Title: He's The Man-eater (1/2)

Pairing: Doflamingo x Luffy

Rating: M

Warnings: OOC-ness, language, grammar and LEMON.

Summary: Man meets boy, but who exactly is the man-eater? Him or HIM? AU setting.

A/N: Since many people out there take an interest with DoflamingoxLuffy pairing from the story Run Straw Hat Run and requested another one, I gladly meet their request but separated it from the story and turn it into individual.


Beep, beep, beep.


"Croc-chan! How's my cute little alligator doing?"

"Doflamingo…" They were separated by miles and only connected via cellphones, yet the said man could sense the pissed off look the other receiver was giving out at the moment. "… What do you want, you bird brain?"

"Fuffufufufufu… That's not very nice, Croc-chan… Is that a way to treat an old friend?"

In almost comical manner, two veins simultaneously popped on Crocodile's forehead. "First of, we're not friend. Second, I hate you! Third, I'm in the middle of bloody meeting right now so if you have nothing important to say—"

"But this is important!"


"I just wanted to hear your voice, fuffufufuffu…"


"Croc-chan? Are you still with me?"

"I'm hanging up, Flamingo bastard. Don't call me unless you are being assault by Chupacabra."

"Wait, Croc—"


Doflamingo stared at the phone in disbelieve. How can Croc-chan hung up on him? From morning, he has been struck with boredom and had nothing much activity to occupy his time (because he canceled the meeting with the clients) and without Croc-chan, he has no one else to bother. Unlike his business partner, Doflamingo wasn't all that passionate with work while his subordinates do the most of the work and run the company even though he's the CEO. He couldn't even imagine himself being as dedicated as Croc-chan, conducting meetings every week while settling back comfortably into his chair at the head of the table with 'keep-this-shit-up-and-somebody's-gonna-get-fired' face. Damn, even the office boy made coffee more than he did!

The flamboyant man pouted. Since his Croc-chan didn't want to entertain him for the day and he doubted his business partner wanted to have a drink, so he might as well head home early. But before that, he needed to make a pit stop at the local supermarket to do some groceries shopping. Nothing fancy, just cartons of milk, bread, jams and butter, some assorted fruits, marshmallows and… alright the list was longer than it should have been. Shrugging, Doflamingo strode to the parking lot to find his car. It was already hard to miss the man's presence with his ten feet tall and vibrant blond hair, but now adding the bright pink color feathered coat he was wearing, even a person with 1/10 vision could see him perfectly crystal clear. His business partner a.k.a old friend (Crocodile had somehow insisted they are merely acquaintance since friend is such a strong word) never in favor with his coat. It's as though he had had just pluck out the entire victimized flamingo's feathers and glued it to his back, so Crocodile said with disgust apparent on his face. If Doflamingo remember correctly, he wore the same expression when he commented about his shit-eating grin that practically says 'I'm-in-a-pervert-mode-and-I-feel-like-molesting-underage-brats', and his always-be-there-forever-and-ever purple tinted sunglasses. At least the man never insulted his red striped white shirt and the green custom made belt in which it makes him look like a color blind person, but for Doflamingo, it was the coolest combination of color!

Then again, Croc-chan never said anything nice about him anyway.

Or compliment about his flamboyant appearance.

When he arrived at his Porsche, he circled it twice out of habit, carefully inspecting the black paint job and inspecting for any dents. Satisfied that nothing caught his eyes, he nodded dramatically and pulled open the driver-side door, sliding in and starting the car. Twice he bumped his knee with the steering wheel and once his head hit the top frame of the door causing the business tycoon to swear under his breath. Who would have thought that having a tall frame is such a pain in the ass?

That's it. He's so going to get BMW ActiveHybrid X6 after this.

A few blocks down, he spotted the local supermarket but couldn't find decent parking spot near the grocery store. At last, he pulled up his car quite a distance from the store, close to a baseball field which separated by fence. Loud multiple cheering voices met the blonds' ears as he slammed the door behind him and he could make out a bunch of what seemed like high school students playing or perhaps practicing the particular sport game. The scenery somewhat made the flamboyant man felt nostalgic.

Inside the store, Doflmingo lazily picked up all the items in his list before dumping them into the basket in his hand and returning to the counter at the front. He put the basket down on the counter and looked up at the familiar face of the clerk, a young woman around the age of 21 with a tag name 'Laki' on her uniform.

