I've just finished Rescue Force... now to contribute to this pitifully empty catagory!

Prompt: He gave me it just before he died.

Disclaimer: If I owned Rescue Force... Let's just say I don't own it.

Everyone has Rescue Soul in them. Few can resist the urge to rescue those in need while others are suffering. The need to rescue, the want to see others smile... That is what it means to be part of Rescue Force.

Oobuchi-sempai was no different. To the end, he was the finest example of a model rescue worker. This cane that he once held, handed to me right before he sacrificed himself to save everyone... I can almost feel the evil energy emitting from its tip. Dispelling the evil within couldn't possibly have been easy, but he did it.

My heart filled with dread as I heard what would become his last words to R-1: "Friends... people, and rescue... Love, love, love them all you can!" I knew what he was going to do. Sempai would always put others before himself, even if he had to lose his life in the end. Despite myself, I found myself pleading for my old friend to change his mind. But I knew my efforts would be in vain. Once sempai set a goal for himself, he would never change his mind.

I can only imagine what you went through as you made the decision to destroy the Neo Terror base, sempai. As I watched the base self-destruct beyond the atmosphere, I am reminded of what it truly means to save lives. Much has happened in the past weeks, but your Rescue Soul saved you in the end, didn't it? Now, rest in peace, old friend.