Mr. Krabs was in the process of opening a jar filled with green dollar bills. Maractus noticed this and came over.

"Need some help, Eugene?" Maractus asked as she winked, touching Mr. Krabs' precious booty. "Yoink! Got yer butt, poopsy!"

Mr. Krabs whistled as he flew up in joy, landing right behind Maractus. His pincers snapped as he gained an erection, pinching Maractus in the butt.

"Aye, me booty may be fine, but yours is finer than the seven seas!" Mr. Krabs laughed as he flexed his crustacean muscles. "Here I come, Ms. Maractus!"

Maractus giggled naughtily as Mr. Krabs pounced on her, stripping off his clothes as Plankton looked from underneath the bed, recording it for his own pleasure as a shit eating grin appeared on his tiny green face, while Mr. Krabs and Maractus continued getting it on.