"What happened between you and Aunt Maggie?" Chelsea asked her grandfather at Bo and Hope's, during family dinner.

The conservation came to a halt. Hope and Bo exchanged a look.

Victor looked up from Bo's clam chowder. "Nothing. Maggie wanted time with her girls and I respect that."

"So you didn't get into a fight?" Bo asked.

"No. We are good," Victor smiled to him as his phone rang. "Excuse me."

"He's taking a call during dinner," Hope noted.

"Twenty bucks it's Maggie," Chelsea said stopping texting on her phone for a moment.

"So where is she?" Bo wondered.

"Maggie really did just want more time, with her girls," Hope said.

"Julie?" Chelsea asked, checking Hope's source of information.

"Yeah. The chain is Maggie who swears Julie to secrecy, and then Julie immediately tells me. Nothing is a secret in this family!" Hope smirked at Victor as he walked back into the room.

"You would do good to remember that," Bo said to his father.

"I was a perfect gentleman!" Victor protested.

Hope snickered. "I'm sorry. But when Julie said you and Aunt Maggie freaked Melissa and Sarah out by spending the night together, the perfect gentleman image doesn't wash."

"You and Aunt Maggie have sleepovers, too, Grandpa? Does Aunt Maggie paint your nails?" Ciara asked.

"I would pay to see that," Bo said. Victor glared at his son.

"What do you want to me to say? Nothing happened in Nashville," Victor said, as his phone rang again,

"Sorry. It's Maggie. Hello, love," Victor smiled.

"Hi. When is the jet arriving on Tuesday?" Maggie asked.

"Around one which should put you in Salem around five. We could get dinner," Victor offered.

"Only if you join me for a shower before. You know how grimy I get when I fly," Maggie said innocently as Victor flushed.

"You should know that I'm at Bo and Hope's right now and Ciara is in the room," Victor growled in his phone as Maggie laughed.

"Darling, Chelsea has been texting me during dinner. Be good and you'll be rewarded. I love you," Maggie said.

"I love you and miss you. I'll see you on Tuesday," Victor said.

"All of me," Maggie smiled as Victor groaned again and hung up the phone.

"That woman's trying to kill me," Victor said as he returned to dinner conversation.

"She's a redhead for a reason, Victor," Hope pointed out.

"Mmm." Victor chose to hide his smile behind his coffee.

Maggie chuckled as she read Chelsea's latest text.

"What's so funny?" Melissa asked.

"Chelsea's texting me during a family dinner. Apparently they were talking about why I didn't rush back with Victor. We broke up or you two demanded I leave Victor," Maggie said.

"Ah. And what's the truth?" Sarah asked.

"I love Victor," Maggie said, noticing the gasp that came from the girls," This can't be a huge shock. I did tell you that before. I also told you that I will always love your dad. I'm trying to balance this relationship with respect to his memory."

"We know. Mom…" Melissa paused, trying to figure out her next move, "Julie said you needed romance."

"Ah, she did? Cheeky little…" Maggie trailed off, "Romance's nice. Victor, well, he's very romantic. But I also miss cooking for two, waking up with someone. I'm someone who needs to couple. I know this is adjustment for everyone."

"I know," Melissa sighed.

"Look, if I promise he won't answer my bedroom door naked while you two visit," Maggie said.

"Sure you promise," Sarah said.

Maggie looked at Sarah. Calling Sarah's bluff, she pulled out her phone and hit redial.

"Hello, Love," Victor smiled. Hope and Bo rolled their eyes.

"Victor, my daughters are concerned about you answering my bedroom door naked," Maggie said.

"You're letting me in your bedroom…"

"Victor! Ciara's still in the room," Hope reminded him.

"I need you to promise not to answer my bedroom door naked," Maggie said.

"You're serious?" Victor asked.

"Victor…."Maggie's voice took the tone he hated. He was reminded that any sex in his future depended on Maggie's benevolence.

"Fine. Put me on speaker."

Maggie smiled and pressed her speaker button.

"I, Victor Kiriakis, promise not to answer Maggie Horton's bedroom, disrobed, while any Hortons visit. O.k.?" Victor asked.

Sarah and Melissa nodded.

"Could you take me off of speakerphone now?" Victor asked.

"Sure, sweetheart." Maggie smirked.

"You owe me really good…." Victor glanced at his granddaughter.

"Head?" Maggie asked, innocently. Melissa and Sarah turned pale and had twin looks of disgusts.

"Damnit, Maggie!"

"Love you, sweetheart. Bye!" Maggie hung up the phone and turned to her daughters. "Oh what?"

"Just for the record, that wasn't an oral sex reference, right?" Melissa asked.

"Melissa, darling, I'm your mother. Would I make a reference like that?"

"Of course not," Melissa said, relieved.

Sarah glanced into her mother's laughing eyes. Oh, dear God, my mother totally did make an oral sex reference. Sarah shuddered internally as Maggie chuckled softly. Things were changing.