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Me: (Runs in with a microphone) Hi peoples~! Remember me? From 'It's a small world after all'? Bri Nara-chan? Weeell, here's the Nyotalia sequel~!

Prussia: YEAH~!

Me: Before we get started... I suggest you get a cup or something cuz I repeat things so often (gags and such) that this fic is coming with its own drinking game (if y'all want to.)

Prussia: We're going through with it?

Me: Yes! We forgot to in 'It's a small world after all' so we need to do it now! One gulp of (*insert drink you're allowed to have legally here*) for every time this fic makes a reference (movie/person/anime/TV/book/ etc). One sip for every time something breaks (Fourth Wall included). And one sip for every time someone gets cut off, followed by a sound effect.

Prussia: You really should've thought of this sooner.

Me: I know. Now, Bruder Gil, the first disclaimer of the fic if you please~.

Prussia: Bri-chan doesn't own Hetalia. If she did, that would mean she owns me. And I'm way too awesome to be owned.

"England, I don't think this is a good idea..." Miss Fairy sighed.

"Of course it's a *hic* good 'dea!" the drunk Brit laughed.

After a long night at the bar with the other Allies, France managed to pissed off a drunk British man. A drunk British man with a closet full of magic... spell-books. So the second he got home, he grabbed a spell-book along with his cloak, and marched (*cough*stumbled*cough*) down to the basement.

"Let's see... 'Spell to make someone an eternal idiot'... it would make no difference... 'Spell to make your cooking the most delicious in the world'... don't need that... 'Spell to make a man's pride disappear'... Perfect!" England grinned evilly. "Say goodbye to your good looks, Frog~."

Miss Fairy glanced at Flying Mint Bunny. "Help me out! This might turn out like that spell he did in 2008!"

"You mean that incident with the gumdrops and peanut butter?"

"No, I mean the one with the toothpaste and the pogo stick."

"Oh, that was bad. We're still ban from that pub."

While Flying Mint Bunny and the fairy were talking about what would happen if England went through with the spell, he actually finished. Ok, he was slurring the words to an ancient language a lot, but he still finished.

There was a bright pink light that lit up the entire room. FMB and Fairy finally stopped talking and stared at the light. "Oh cra-!" BOOM!

Morning in Germany...

Germany woke up as the sunlight lit up his face. He sat up and looked at the other side of the bed. A sleeping mass under the blankets. Italy. As usual.

Germany sighed. He got out prepared for the long day of work ahead. By the time he took a sip of morning coffee, he heard Italy finally get out of bed.


Germany nearly choked on his coffee. What could Italy possibly be screaming about this early in the morning?

Germany went back upstairs. "What is it Ita-" He got a good look at Italy. "...ly?"

Staring back at Germany was a brunette with long hair. A girl with a cute face, despite look that obviously said 'What the hell is going on? O_O'. The only thing covering her up was a pink tank top and yellow boxers. And... oh gott no... was that a haircurl...?

"Germany!" The brunette immediately threw herself onto Germany.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?"

"But Germany! It's me, Italy!"

... The hell? "B-But Italy's a boy-"

"Ve~!" Yup. That's definitely Italy. "I don't know what happened! I knew I was a boy when I fell asleep last night."

Germany blushed a shade of red that reminded Italy of pasta sauce. He finally got a girl in his bed for once. The thought made Germany give himself a mental slap. Get your head out of the gutter, soldier!

"How do you think this happened?" Italy asked, tilting his... her... their... head to the side.

Germany thought for about a second before he knew what happened. Something similar happened before, except he and Italy woke up as children the last time. And the same man was probably responsible.

Morning in England's house...

"Ugh... What on Earth did I do last night?"

England was lying face-flat on the floor. Miss Fairy and Flying Mint Bunny glanced at each other before looking back at the Brit.

"Ah... Fairy... Bunny... What did I do last night?" Why does my voice sound higher? Why is my spell-book on the ground? And why is Flying Mint Bunny staring at me like that?

But of course England didn't ask the last questions out loud.

"Uh... well... Fairy help me out here..."

"You sorta tried to jinx France... while drunk... and..." The fairy held up a shiny mirror. Staring back at the nation was girl with light-brown hair.



"Excuse me for a moment..." England got up and entered the bedroom.

"... Well... that went well."

"BLOODY HELL!" England screeched from his... her... their... room. Then England walked out with a deadpan look. "I messed up again. I fail."

