Albert opens the vast door to his master's office, a disk decorated with small skulls in hand. On it, Death's personal mug filled with warm tea, a jar for sugar, and a little spoon, matching the skull pattern of its set. The tea is boiling hot, just as master likes it. He knocks twice, and Death's deep voice is heard from inside, allowing him to come in. He opens the door with his free hand, and is ready to walk in, when a low "miauh" is heard. The butler steps aside, allowing the red-haired cat to come in.

I cross the room and hop on Death's lap. He's busy with his book, but sits back on the chair, petting my head with five long fingers. I muffled for I'm truly enjoying his touch. Albert walks in and places the disk on the table.

THANK YOU, ALBERT. I want to thank him to, so I make another miauh for him.

"You are most welcome, Master. Shall I get you anything else?"

Death looks down at me, comfortable in his lap.


The butler nods and leaves. I hop on the desk, careful not to spill the tea or step on the various objects lying on it.

YOU CAN HAVE IT IF YOU WANT, KATHERINE. Death says. I brush my tail against his chin. YOU ARE WELCOME.

I made another muffled sound and jumped back on his lap, climbing on him, flicking a tiny tongue on his bottom jaw. Death caresses me again, wraps ten cold fingers around my abdomen and places me on the ground. I go a little further to sit on a velvet chair he had specially made for me. I watch him as he works. He doesn't like being bothered, but I'll bother him now. I make a noise to get his attention.


Another noise. There was something like a smile carved upon his face.