I published the first chapter of this book on May 2, 2011 and, three years later, last June 16, 2014 I published the last. After one hundred chapters (and a half chapter) and over 170,000+ words, I hope I was able to live up to your expectations. I hope that I helped you preserve the wonderful memory of the Girl on Fire. I hope you can learn to overlook the small grammatical and continuity errors I have made throughout this story. Understand that I was writing this throughout the course of my high school life and the beginning of my college life, so I may have committed some small mistakes and forced you through long hiatuses because I needed to focus on my studies.

Please know that I have been reading your reviews and I thank each and every one of you who took the time to post a comment about how you felt about the chapter, be it positive or negative, know that I cherish each one. I hope you extend a hand and help me advertise this story to friends and family who share the same passion for the epic trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I also trust that this story will not be plagiarized in any way and that any form of copying or republishing will be reported immediately to me (via private messaging) and the authorities of this website. Know that I will bring this story down if ever I hear news of this and will no longer continue to publish my future writings here.

I look forward to your support as I do plan to write another story, a prequel to The Hunger Games book to be precise, about the other characters of this story. It will revolve around the Victors of Panem as well as other characters who became part of Katniss and Peeta's life throughout the trilogy and throughout my story.