End Intermission:

Announcer's Box

Inquiete: HELL YEAH! Bonjour mes amis, this is the final segment of Showdown Rephaim vs. Jacob and if ya'll have read Holly's story you all know what that means. BATTLE TO THE DEATH!

Crowd: Death to JA-COB, death to JA-COB, death to JA-COB

Inquiete: Whoop! Yes sir-y its time to watch these two bad-boys battle it out in the name of love. I'm just kiddin' that would be such a stereotype.

Seth: [Roll eyes] you're pathetic, why are they doing this anyway.

Inquiete: You're pathetic, and they are doing this parce que I told them to. My fingers are the ones slamming on these keys, typing up these words so deal.

Stevie Rae: Can you guys stop arguing for five minutes!

Inquiete and Seth: NO!

Stevie Rae: [Sigh] Inquiete…Battle to the Death…are you not going to go into it?

Inquiete: Good point Stevie Rae, you know I think you're on a roll here.

Stevie Rae: [Blushes deeply] ah thanks Inquiete.

Mike: Erm…guys this is very touching but I want to see Jake dead now, please.

Inquiete: SO dang pushy… [Smiles and sighs]…fine Mike we'll start the match.

Final Round:

Battle to the Death

Jacob turns into a wolf and lunges at Rephaim only to have Rephaim kick him in the face. Jacob rolled over stood up and shook out his coat. Then he circled around and tried to get Rephaim from behind. But Rephaim was much too quick for Jacob and smashed his fist into Jacob's mussel. Jacob stumbled, a whimper sliding through his teeth. Rephaim kicked Jacob in the gut making the crowd cringe at the sound of the sickening pop of Jacob's rib cage. The crowd howled in joy and approval urging Rephaim to continue.

Mike: [Cups his hands over his mouth and screams.] Come on Rephaim, make him hurt!

Rephaim grunts and smashes his heel into Jacob's skull. Jacob limbs back and snaps his teeth near Rephaim's ankles. He skips back, ignoring the blood on his ankles and elbows Jacob in the spin. His knees buckle than Jacob goes down.

Inquiete: Yes, there you go Rephaim, teach that bad dog a lesson in respecting ones elders.

Mike: Are you saying Rephaim's old? [Gives a smartass smile.]

Inquiete: [Smiles] well smartass he is like a hundred years old.

Mike: Touché.

Jacob tried to get up but Rephaim smashed Jacob's head down with his foot forcing him to the ground. Jacob bucks hard throwing Rephaim off his back and lands on Rephaim's chest snarling like an animal.

Inquiete: [Paces around the Announcer's Box in restless, aggressive energy.] Come on Rephaim! Throw him off!

Rephaim swung his feet out kicking Jacob in the chest and balls. Jacob croaked and flew off Rephaim. Whimpering and chocking on pain. But as soon as Rephaim got to his feet Jacob was back again lunching himself on top of Rephaim and pinning him to the ground. Jacob than began clawing at him and trying to bit his throat.

Inquiete: [Swings arms in baseball bat fashion making it clear I want to join the fight.]

Rephaim twists around and smashes Jacob to the floor and hammers down on him smashing his fist into the back of Jacob's skull. Rephaim's hands close around Jacob's throat and then he stops. The crowd screams loader encouraging him to snap his neck. Rephaim sighs and rolls off of Jacob's stomach shaking the fur and blood off his cloths.

Inquiete: Erm…Rephaim…what are you doing?

Rephaim: I'll tell you what I'm not doing; I'm not going to kill this man.

Inquiete: But Rephaim you have to kill him, that's the whole point to this…it's the Battle to the Death and someone has to die and it sure as hell ain't you.

Rephaim: No, I won't kill him Inquiete.

Inquiete: Yes…but…WHY?

Rephaim: Inquiete, you of all people know me better than that. I have killed all my life and frankly I am sick of it. When I chose Stevie Rae over my Father I vowed not to kill again and if I kill this man now I will be going against everything I now stand for. If I kill Jacob than I'll just be like I was before and I don't want that.

Inquiete: Fine Rephaim, I get it, don't kill him. But since you practically beat the shit out of him I still say you won this and that's all I really care about. Screw tradition. You can walk away now.

Rephaim: [Nods and walks away.]

Jacob: [Gets to his feet and lunges at Rephaim's turned back and starts tarring at his flesh determined to end his life.]

Stevie Rae: REPHAIM!


[Rephaim and Jacob get into a bloody brawl that seems so gruesome you can't tell whose winning and who's losing.]

Stevie Rae: Someone DO something!

[Mike steps forward and starts shooting the crap out of Jacob; until he's nothing but a bloody carcass on the floor.] Don't mess with Rephaim bitch!

The crowd goes insane and the Jacob/Taylor Laurent fans sob.

Inquiete: Nice one Mike!

Mike: Thanks Inquiete, I've always wanted to shoot this asshole.

Inquiete: LoL, well there you have it folks not the ending you were expecting but hey it got you on the edge of your seat didn't it. Ha, ok see ya later. I'm out, oh and I think I'm going to do another one of these but I don't know who I want to go against each other. So ya'll decide. Either Rephaim vs. Jasper or High council vs. Voltory (yeah I know wrong spelling but still you know who I'm talking about.) Or Aphrodite against Alice or Aphrodite against Rose. I can't decide if I want the two vision girls against each other or the two hags from hell to have a bitch off so I'm leaving the option up to you.