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Danny Fenton was, by all definitions, a rather normal fourteen year old boy. Black hair, blue eyes, the typical teenage clothing staple of jeans and t-shirt, coincidentally in all-american colors, loosely adorning a lean frame. His interests were on track with the majority of his classmates, his dislikes hardly surprising, even his romantic crushes were with the norm, his heart melting around the popular high school beauty, Paulina Sanchez, like butter on a skillet.

In fact, the most unique aspect about him was not himself, but the people he surrounded himself with. There was Tucker Foiley, a self proclaimed carnivore and all around tech genius; Sam Manson, an ultra-recyclo vegetarian, goth, and almost complete opposite of the tech geek; His sister, an aspiring psychologist and straight A student; and his parents, the laughing stock of Amity Park, the reason he strived so hard for normalcy, the two only ghost hunters and paranormal scientists in the area in a place that didn't even believe in the existence of ghosts.

Still, he loved his parents like any son would, so when their greatest experiment failed, Danny Fenton, all around average teen, wished there was some way he could help his parents out.

"Aren't you curious, Danny? A portal to another world?" Sam asked the next day. In front of them stood a gaping hole, lifeless, and without function. Sam and Tucker both looked at him with wondrous expressions.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but a little investigation couldn't hurt, right? Maybe he could even find the problem with it. It would make his parents proud.

"It's so... dark," he murmured once inside.

His eyes looked blankly around in the pitch black expanse, goosebumps forming on his flesh and the hair on the back of his neck rising ever so slightly as his nerves began to wear. Outside, the hole had looked normal, relatively lit by the lights from the lab. Inside, however, it felt like he was in a black hole, being compressed by some strange, unknown power. He had to press his fingers into the cold interior wall just to ground himself to reality. He shivered.

"Hey, Danny! What do you see?"

Danny turned around and squinted through the darkness trying to locate Tucker's position in the lab. He saw nothing.

"Can you see the ghost zone?" Sam called.

Do ghosts live in complete and utter darkness? This place felt dead enough that maybe he had found what his parents had been searching for all their lives.

"Yeah," he shouted back, "I think I'm in it!"

He grinned when he heard yells of 'cool' and 'wicked' echo back to him from his friends. It was pretty cool, he had to admit, being the first living person to enter the ghost zone. He couldn't wait to tell his parents. They would be beyond excited.

"DANNY!" Sam and Tucker screamed suddenly.

"What...?" a loud, unwelcome buzzing sound started to build up around him.

"Shit, man, it's turning on!"

"Get out of there!"

Danny's eyes widened as he turned around, not sure which direction was which anymore, and blindly stumbled in a run towards where he thought was the lab. Pale green energy trickled down wiry cracks like blood to make an intricate pattern around him but did nothing to illuminate his path.

"DANNY!" Sam screamed hysterically.

But it was too late. In a last ditch effort, Danny jumped to cover the remaining distance towards the opening of the invention just as a bright, blinding green light clouded his vision and held him suspended in the air. He closed his eyes, expecting pain, expecting death, but instead found himself being pulled at like he was going through a vacuum and heard a loud explosive pop.

For a moment, Danny felt nothing, heard nothing, and couldn't even open his eyes to see anything. And then he was falling, wind whipping through his hair as he flapped his arms uselessly about him.

He landed moments later on a grassy turf.

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