"What a CEO like you doing here when there are hours more before the office hour ends, Mr. Doflamingo?" She said with a bright smile, undeterred with the blonds' towering height, unlike the nearby customers. A year ago when she started to work at the store, she cringed not only at the man's large frame but also at his overly flamboyant clothes when she first time met Doflamingo. But as time passed and with the blonds' regular visit to the store, she became accustomed with his so-called natural look.

The blond snickered. "Fufuffufufu, I'm obviously shopping. Charming isn't?"

Laki only smiled at the man's tycoon's laidback tone as she scanned the items. "Hardly. If you keep skipping your jobs, I won't be surprise that your workers will start a riot and burn down the whole building."

"Why do think I paid them higher salary than any company out there could offer, hmm? So they would just shut up and do their work obediently." He remarked his sentence with another grin, pulling out a hundred from his wallet and handed it to her. The changes he received then shoved into his back pocket and he picked up the groceries bag without much difficulty.

"Later, Laki-chan." Doflamingo bid her goodbye as he headed out the door.

"Thank you for coming and have a nice day, Mr. Doflamingo." She replied, smiling apologetically, not for herself or Doflamingo, but for the man's subordinates who worked their asses off to support the company with the absence of their boss.

Doflamingo put the groceries into the passenger seat and walked to the other side of car, yanking the car door opened. Just as he was about to slid into the seat, Doflamingo heard a yell, causing him to pause.

"Hey mister! Watch out!"

Instinct told him that the warning was directed to him, so the tycoon turned his head towards the sources of the voice and saw two teenagers were yelling hysterically together and pointing something above his head. Doflamingo glanced upward only to see a spherical white ball was coming straight into his way.

Then it hit his head. Hard.

Multiple colors of smiling stars doing Napoleon Dynamite dance behind Doflamingo's eyes before everything went dark.

XxXxXx DoflamingoxLuffy xXxXxX

After hours of being in an unconscious state, Doflamingo finally woke up and felt like garbage. The most like cause was the tremendous headache striking his head like someone had just bashed his head with a brick. Instinctively, the blond touched his head only to notice something cotton-like was wrapped neatly around it and winced when the throbbing pain came back.

"Aww, fuck." Doflamingo cursed as he tried to sit up, blinking a couple of times to make out his surroundings… Rock band posters on the wall… Magazines and comics scattered on the floor… An electric guitar resting idly next to the study desk…

His room was never this plain, this bright and so youth-like.

That's because this wasn't his luxurious apartment.

Seconds later, the door was cracked open, revealing an unruly black haired, yet a very good looking man probably just reaching his twenties, in nothing but a pair of black cargo pants. His boyishness was even emphasized by the freckles on his cheeks and a well build body. Doflamingo still froze in the God-who-knew bed, his electrifying blue eyes stuck on the youth's dark brown.

The youth finally decided to break the awkward silence with a grin. "You are up I see."

"Yeah, and I feel totally like shit." Doflamingo replied hoarsely earning a snort from the other male.

"I'd expect so." He flashed out a smile with the sentence and leaned against the door frame.

"What the fuck happened?" The blond asked as he pushed the cover so it would pool on his waist and sat up. From the corner of his eye, he saw his feathered coat was hung on back the chair and his sunglasses lying on the study desk. No wonder the room looked too bright for him.

"Your head got hit by a baseball."

Baseball huh…? That's right. It's a little fuzzy, but Doflamingo could remember a nine inches in circumference sphere object coming into his way before everything went pitch black.

"You ok there mister? You're not having amnesia are you?" The black haired youth doubted a simple baseball would cause such impact, but he needed to make sure.

His train of thought was broken by the youth's suspicious tone. "What? Hell no. I remember clearly everyone I pissed off today."

"Good, there's nothing to worry then. Ah…! Wait a sec…" He paused, poking his head out of the door frame. "Luffy! Zoro! The guy woke up!"

A scampering sound was heard, accompanied by the dragging noise and added with some childish whines. Doflamingo corked an eyebrow. Not later than that, another tanned skin youth entered the room and he was dragging two males behind them, probably younger, his tattooed hands wrapped tightly around their wrists. The tanned male was as good looking as the earlier male, with his short ebony hair and some weird pattern tattoos decorating his hands, including his knuckles. But instead of having a lively expression, his was a little darker with the help of the heavy dark ring under his eyes.

"What's with that noise?"

"Oh nothing to worry about Mister Portgas… They were trying to ditch off when you said the mister here woke up but I managed to capture them." The tattooed male replied sweetly.

"No I wasn't! I was just startled and… and… anyway, I wasn't trying to run away!" One of the dragged teenagers tried to defend himself, but failed miserably.

