just shut down. She wouldn't eat much, hardly ever smiled and lost a large amount of weight. She had only just started to put the weight back on but was far from the right weight for her age. It took Harry and I a long time to get her to go outside and be a teenager.

Harry walked in soon after and like Mione, he had lost a significant amount of weight. He had always been thin but this was worse, at one point after the war, you could physically see his ribs through his clothes.

Their fragile states weren't being helped by one Molly Weasley who, once the war finished, started planning Harry's wedding to Ginny and Mione's to Ron. No one has ever asked what these two want, it's just expected (by Molly) that the two couples would marry. I couldn't work out how it was going to work since Harry and Mione were both single but Molly would never give up. Molly was also fighting the fact that I was going to file for custody of Harry and Mione. She didn't like me and seriously, the feeling was quite mutual.

Leaving England for a while would be good for everyone.

"Alright, once you have finished your food, we'll go," I said. Mione and Harry nodded and continued eating. They both only ate a small amount before announcing they were done. I didn't push it because it would make them retreat.

I grabbed Harry and Mione by the hand and we apparated to Gringotts.

"We have an appointment with Ragnok for Black," I announced to the goblin in front of us.

"Follow me," he said. We walked down a long hallway and up to a large wooden door. The goblin knocked and almost straight away we were granted access.

"Ah Mr. Black, leave us Griphook," Ragnok said. Griphook nodded and left the room, closing the door behind him.

"Now, I understand you are here to adopt these two," Ragnok said. When I nodded, he continued. "I am flattered you would want it done here but wouldn't the Ministry be a more suitable place?"

"It probably would but the Ministry would also protest greatly. They would try and find a more 'suitable' guardian for them considering my past. However, I also know that they would try and exploit both Harry and Hermione and I want to keep them safe," I said. "I know that if I get it done here at Gringotts, I can ensure that the bond will be done without any interference. You may or may not know that Molly Weasley has been trying to get marriage bonds passed between her two youngest children and Harry and Hermione. At least if I am their guardian, I can veto that. That is why I asked for you to do the ritual and not some Ministry screw over."

"Mr. Black, your intentions are extremely honourable. I do in fact know about the marriage bonds because Mrs. Weasley came to us to check that the vaults of Mr. Potter and Ms. Granger would be accessible by members of her family once they were married to a Weasley. I am honoured that you would request me to do this ritual for you Lord Black," Ragnok said.

I nodded at him and smiled as Mione and Harry squeezed my hands.

"First off, you will all have to sign these papers then slice your palm open with this knife," Ragnok explained and I noticed Mione tense.

"Mione honey, it's ok. Just make a small incision in your hand, I'll heal it immediately," I calmed the young girl. She nodded and signed the papers before quickly cutting her hand. She let a few drops spill into the goblet that Ragnok was holding before I healed her hand.

Harry and I did the same and soon Ragnok added a few more ingredients and some potion before mixing it together. He handed it to Mione and smiled. She took a sip and passed me the goblet. Harry and I took a drink of the foul liquid and passed the now empty goblet back to Ragnok. We all felt a sharp stinging through our veins as the potion took effect but the pain soon subsided.

"It gives me pleasure to now call you Lord Harry Potter-Black and Lady Hermione Granger-Black," Ragnok said. He shook their hands and I kissed Mione's head as a large smile crossed her face. Ragnok waved his hand and a ring appeared on both Mione and Harry's hands. Harry's had both the Potter and Black family crests merged together while Hermione's had the Black family crest on it but when she took it off, the name Granger was engraved on the gold band.

"Thank you Ragnok. Now, my next matter of business is more along the lines of our finances," I said. Ragnok nodded and I continued. "I would like to have our three vaults joined into one large vault. Also, I will need three muggle credit cards that are connected straight to this account so it can be used in any country in either the muggle world or wizarding world."

"Of course. Just wait here while I go fetch up the necessary documents," Ragnok said before he got up and walked out of the room.

