Reborn of Reality

Chapter 07: Summer vacation has arrived! First year in Raizen ends.

Today is the 20th of may, 2014 and I finally finished my first year in Raizen Junior High.

I got out of bed, ate my breakfast and went straight to school to get my report card. When I arrived,
Amiti waited for me at the gate.

"Hey Shinto! Ready for the report cards?" She asked.

"Yeah. I think I'm ready. After all, we worked preety hard this year." I answered with much relief in my voice.

We entered the class and saw everyone was already there. They were all excited about the report cards, as well as me.
Our teacher entered the class and spoke up.

"Good morning students. I'm sure you're all happy about the end of the year and receiving your report cards.
Some students even got a certificate of excellence. I want to wish you all a good summer vacation and I also want to inform you I will be teaching you again next year. It is important you will study a bit during summer vacation so you won't forget anything, and hang out with many friends."

C'mon! Give us the report cards! I thought to myself.

"So I will call each student by his name and he will come get his report card" she finally said.

I sat there and waited anxiously for my name to come up, I couldn't wait to see my report card.
At the same time, I spoke with my friends.

"Klug Inzu." The teacher called. He came up to her. "Well done. You got the highest overall grade in class."

Klug seemed very happy with his grades. His overall mark was 97.

"Rafina Mirshel." The teacher called. "You should improve because your grades are very low.
You better study hard this summer."

Her overall mark was 52. It seems Rafina isn't perfect after all. She was upset with her marks.

"Amiti Isuzuki." The teacher called. "Very good. You gave it everything u had."

Amiti had an overall mark of 83, and I'm sure she was happy. I've been waiting for my report card for quite a while now and I really started to get nervous. Maybe she saved the worst for last? Maybe she forgot my report card?
When I got extremely nervous I was finally called by the teacher.

"Shinto Hoshizawa." She called. I came forward.

"I see you had a hard time during your first weeks here. I know that feeling since I moved to a new school during mid-year just like you when I was young, but your grades are excellent so there is a reason to celebrate."

I looked in my grades and saw my overall mark was 91! I was extremely happy about this but tried to contain myself.

When the bell sounded, everyone went towards the gate. I said my goodbyes to Klug and Rafina although its certain I'll meet them during summer vacation. Amiti, on the other hand, took this goodbye a little further.

"Shinto..." she began to speak... " that school's over... we won't see each other for quite a while... so... c-could we meet a lot during summer?" she looked really upset.

"No problem." I replied happily. "...I would love to meet u during summer."

We smiled to each other and went our separate ways

Summer vacation was awesome! I hanged out a lot with Klug and Amiti and other friends from my class.
Our vacation lasted 3 months and 2 weeks which is quite a long time.

In the first month, I met a young warrior who was "The Hero of time". He was called Yuri. He came from a place known as "Land of the infinite revolution". I helped him save the world and we became good friends.

At the same month I went with my family out on vacation near the beach.

On the second month I looked for a job, but I was fired after 3 days. I practiced the spells I learned in school,
and even came to watch Klug practice from his spell book. He became really powerful in just one month.

In the third month I slept. A lot. I wanted some rest from Amiti and Klug so I signed up to a artistic sculpting club where I met many talented people. But then I realized sculpting is not my style, so I decided to learn how to surf. It was preety difficult and one week before summer vacation was over I decided to give up on surfing and move on.

So tomorrow is the 1st of September, 2014. I can't believe 3 months passed so quickly. There are rumors new students will be transferred to my class. I can't wait to see Amiti and Klug again and all my friends again.

I hope I will get stronger, study well, meet new friends, go on new adventures and stay who I am.

To be continued.

Author's note: So how was the chapter? You probably thinking who are the new students. Well, they will appear on the next chapter, because the following events will include them. The next chapter is just another year in Raizen. A year full of events, but i wont spoil any of them yet. as i said previous times, I'm kinda busy so i dont know when the next chapter will be published. so im going to sleep now (yea im very tired..) and cya later~ -RedoLane-