"U-huh, really now?" He wasn't all convinced. "And you, Mister Roronoa?"

Looking at the appointed boy, Doflamingo practically had to blink a couple of time just in case if he was seeing things. Goddamit, his hair is green! It was almost look like a moss just grew on his head, though the blond had a wild guess that it was his natural hair color.

The other dragged teen flinched as he jerked his hand out of the other's grasp. "I was looking for bathroom."

"But you were heading for the front door." He pinned the boy with an amused stare.

"Because I thought it was a bathroom!"

"Considering that you have poor navigation skills really is an understatement. You can't even find the bathroom after I have labeled every door in this house with capital letters and glitters?" The unruly youth almost shout with irritation.

"Shishishishi, Zoro is stupid!" The smallest frame teen cackled.

"Shut up, Luffy! I don't want to hear that coming from someone like you!"

"Hey now you two… If you want to start a fight, at least spill some blood around."

"Law, don't encourage them. Enough both of you!"

All the bickering and shouting was making Doflamingo's not only his ears hurt but now his head was throbbing madly and the pain got worse by minutes. He was narrowly refrained from smacking these people's head straight through the wall. Is this how Crocodile feels every time the blond gets on his nerve? It's a wonder the man never strangled him in public.

"Children! Children! Do you mind shutting up? It's rude to fight in front of your parent!" Doflamingo finally snapped, but later cringed at the sudden sharp pain. "Oh damn… my head…" He groaned, messaging his bandaged forehead furiously.

"What parent?" A whisper came.

"Who knows… But I'm sure the two of you play the children part…" Another whisper.

A harsh shush managed to silent the soft voices. "Heh, sorry about that, mister…?" The unruly haired youth smiled sheepishly. The blond stared at him for a moment before his shocking blue eyes flashed brighter.

"Donquixote Doflamingo."

"Doflamingo-san then… I'm Ace." The man remarked himself and at that particular moment the tycoon just realized a tattoo was inked on his upper left bicep that spells "ASCE" vertically with the "S" crossed out. So that was his name, huh.

The man referred as Ace continued. "This is Law. He's the one who did the patching work." He pointed at the tanned youth who only nodded in greeting. "And finally the two trouble makers…" Ace gripped the back of the collars of the two younger males and dragged them so they were standing in front him. "The moss head is Zoro." The green haired boy let out an audible retort but immediately silenced by Ace.

"… And this one…" Circling his arm around the pouty teens' neck, Ace brought him closer. "Is my brother, Luffy."

Doflamingo looked at the boy with his head tilted to the side. Few differences could be spot between these two brothers, but at the same time, they resemble each other. For example, this boy Luffy looks more lighthearted than his brother, slightly shorter and less muscled, but that doesn't make him a skinny wimp type of kid either.

"Well then…" Ace voice broke Doflamingo's train of thought. "Don't you guys have something to say?" The question was directed to younger teens in front of him, causing both of them to chuckle nervously.

"Urrmm…" Zoro's eyes shifted to the side.

"Well?" Ace pressed on mercilessly.

Luffy's raven haired covered his face as he stared at the floor between his feet guiltily.

The two boys looked at each other, silently communicating using their eyes only before looking back at Doflamingo and bowed their head slightly.

"We are sorry that out baseball hit your head." They apologized together.

Still not satisfied Ace dug his fingers into the boys' hair and pushed down so their bodies were bent almost 90º. "Sincerely."

"WE ARE REEEELLLLYYY SORRY!" They repeated it louder and full of punctuation.

The blond looked at the teens and felt the beginning of headache as he tried to make sense of the situation. It wasn't hard to understand actually, but the fuzziness in his head was making every thinking process harder than it should have been even if it's the simplest thing.

"Don't worry about it. I've had worse…" Doflamingo muttered out. Part of him was annoyed due to the sharp pain in his head just because he was at the wrong place and the wrong time, but it wasn't those kids' fault either way. Besides, he was a fully grown adult so getting angry over a small matter would make him look like a moron. "Why didn't you just drop me at the hospital anyway?"

A low chuckle from Law brought his attention. "About that… Luffy was afraid that you might be dead and if you are sent to the hospital, he would get questioned by the police and thrown to jail for accidently causing someone's death. Although me and Mister Portgas wasted liters of our spit explaining to him that it was impossible for normal human to die because of mere baseball, he still insisted that he wanted to bring you home and had me check on you."

"That's because he wasn't moving! So I thought he was dead and…" Luffy's voice was getting softer at the end of his sentence.

