Reborn of Reality

Chapter 01: I'm the possessor of will, Shinto Hoshizawa

The world is made of two types of people, the normal people, and the wizards.
The normal people live their normal lives, and the wizards protect the world from evil.

There has been a legend, that about 10 years ago, 3 wizards defeated a great evil power, but no one knows what happened to those 3 wizards and if they are still alive.

Our story begins in Raizen Junior High, where in a normal day, I arrived as a new student.
I was a skinny, tall, long haired teenager back then. I always told myself I was hot and handsome and I'm sure it's true.

When I entered the classroom, I looked around at my new classmates.
they stared at me with stern and curios looks, which kinda made me feel odd, so odd that I didn't notice the Teacher spoke to me.
"Tell us your name young man." She said in a stern tone.
"My name is Shinto Hoshizawa." I replied.
"Tell us what your elemental power is and why you have come here." An elemental power is as it sounds.
The most Common elemental powers are Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. But there are more.
"My elemental power is Fire, and I came here because I skipped a class." You must be thinking what all this stuff I'm talking about is.
Well Raizen Junior High is actually a School of Witchcraft, where you study and train your magical powers.
The Teacher told me to sit down and the class went as scheduled.

In the first two weeks I tried to befriend my classmates, but they didn't want to let me in because I was new.
I isolated and things didn't look so good for me, when everything changed.

After a boring double math lesson, I sat down on a brick ledge and watched my "friends" play soccer, when suddenly a girl came to where I was.
"Excuse me, is everything alright?" she asked with a worried look on her face. She had blonde hair and shining emerald eyes. She was skinny and shy looking.
I answered her question with a nod. Then, she asked a surprising question.
"Can I sit here with you?" I nodded again, and she sat down next to me.
"You're Shinto, the new guy right?"
"Yep, that s me. What's your name?"
"My name is Amiti Isuzuki, nice to meet you." she smiled at me.

What the heck does she want to talk with me about, and what does she wants from me anyway? Is it something that can change my mood?

To be continued.

Authors note: so the story is basically about junior high kids haha. i hope you will enjoy this story and ill do my best by posting a chapter pre week, although im a bit busy with my own business. so enjoy and make sure to read the upcoming chapters.