Wizards vs. Kid vs. Kat

"Guys, I have some news for you!" Burt said as his two kids, and his son's best friend took their seats at the dining room table. "Is Kat going away, and never coming back?" Coop asked. "Um... no" Burt said. Coop shrugged. "Then I don't wanna hear it" he complained. Millie rolled her eyes. "Anyway, we're visiting my second cousin, once removed, Jerry Russo in New York city! His kids are wizards, so it should be fun! You can take Dennis, if you want to, sport" he exclaimed. "COOL!" Millie, Dennis, and Coop shouted together. "But, we've gotta take Mr. Kat" Burt said seriously. "Awww" Coop and Dennis said, while Millie said, "Yay!" Then Coop came to a realisation. "Hey, if they're wizards, then they might believe Kat's an alien!" he whispered into Dennis's ear. Dennis grinned.


"Kids, my second cousin once removed, Burt Burtonburger is coming over. And, Alex, I don't wanna hear any making fun of their last names!" Jerry said to his kids, keeping an eye on Alex. She rolled her eyes. "Come on, besides Max and Justin, do I ever make fun of family?" she merely said. "Well, they'll be here around lunch, so we're gonna have to close up shop early" Theresa said. "I love them already!" Max exclaimed. A few hours later, the Burtonburgers arrived at the sub shop. "They're here!" Harper called up the stairs. Immediately, all the Russos ran downstairs. Coop grinned. "Which one of you guys could make Kat disappear to the moon?" he asked, looking at Kat without moving his grin. "You must be Coop" Alex said. "And who're you?" she asked Dennis. "I'm Dennis" he replied. "And who is this little cutey?" Justin asked, looking at Millie. "I'm Millie, and I'm NOT little!" she replied angrily. "So, I guess you guys wanna see some REAL magic?" Alex asked, quickly changing the subject. "Yeah!" all three kids exclaimed. "Alright, then what do you say we make Mr. Kat speak?" Max asked. "BOOOO!" Dennis and Coop shouted in unison, as Millie shouted, "YAAY!" Justin rolled his eyes. "Come on, once Kat can speak, I'm sure that you'll wind up being closer than you think!" Max said. Coop rolled his eyes and said, "Fine" He clearly was upset. "Okay, just set Mr. Kat on the counter, and we'll cast the spell" Justin three kids obeyed, and Justin took out a wand, and began to chant, "Its hatred for Coop is at its peak, now make this kitty speak!" There was a flash, and everyone turned to Kat to see if it worked. It did. "Hello, Coop" Kat said, in a female voice. "There's something I've wanted to tell you, since the day we met" she said, hopping off the counter and walking towards Coop. "Oh... yeah? What is it?" Coop said as he tried to keep his stature, but was having a hard time. He started to back away from Kat. "I love you" Kat said, grinning. Coop bumped into the wall, he couldn't move any further. "Wh-what?" he asked, managing not to faint. Kat leaped up onto Coop's shirt. She grabbed his collar, and pulled him into a kiss. Dennis fainted. Alex, Justin, and Max merely stared. Coop tried to squirm away, but Kat held on with an iron grip. Finally, she released Coop from the kiss. Coop looked very freaked out. Seeing his discomfort, Kat gave Coop a lick on the cheek. "It's okay. Don't respond for now. I can wait" she said. She leaped down from Coop's shrit, and calmly walked up the stairs. As soon as Kat left the room, Coop immediately fainted.