Hortons Whoing

The Hortons' reaction to Maggie's going AWOL. I don't own Days.

The emails would work much better in a chatroom/Facebook/IM format but I feel binded in according to guidelines.

"Sarah?" Melissa caught up to her sister at her office.

"Melissa? You never come here. The photos of disfigured children bothered you too much," Sarah said.

"Well, yeah. " Melissa was proud of her little sister's work with children's charities, particularly hospitals. But the photos went too much for her.

"What's going on?"

"Mom's coming."

"Oh. O.k. Cool. When?" Sarah was surprised.

"Ah, in five hours?"


"Can I sit down?" Melissa asked.

"Sure. Mom's coming to Nashville today. That's…." Sarah said.

"Promise me you won't fly off the handle," Melissa said.

"O.k. sure."


"Lissa, I didn't fly off when Jen called and told us Mom was in a sarcophagus for a month. I'll be fine," Sarah pointed out.

"Yes, the snowstorm and lack of flights helped your restraint greatly. She and Victor broke up and Mom decided to go AWOL," Melissa said, dryly.

"Mom's AWOL. That's actually kind of funny. Will Salem collapse without the great Maggie Horton?"

"I'm serious. Mom didn't tell anyone but Julie that she was coming here."

"Wait, what about Chloe and Melanie?" Sarah asked.

"Ah that's the other thing…."Melissa said, filling her sister in.

Jennifer sat at the desk in her office, and opened a new email.

From: Paperrose

To:ChezRed gmail. com

Aunt Maggie-

I can't believe you ran away! That's so unexpected and well, I envy you. Don't worry we called AA, Joanna is covering Chez Rouge, and I took care of the hospital stuff. Enjoy yourself.

Love you


Jennifer hit send and chuckled. Who knew Aunt Maggie was such a badass?

"Victor…" Julie groaned, "You know I won't tell you….she's fine…o.k….I'll mention that to her if she calls. Yeah. Bye."

"What's going on?" Hope asked.

"Ah, Maggie…she went away for awhile. And while I appauled the action, I wish she would've taken some forethought and dealt with her charity cases. Victor's driving me crazy."

"Where's Maggie?" Bo asked.

"Oh. Well, the official rumor is she went off to Paris to hook up with a hot French guy," Julie smiled.

"Great, Victor'll love that."

"So Aunt Maggie just left?" Abby asked, later that night.

"Yes, honey. Which means for now, Julie and Doug are staying at her place to make sure Chloe doesn't burn it down," Jennifer started to load the dishwasher. Abby hopped up on the island.



"Is it bad that I think this is a kind of a badass move for Aunt Maggie?" Abby asked. Jennifer looked at her daughter.

"I know! I had the same exact thought. She hits age seventy-two and becomes a total rebel. "

"Can I tell Chelsea?" Abby asked.

"I suppose," Jennifer said, rolling her eyes.

To:BradyCR lse .edu

From:Ab_Spector yahoo. com

Subject: Aunt Maggie's a secret badass!


First thing—apparently your Grandpa Victor and Aunt Maggie dated! I mean, like actually romantically dated! This shocked me. Can you imagine those two together?

Then Maggie took in Chloe who (btw did you hear your Uncle Phillip is Parker's father, not Daniel? Although I don't know what you saw in Daniel, anyway) lied and drank. Victor and Melanie blew up and gave Maggie an ultimatum. She took off without telling anyone. She totally took the attitude of 'screw this, I'm leaving'. No one knows where she is! Julie yelled at Victor and now is over at Maggie's putting Chloe through her paces!

You gotta come home!


Chelsea stared at the email, confused.

"What the hell?" she muttered.

To: BvBlack TitanPublishing .co, BradyB SalemPD . org, BradyH Salem PD. org

From: Brady CR LSE . edu

Subject: FWD: Aunt Maggie's a badass!

What's going on? I leave for a couple years to go to grad school and Maggie starts to date Grandpa Victor? Explain, please. My break starts in two days. Can Grandpa send the jet?

"I need to go home more," Chelsea muttered.