"It's not that bad!" the bunny said with a big (*cough*fake*cough*) smile. "At least it's only you-"

"ENGLAND!" several pissed off voices around the world shouted at once.

"Uh... look at the bright side..."

"What." Total pissed off deadpan.

"You're prettier than Miss Fair-" SMACK.

About an hour later...





England leaned against the door. There were at least 9 pissed off nations outside. Ready to bust the door down.

"Wow, you'd think he'd like girls chasing after him." Flying Mint Bunny commented. This earned him a smack from Miss Fairy.

"England! I thought we agreed no more spells, ahen!"

"We agreed no more aging spells." England replied.

"Whatever you did, it made me look like my sisters and you turned my pipe into a shovel, comrade." a feminine voice that sorta sounded like Russia stated.

WTF? Pipe into a shovel from a gender-switch spell? How does that work? At all?

"OH F_ IT!"

England felt a hard kick through the door. "OH SH-" BLAM. And Romano kicked the door down.

"Where is that f_ing British bastard?" Romano snarled while searching for England.

"Down. Here." The Brit said from under the very heavy wooden door.

"Oh mon dieu! Romano you're crushing une mignonne fille!" France pulled Romano off the door and helped this 'fille' up. "Etes-vous bien, ma chere?"

England was expecting to see the foolish Frenchman he's argued with since they met. Instead, he saw a young woman with dark-brown hair and violet eyes. It was entirely different from the person he knew, but there still something familiar about them. Apparently France felt the same, because violet eyes widened at the same time green ones did.



France smiled. "Vous avez l'air tres mignonne, Angleter-" SMACK. Yup, it was France.

"Hello! Over here! Aren't you gonna fix us?"

England looked over at the angry mob. America, Germany, and Spain seemed fine. It was hard to tell with China. But everyone else were definitely girls. Italy had long brown hair tied up in a ponytail. Japan's hair got a few inches longer, but the nation's stature was somewhat shorter. And Japan's eyes actually looked brighter. Russia's hair was waist-long and the childish smile almost looked believable with that face. Romano had shoulder-length dark-brown hair that looked like f_ing silk. And the lead pipe, was indeed a shovel.

"I'm sorry everyone. It was only meant for the Frog here. I'm sorry especially to you, China. I didn't mean to make you any more feminine then you already wer-" BLAM WITH A WOK.

"I'm still a man, ahen."

"Well I'm sorry you have such feminine lo-" BLAM. "Will you stop that? I need to fix this." England pulled out a spell book and his wand. "Blast... what was the spell I used?"

"Ve~! Can we have a sleepover here until England figures out how to change us back?" Italy suggested. Because everyone would be surrounded by pretty girls and what's better than hanging out at a friend's house?

Several nations gave Italy thumbs up and a wink. 'Very very good idea, Italy.'

"... Um..." Japan said. "That's a good idea Italy-kun... chan... Eh? Nani?" Brain-broke. Japan didn't know what honorific to use. 'I always could use 'Italy-san'... but if I use that than Italy might think I'm breaking our friendship and that wouldn't be polite. I still could use san... No! I am a Japanese man... girl... wait, does that mean I can finally wear a high-school-girl sailor-suit uniform? GAH! FOCUS, JAPAN! You need to remember your politeness! But... how should I address Italy?'

Then England and America glared up at the ceiling... What, guys... girls... peoples?

"For Pete's sake just use female pronouns for the gender-switched ones!" America and England shouted together.

Fine. England crossed HER arms and sighed as SHE looked at the other GIRLS.

"Um... Angleterre..." France said with a very wide grin. "Don't we have to buy new clothes as long as we're like this?"

England facepalmed.

This was going to be a long spell...

Me: Behold! The Nyotalia sequel! (Sorry if it's not funny, I shall try.)

Everyone: ... What.

Me: Ok, so it's my first Gender-Bender fic... But that's ok so long as I try! (And if not, I still have a backup plan) (*Sweatdrop*)

Germany: (Stares at the title of the fic) Did you seriously name the fanfiction 'It's Raining Women'?

Me: Why not? Mikiko-chan suggested a reference to the song 'It's Raining Men'. And I named the last fic after the song that plays over and over on a Disney ride.

Germany: What were you going the name the Nekotalia fanfiction then? A song from The Aristocats?

Me: ... Maybe.

Italy-chan: Ve~! Review!