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One year later..


I hated being sick. The first few months of pregnancy were always the worst for me. This time more so, since I was carrying twins. I will still in a state of shock from hearing the doctors news. We already had a rambunctious one-year-old, with her daddy's smile and sparkling eyes. Carlie Christine Cullen, CeeCee for short, was the apple of Edward's eye. Now with twins coming, he was more excited than ever.

"Hey, babe. What are you thinking about?"

I looked up at my husband's face and remembered our wedding day. Alice had done a fabulous job. When James and Victoria had offered to close the bar down and let us use it to get married we were honored. Even with the short notice Alice had, she had managed to turn the bar into my dream wedding location.

I walked into Twilight and my jaw dropped. Alice had transformed the club into a veritable paradise. White silk drapes hung from the ceiling and gave the bar a tent like feel without being claustrophobic. Mauve and white Gerber daisies adorned the surfaces of the tables and climbed the trellis where Edward and I would say our vows.

"Oh, Alice. It's beautiful. I couldn't have imagined it better." I said with tears forming in my eyes. This pregnancy was making me emotional.

"You're welcome, Bella." Alice replied happily.

I followed Rosalie back to the dressing rooms and sat still while she had Alice transformed me into the perfect, blushing bride. My hair was curled in large curls and pinned so that it spilled over my right shoulder. My makeup was light and subtle. I didn't need much since I had that glow of happiness and pregnancy going on.

I slipped on my chiffon dress and stood still while my two best friends zipped me up. I turned to the mirror and smiled at my reflection. The dress hugged my curves and fell to the floor with a very small train. It left one shoulder bare and had a silk sash that matched Rose and Alice's dresses to perfection.

"You look beautiful, Bella."

A knock on the door ended all conversation, as Emmett peeked his head around the door. "It's time, Bella. Are you ready?"

I nodded and then with a final hug from Rose and Alice they went out to get ready. I heard the familiar music and looked at my big brother.

"You look beautiful, Bells." Emmett said as he offered me his arm.

"Thanks, Em. I just wish Mom and Dad were here with us." I felt the tears start to well at the thought of our parents.

"They are here, Bella. I'm sure that they would be so proud of you, too. I love you baby sis."

"I love you too, Emmy-bear."

The music picked up with gusto and Emmett and I were on our way down the aisle. I looked up and caught my breath as I saw Edward waiting for me at the end. He was breathtaking in his tuxedo. When Emmett and I made it to him, I could see the tears brimming in his own eyes.

"Welcome family and friends to the marriage of Edward and Isabella. Before we begin, may I ask who gives this woman to be married?"

As planned, Emmett answered, "Her family and I do." He choked getting the words out, but then kissed me on my cheek and handed me over to his best friend.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. When the minister pronounced us husband and wife, Edward dipped me and kissed me softly and, to my disappointment, chastely. After we made our way down the aisle and back to the dressing room, he gave me a proper kiss.

Before the reception, Alice had to make a few changes. She had the trellis removed and the flowers place along the stage. I had no idea why, since we wouldn't be using it tonight. I had no idea the surprise that was in store. We cut the cake and took pictures, but when it was time for the first dance Edward couldn't be found. I finally heard his voice and looked up to find him on the stage, in the darkness.

"May I have your attention please? I know it's time for the first dance, but I wanted to give Bella a present first." Edward began. I could see him looking for me, so I walked into his eye line. "Now, baby, I know we said there would never be any secrets between us, but I must confess I have kept something from you.." He paused to take a breath and I was getting nervous. "Bella, I wrote a song, shortly after we got engaged and I recently sold it. I had one condition for the song and that was it was to be sung at our wedding. So...Family, friends and my beautiful wife, I give you Lady Antebellum."

I gasped when the stage lights came up and I saw Hilary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood walk out on stage. The music started just as Edward wrapped me in his arms.

Everybody keeps telling me I'm such a lucky man

Lookin at you standin' there I know I am

Barefooted beauty with eyes that blue

The sun shine sure looks good on you

I swear

"I love you, Isabella Cullen. I feel so lucky you are in my life." Edward whispered as we danced.

Oh I can't believe I finally found you baby

Happy ever after, after all this time

Oh there's gonna be some ups and downs

but with you to wrap my arms around

I'm fine

So baby, hold on tight

Don't let go

Hold onto the love we're making

Cause baby when the ground starts shakin

You gotta know when you've got a good thing

" I love you too, Edward Cullen."

You know you keep on bringin out the best of me

And I need you now even more than the air I breathe

You can make me laugh when I wanna cry

This will last forever I just know, I know

So baby, hold on tight

Don't let go

Hold onto the love we're making

Cause baby when the ground starts shakin

You gotta know when you've got a good thing

We got a good thing, baby, woah

So hold on tight

Baby, don't let go

Hold onto the love we're making

Cause baby when the ground starts shakin

You gotta know, oh you gotta know

Oh you gotta know, you gotta know

When you got a good thing

We got a good thing baby

Woah, woah, woah, woah

When the song was over and the dancing was done, we thanked the group and then of course asked if they would sign some autographs. They were happy to oblige and then were on their way. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding.

"I was thinking about our wedding day. Can you believe how much our lives have changed in the last year? First CeeCee, then Alice and Jazz get married and have twins. Rose and Emmett getting married. It's been crazy."

"It will settle down, I'm sure. Where is CeeCee by the way?" Edward asked, looking around for our daughter.

"She's taking a nap, thankfully. I haven't felt well all day. I can't wait until we are out of the first trimester."

"Are you still feeling sick?" Concern marred his brow.

"Yeah, but I'll be fine. Don't worry."

I heard tiny footsteps behind us and turned to see my baby sneaking into the kitchen. I looked at Edward who smiled and swooped her up into his arms. "Somebody needs a new diaper," Edward smiled and CeeCee giggled. Edward went to change our daughter, while I went to lie down for a while and thought about the way things had gone this past year.

Alice and Jasper had gotten married and she had recently given birth to twins, Braden and Brianna. They were cute. We still had trouble explaining to CeeCee that they were too small for her to play with. At sixteen months she didn't quite understand.

Rose and Emmett had gotten married and were trying to have a baby themselves. According to my brother, trying was half the fun.

Tanya had met a wonderful man and they were expecting their first child. Tanya had done a lot of soul searching and had given Laurent's baby up for adoption. She had decided that she couldn't raise the baby of a murderer and someone who had used her. She had never wanted him in the first place so she gave to a family that did. It was the best thing she could have done for her son. She was in a better place now and we considered her part of the family.

Laurent had been killed in a police shootout following a hostage taking. He apparently had broken into a woman's apartment and held her hostage for days at gunpoint. It made all the local news. We were relieved to have him out of our lives.

Edward had recently been nominated for a Country Music Award and we would be attending that gala soon. Life had taken an unexpected turn and I couldn't be happier. Now all I needed was to write that book and it would be complete. But I had plenty of time. I was content to spend my days with my husband and daughter. I knew that it would be hectic when the twins arrived, but as long as I had Edward, I could face anything.

The end.