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Mitzee. xOx.

Dear Veronica,

I am you're younger sister, Penolpe.

You're Mum, Glenda never told you about me because my Dad, Archie wanted me out the way.

And as I'm now 16, I think it's right that you know that you have a baby sister aswell as Roxanne.

I'm arriving in Albert Square at 10.35 tomrrow morning, please could you meet me in the nearest cafe. I'll text you. (my mobile number's on the back of the letter)

I'd love to meet you! I've heard that I'm an aunty to Roxanne's little girl, I havn't been told her name.

All my love,

Penelope. Xxx

Ronnie stared at the letter in thought, turned to the back of the letter and saw in scrawl Penelope's mobile number also a small picture of a small girl, wavey strawberry blonde hair, big blue eyes, wearing blue dungeries. On the back read: Penelope Elizabeth Madeline Mitchell. 19.06.1998 (aged 3)

A tear reached Ronnie's eye, she wiped it away quickly hoping no one saw.

"Tea's up Ron!" Jack shouted, Ronnie sighed, hid the letter underneath a pile of magazines, pulled out of pen and a tiny slip of paper ready after dinner to write Penelope's number.

"Yeah I'm comming love, just one sec!" Ronnie shouted, she took one last look at the tiny picture and smiled there was another girl only taller with long blonde hair, big blue eyes like Penelope and wearing a blue vest and white jeans.

That must be me! Thought Ronnie.

So Ronnie did know who she was, just a faint memory of that sister all those years ago.

And she was going to meet her after, 12 and half years apart.

Well what do you think?

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