Zoro groaned next to him. "Of course he wasn't moving because he fainted! You don't move or do monkey dance if you fainted, you idiot! I kept telling you that for the tenth time but you just won't listen to me because you were busy panicking."

Something suddenly clicked in the blonds' mind. "Then, what would you do if I really am DEAD?"

"That's simple Mister Doflamingo." Law answered immediately. "I'll just have to decapitate your body into parts, take them into some deep forest and burn them to crisp. As long your body isn't found, police can't convict these two even if all the evidences are pointing at them." The male answered without any hesitation, making Doflamingo thought that the decapitating part wasn't a joke anymore. Yerp, the glee in Law's eyes definitely explained everything.

"Eeeeehhhhh? You'll really do that?" Luffy asked in disbelieve.

Law smirked widely. "If it's for you Luffy, I don't mind if I have to dirty my hand dissecting all the people in this town. That should be fun in its own way."

"Hmmm… Maybe we should just do the old fashioned one. Dump his body anywhere. There wasn't anyone there when he was hit anyway." Zoro joined in, completely forgetting the subject of their conversation was listening to them intently with an amused smirk.

On the other hand, Ace, the sanest of all that present in the room (including Doflamingo although they didn't have the slightest idea how crazy the tycoon could be), face-palmed himself after he had spluttered out his own spit hearing the crazy talk between the three males.

"Heh heh heh heh! You really are a bunch of interesting brats!" As if he was in a jolly mood, Doflamingo was sent into feet of creepy laughter and he wasn't even disturbed by the conversation about the 'dissecting' part.

"Doflamingo-san… Please don't get along with their crazy talks… They are—"

"Entertaining, alright?" The blond laced his fingers behind his head and smirked as he leaned his upper body against the piled up pillows.

Ace shook his head, and they watched those three still absorbed with their 'killing' and 'hiding' conversation, more creative ideas came up in how to dispose dead body effectively and efficiently.

"I'm already running late for my part time job actually. Do you need to call someone to pick you up or something?" The youth quickly went for his wardrobe and pulled out a simple black shirt before putting it on. He didn't bother to button it up as he picked up his back pack that was under the study desk.

Doflamingo yawned, thankful that the throbbing pain had subdued enough to that. "Hmm… Not really. I plan to stay maybe for a couple of hours before going home."

The statement received 'are you serious' look from Ace.

Apparently, the wider smirk on the blonds' face told him he was serious enough.

Ace looked somewhat uneasily. "Are you sure you don't want anyone to pick you up?"

"Well, my only friend just told me this evening that he doesn't wasn't to be bothered unless I'm being attacked by Chupacabras." The tycoon replied lazily.



"… But Chupacabra is only at Puerto Rico…" Ace frowned.

"Exactly." Doflamingo watched Ace's face shift from uneasy to suspicious.

"You are just being lazy aren't you?"

"Such a smart boy." There was no point denying that and the blond didn't feel like doing anything at the moment.

Rubbing the back of his neck in defeat, Ace sighed. "Alright, take your time… Just—" His eyes glanced into his brother's direction before locking back with Doflamingo's. "Look, Luffy is like a puppy. He tends to have sudden whims and poke around anything that looks interesting. So please… Don't say or suggest anything weird to him.

The flamboyant man shrugged, trying to hide his excitement at the information. "Sure. Whatever you say pretty boy."

Ace glowered at the blond, but slowly walked to the door with a hint of trepidation. Along the way, he hooked his arm in Law's and grabbed Zoro's collar before pulling on them. They let out a tiny protest as their conversation was interrupted by the freckled youth's rough treatment. "You, dark surgeon, out my house right now. And you, Zoro… I'll drop you at your house on my way to work."

"I know how to get back to my own house, Ace. You don't have to escort me." Zoro replied, his brows furrowed in irritation. A snort answered him immediately after.