"How do you kids feel?" I asked them.

"Great Dad," Mione and Harry said in unison and I smiled at the title.

"Now, since we are moving to the States you are still considered minors and must go to school. You both just turned 17 so I believe you are Juniors. When you get to school you may choose your last names. They can be Potter and Granger, your hyphenated names or Black. I want the choice to be yours," I said. Harry and Mione looked at each other and did some sort of silent conversation before turning to me.

"We'd like to go by Black dad, if you don't mind. I will always be a Potter and Mione will always be a Granger but you are now our father and we are proud of that," Harry said. I hugged them both tightly and I swear there were tears in my eyes.

Ragnok came back with the necessary paperwork and cards. We signed all the right places and soon everything was sorted.

"Well, I hope you all enjoy your time in the United States," Ragnok said as he handed us our cards. We all shook hands with him before walking out of the bank.

When we were outside, I apparated us all back to our small cottage. I had sold Grimmauld after the war because I couldn't stand the memories it came with.

"Ok kids, let's go pack up your rooms and get going. I have booked us a flight to Seattle because apparation would set off alarms," I said. We went up to Mione's room first and once her room was done, we moved to Harry's. Once the house was all packed up, we apparated to the airport and checked in our luggage.

A few hours later we boarded the plane and while Harry and Mione slept, I planned some of the finer details.

- Paul POV -

"Dude, where were you last night? You missed our video game night," Jake asked as I walked over to them.

"Marissa," I said with a smirk. Marissa was some chick I had met last week at a diner in Port Angeles.

"One day, you are going to imprint and become as much a sap as Jared, Quil, Sam and Jake," Embry said to me with a shake of his head.

"Embry, I'm pretty sure we've reached our quota so it just aint gunna happen," I said. For those who were confused, my name is Paul Meraz and I am a shapeshifter or werewolf. Imprinting is fate's way of finding you a soul mate. Usually it is extremely rare but we were shocked when four of our pack imprinted.

"Who are the new kids?" Quil asked. We all turned and noticed a guy and girl getting out of a brand new black 2010 Ford Mustang. I paid almost no attention to the guy. The girl got out of the driver's side and damn was she hot. She had long legs that were covered by a pair of tight skinny jeans. The jeans accentuated the curve of her ass and made it look amazing. She had quite an ample top half and quite a flat stomach that was accentuated by the tight white jumper she had on but she seemed slightly thinner than the other girls at our school. Her hair was long, brown and curly, almost wild.

"Damn," Embry said. I nodded in agreement as the two new teens linked arms and walked past us. The girl looked up and smiled at us and when our eyes met, it felt like the world had stopped. My vision tunneled and everything connecting me to this earth shifted only to be connected to her. She smiled softly and broke the gaze between us as the guy (I now got jealous at how they were walking) pulled her into the school.

"You ok Paul?" Jake asked me.

"Fuck me dead. I think I just imprinted," I said. The boys looked at each other before cracking up laughing.

"Oh man, this is priceless," Seth said before I punched him in the shoulder. I groaned and we walked into the school. I looked up the hall and noticed the (I guess now my) girl standing at a locker.

"Ok, she's at the locker beside mine. I'm gunna go inspect," Embry said and I growled at him. The more I looked at her, the more entranced I became. Her movements were fluid and calm as she placed all her things away in her locker. I watched as Embry walked over to her and introduced himself. She smiled softly at him and I couldn't help but feel jealous. Her smile was extremely gorgeous and quite gentle.

The bell rang and the beautiful girl waved to Embry before walking off. I wanted to say something to Embry but he had already walked away.

For the rest of the day, I tried to get a glimpse of my imprint but I never saw her. The only time I did see her was when the boys and I were walking into the cafeteria and her and the guy were walking out with their lunch in their hands. She smiled softly at us before they disappeared around a corner.

School soon ended and I watched as my imprint jumped into her car along with the guy and drove off.

