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Green eyes blinked hazily open to a sea of curious faces staring down at him.

"What is he?" someone whispered.

"He's a familiar," someone else responded smartly.

"Whatever it is, it's repulsive," a third person snapped.

Danny glanced down at his hand and watched as it flickered into invisibility. What the hell? What happened to him? Where the hell was he? How did he even get here? Was this the real ghost zone?

He heard footsteps shuffle across the long grasses and looked up, blinking as he saw a rather human looking girl with frizzy brown hair wearing what looked like a long, black robe. She smiled softly, extending her hand as if trying to coax a frightened dog.

He just stared dumbly at it.

"Come on," the girl cooed quietly, "I'm not going to hurt you."

Danny's back straightened. Like hell he was afraid, it was just a girl after all. He took the girl's hand in his own and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. Once up, he allowed himself to take a closer look at his surroundings.

The first thing he was surprised to note was that he was taller than just about all of the people surrounding him, all of which were wearing robes like the girl's with varying neckties of green and red. Beneath his feet was grass and immediately to his left was a small shack. Over the heads of the people was an impressive castle just a small hike up a hill away. And then his eyes landed on the biggest man he had ever seen, whom, to Danny's luck (or misfortune), was walking directly towards him.

He gulped, slowly backing away the closer the shaggy guy got... until it reached the point where his head was craned painfully up to see him and the man was within arm's distance of him. He tripped on his own foot and fell backwards back to the grassy earth. The man paused, beady eyes making him feel like a caged animal.

"Well," the man heaved, turning towards the shorter people, "'e certainly is a unique one."

"It's a retard, that's what," the harsh voice from earlier commented, "it can't even walk properly."

"That's just mean! I'm sure he's just a bit startled by everything, that's all," the girl from earlier defended.

"As if I care, Granger," the boy sneered, "it's still just an idiot on legs."

"Why you-"

Someone loudly cleared their throats.

"Now lis'en 'ere, students," the large man ordered, "let's not argue," he pointedly looked at the blond boy, "Draco, you should show a little more respect fer yer familiar."

"What! I don't want that piece of garbage!" the boy shouted, jabbing a finger right at Danny, "let me redo the spell!"

"I'm afraid that's not possible," an obviously older woman interrupted, "the runes read that this particular ritual can only be cast once. That is why it is so sacred a practice amongst the ancients."

The boy was fuming.

"You've got to be kidding me!" he kicked some dirt angrily, "Unbelievable! You mean I'm stuck with that thing!" the boy shot a dirty look towards Danny, "why couldn't you be something cool, like a dragon or something?" he sneered.

Danny glared right back, his confidence resurging.

"Well excuse me for existing," he snapped back venomously, "your royal bratness."

The boy's face turned red.

"What did you call me!" he screamed.

"You heard me, shortie!"





"RAH!" suddenly the boy pounced on him, meaty fingers wrapping around his neck, "die you stupid-!"

Danny grabbed at the fingers choking him desperately. The boy above him looked ready to kill, face flushed with anger and green eyes wide and crazed. Pieces of blond hair tickled his face as he gasped for breath. And then the feeling abruptly disappeared, only to be replaced by the boy falling completely on top of him. Danny half gasped, half groaned. The boy scrambled up, placing hands on either side of Danny's head to prop himself up. Eyes stared down at him in shock.

"What the... what are you?" he breathed.

Danny swore he saw the boy's eye twitching...

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