I was so excited when Abby said I could come and stay with her, I mean I'd been imagining this moment for well seven years ever since my mom got strung up by Wakefield. Abby got lucky, although she may not have thought so at the time. But all I had wanted for the past seven years was just to get off this God forsaken island, ever since the day I'd gone back to school.

***Roughly seven years earlier***

It had been a week since mom had been murdered, Wakefield was dead. That's what everyone was saying, the sheriff had killed him, at least that's what everyone thought, but I didn't believe them. I couldn't tell you why, at least, not then I couldn't but I just didn't seem to be able to shake off the feeling that he was still out there. Biding his time.

As soon as I entered homeroom that first morning back I spotted changes everywhere, some of them may not have been overly obvious to most people but then, I wasn't most people.

Nikki was sat sobbing in a corner which was hardly surprising seeing as she and Abby had been closer than sisters since kindergarten and Jimmy wasn't there at all, in fact I couldn't remember having seen him at all since Abby had left without a backwards glance. Yes everything was different though nothing was as different as me.

If someone had told me a few weeks ago that that my mom would be strung up in a tree causing my dad to spend every hour of every day either drinking his heart out in the Cannery or waiting for outside with a bottle vodka until opening time. Or that I would be wearing a short black skirt with fishnets and a high necked black button up shirt and sporting new jet black hair rather than my usual jeans and a cute tee shirt I'd of asked them what they were on. But there I was and getting a mix of confused and sympathetic looks but then it was hardly surprising as I used to be this cheery popular girl with a great fashion sense but ever sinceā€¦..that day I'd stayed in my room not answering my phone just feeling like I was trapped in this isolated miserable world, contemplating death, I'd even considered cutting myself a couple of times just to see if it could bring me out of this trance like state but both times I'd chickened out so instead I'd dyed my hair and changed my wardrobe.

The taste of iron brought me out of my thoughts; I'd been biting my lip so hard it had started to bleed. Just as I dabbed at it with a tissue the bell rang. I straightened up and feeling a lot shorter than my five foot seven I walked out of the room to start my life as Kelly that girl whose mom was strung up by Wakefield.

That was the day the staring and whispering started. The day I became that weird freak who couldn't deal with her mom's death. The day the real Kelly became overtaken by paranoia.