"At least tell me her name," I demanded of Embry as we headed for Sam and Emily's house.

"Fine, I'll throw you a bone. Her name is Hermione," Embry said.

We soon arrived at Sam's place and noticed the Elders sitting at the table with Sam and Em.

"Hey boys. How was school?" Em asked as she jumped up and grabbed some muffins from the oven.

"It was great wasn't it Paul?" Jared said with a smirk in my direction. I growled at him and threw my bag down. I slumped into a seat beside Sam and grabbed a muffin.

"What happened Paul?" Em asked me as she rested her hand on my shoulder.

"He imprinted Em," Jake said with a shit eating grin.

"Congratulations Paul!" Sam said to me with a grin. I nodded at him and Em kissed my cheek.

"Well done Paul. What's her name?" Billy asked me.

"Her name is Hermione," I answered.

"Pretty name. I bet she is beautiful," Sue said with a soft smile. I nodded at her and the boys snorted. I was never one to call a girl beautiful. Hot or sexy yes but never beautiful - it just never fit the playboy status I had going.

"Well Jake, are you staying here or coming with me?" Billy asked as he pushed his wheelchair away from the table.

"Where are you going Billy?" Harry asked.

"My cousin from England has just arrived with his son and daughter. I was going to go and see them," Billy explained.

"Yea I'll come. I've got nothing better to do until Josie gets back from cheer camp," Jake said. Josie was Jake's imprint. She was a freshman that Jake had imprinted on.

"Ok, let's go. See you all later," Billy said. We waved as he and Jake went out to Jake's car and they drove away.

- Jake POV -

Dad and I pulled up out the front of Uncle Sirius' house and I noticed a familiar black Mustang.

"No way," I whispered. I helped dad out of the car and we walked up to the front porch. I knocked on the door and a tall man, probably in his late 30s, early 40s.

"Sirius, how are you?" Dad asked as the two men shook hands. So this was the infamous Sirius. Damn, not what I was expecting.

"I'm good Billy. Come inside," he said. We followed him inside and into a large living room. "How have you been since we last spoke?"

"Pretty damn good actually. Sirius, this is my son Jacob. Jacob, this is Sirius my cousin. We only found out we were related around about 9 months ago I think," dad said. Sirius and I shook hands before he turned to the door behind him. The more he spoke the more I got used to the British accent he had.

"Kids, come here. There are some people I want you to meet," he called out. I heard one set of footsteps moving around on the third floor followed by movement on the second floor.

"That's right, you were adopting weren't you?" Dad said.

"Yea. It was fully finalised on Saturday so we moved straight out here," Sirius said before the new guy from school emerged through the living room door. He was soon followed by Paul's imprint Hermione. "Billy, this is my son Harry and my daughter Hermione."

"Pleased to meet you. Hermione, that is a very unique name. It suits you, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl," dad said. He shook Harry's hand and kissed Hermione's. She blushed lightly and smiled. I noticed she had gotten changed into a black t shirt and a pair of shorts. In this outfit, her arms and legs looked very thin and her waist was very tiny. I know dad noticed as well.

"Thank you sir. It's an adaptation of Hermia from Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream," Hermione said softly.

"This is my son Jake," dad said. I shook hands with both of them and when I looked into Hermione's eyes, I felt a strong need to protect her.

While dad, Sirius, Harry and Hermione talked, I pulled out my phone. I just couldn't resist the urge to tease Paul.

Guess who my new cousin is?

Idk - the easter bunny?

No you dumbass - she has long brown hair, stands probably 5'6, has extremely long legs and is pretty thin. She also has quite a unique name. I'm pretty sure it starts with H.

You have got to be kidding me - Hermione is ur cousin? You r spending time wif my imprint nd I havnt even spoken to her yet! This is bullshit!

Get over it!

"What are you grinning about kid?" Dad asked. When I looked up, everyone was looking at me.

"Oh nothing. Paul is being Paul," I said and dad laughed.