"Right... Last time I let you go on your own, you ended up missing for two days and when the police finally found you, you were located like 20 kilometers from your exact house. If you get lost again this time, I won't be surprise if you ended up in some god forsaken island." The raven haired male muttered. It was like an everyday routine for Zoro to get lost but he usually found his way back after a couple of hours. So when he still didn't reach his destination (his house) after the whole night had passes, chaos instantly took place. His father, Mihawk, out of pure panic started swinging his huge black sword in no typical direction (nobody has the slightest idea where that weapon comes from because just like magic, the sword suddenly appeared from his back. Normally, people would clap their hands in astonishment, but seeing how hyperventilating Mihawk was, everyone wisely kept their distance). The situation was calmed down after Law managed to sedate the panicking father with the tranquilizer. (It was another mystery actually because why would someone keep a tranquilizer in their back pocket?). The school was informed afterward about Zoro's missing and the teachers had practically stopped their lesson for the day in order to conduct a search party. But after hours of searching, the police finally stepped in and they continued looking for the M.I.A marimo. In the end, it was the team lead by Captain Smoker who managed to find Zoro and luckily, he was in no harm except he was confused to see everyone was so worked up. Annoyance was clear on everyone's face at the boy's oblivion. When asked why he didn't use public phone to contact anyone he knows to pick him up, the boy merely answered the idea never popped in his head. And because of that, he received a hard knock on his head by the police captain. By logic, it wasn't Ace fault that Zoro has totally zero sense of direction, but the older male still felt guilty nevertheless and decided it is best to never let the boy to wonder alone again.

The recollection caused a blush to tint the marimo's cheeks as he was dragged to the front door, Luffy followed two steps behind the trio.

"Lu, lock the door!" Ace shouted to his brother from the hallway outside their apartment, not bothered if he disturbed their neighbors. "And Makino said she'll bring dinner over later!" He added before heading for the lift, the metal doors slowly closing in behind him.

"Okay~~" Luffy replied in a sing song voice although he knew Ace couldn't hear him anymore.

Back to Doflamingo, he listened to the front door, and let himself fully relaxed once it closed. It just figured that he was getting sleepy again (despite the fact he just woke up) to appreciate it when he finally get some time alone. And so, the blond closed his eyes in hope to get some sleep. There was a second or two of silence in which the tycoon suspected the youngest raven haired boy was somewhere inside the house watching t.v or playing video games like normal teenagers normally do. What he hadn't suspected was the bed to dip and a couple of warm hands landed on his legs, forcing Doflamingo to crack his eyes open in surprise. The blond propped himself on an elbow, his eyes on the petite form staring at him as if he was a rare animal in some cage. He also noticed the blanket was no longer covered his lower half and thank all angels in heaven that he wasn't naked down there.

"What are you staring at?" The tycoon, suddenly self conscious, demanded an answer from the teen.

Luffy blinked and shook his head, but his eyes clearly scanning Doflamingo's body. The man's legs were long and lean, perfect in every way. His eyes then followed the contour of a thigh muscles, but then his attention was diverted to the flamboyant man's body. Crisp shirt was unbutton and opened, revealing the smooth expense of his muscular upper body. The teen didn't bother to tear his eyes off and stared boldly, mesmerized by the rise and fall of Doflamingo's hairless chest as he breathed.

"Nothin'…" It startled the tycoon when Luffy suddenly spoke after seconds being in pregnant silent, moreover when his curious dark eyes locked with the blonds' confused one. "It's jus'…" He leaned forward to get a closer look at the grownup. "Is it fun?"

"Excuse me?" Doflamingo's eyes flicked down towards the boy in confusion. "What fun?"

"Being adult." The teen said. "Is it fun?" Luffy repeated again.

Doflamingo mustered up energy to be confused for countless time of the day. "I really have no idea how to answer that. Why do you ask, boy?"

"No reason." He shrugged. "I don't really know about adults but Shanks once told me that adult can pretty much do anything. There's so many things I wanted to do but Ace always says to wait until I'm older or something. It's boring…"

Hearing the boy's plunder, Doflamingo cackled. "Don't be stupid. If there's something you want to do, to hell with the adult thing rules and do it! You don't have to be a goody two shoes and wait until you are older."

Luffy looked a double take and for a moment looked utterly confused, but then his face brightened, as if a major problem had been unexpectedly swept away.


Grinning, Doflamingo shot a knowing look toward Luffy. "Yeah. So…" The blond clasped his hands once and sit up. "What is it that you wanna do so badly Luffy that you can't wait for another year or two?" His voice was all curious and excitement. The teen before him looked utterly naïve and innocent, so what could it be that make Luffy impatient or eager perhaps?

A cunning smile on the younger male's lips, Doflamingo could feel a shudder just ran through his spine. "It's a secret, Mister. Maybe I'll show you the next—"

The echoes of the doorbell acted as an interruption, Luffy jumped from the bed at that. "That must Makino with dinner!" The boy cheered in excitement and bolted for the door, leaving the blond to agape.

Doflamingo had the eerie feeling he's just missed something.

-To be continued-

A/N: Just an early reminder, this is a two-shot only, since I'm trying to update my other stories. Still, I couldn't resist writing these two. I mean, surely Doflamingo is bad ass character with a distorted personalities, but its fun to write about this guy! XD