We stayed for about an hour more before dad and I decided to head back to Sam's place.

"See you at school tomorrow," I said. Harry and Hermione smiled and nodded.

"Don't forget to do that homework for Mr. Swanson," Hermione said to me.

"You're in my English class?" I asked. I hadn't seen her.

"Yes, we both are. We sat in the back today," Harry answered.

"Ok, thanks for reminding me. See you tomorrow," I said. I helped dad into the car and turned back to them. "Do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch tomorrow?"

"We'll see. Thanks for the offer," Hermione said with a smile. I waved and jumped into the car before heading back towards Sam's

When we arrived there we noticed everyone was still at Sam's. I helped dad out of the car and we walked up to Sam's front door.

"Hey Jake, Billy. Jake, I'd start running. I think Paul wants you dead," Quil said as he and Colin were walking through. Obviously they had patrol.

"I can handle him," I said before dad and I walked into the kitchen.

"How is your cousin Billy?" Quil Sr. asked as we moved over to the table. Paul was glaring at me and Embry, Jared and Sam were trying hard to hold back their laughter.

"He's good. He has the quietest children I have ever met," Dad explained. "They also look horribly thin."

When dad said that, Paul's head snapped up.

"What do you mean Billy?" Sue asked.

"Well, Hermione's arms and legs almost resemble twigs with only a slight amount of muscle on them and her waist is beyond tiny. Harry had more muscle but still looked scrawny for his age. He'd look like a stick next to one of these guys." Dad explained. "Sirius must have saved them from an abusive household or something."

"Billy, you should invite them all over for dinner. There is always room for more," Em said. Paul looked up at Em like she was a deity of some sort and dad nodded. He rolled over to the phone and dialled a number. After a few minutes he hung up and came back over to us.

"They said they'll be here in 30 minutes. Hermione apparently feels bad coming over empty handed so I think Sirius said she is cooking something," Dad said. Paul perked up considerably and I couldn't hold back the laugh.

- Remus POV -

"What is wrong Molly?" I asked the redhead as she paced the kitchen. We had all arrived at the Burrow for lunch but we found the woman in question pacing and ranting.

"That stupid, irresponsible prick of a man! How dare he!" Molly yelled as she paced.

"What is mum ranting about?" Fred asked as he and Angelina appeared in the kitchen.

"She popped over to Sirius' cottage earlier to get Harry and Hermione because none of us have seen them in a few days but they weren't there. I think she thinks Sirius has taken them somewhere," Arthur explained.

"I'll be back," I kissed Dora's cheek and apparated to the cottage. I smelt the air and the scents of Harry, Hermione and Sirius were very faint. When I looked around the living room, everything was spotless. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note lying on the table. I picked it up and opened it.

Dear Moony,

I know you are reading this because that is what we wanted. No one else can see this because you are one of the only people we trust.

We have gone away for a while. Hermione and Harry could no longer deal with the stress and frankly neither could I. I was getting sick of Molly's persistence that Harry and Hermione marry when all they want to do is be teenagers for a while.

We have moved to America to a small reservation in Washington. We have done this so the kids have a chance to be normal. I still have my mirror so feel free to contact us at any time.

We love you Moony and we are sorry we had to leave the way we did. Please don't tell Molly where we are, just say we are gone. It is time she backed out of the kids' lives.

Love Padfoot, Snowflake and Leo

I smiled at the nicknames. No one but myself and Sirius knew that Harry and Hermione had become Animagi just before the war. Harry's form was a lion while Mione's was a beautiful white wolf.

I took a deep breath and apparated back to the Burrow.

"Well?" Molly demanded. I moved over to Tonks and pulled her slightly in front of me. Molly wouldn't attack Tonks who was actually 4 months pregnant with our second child.

"They're gone Molly. They said they needed to get away from England for a while," I said. Molly looked at me wide eyed before letting out a loud scream and throwing a pan at the wall.

Needless to say, there was a lot of fighting to escape the kitchen.