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Warning: Slash, angst ahoy

Fic rating: T

Pairing: House/Wilson est, House/OMC

Word count: 500 one shot

Summary: Wilson faces a past demon in his own relationship head on

Disclaimer: David Shore owns them not me!

Self Denial

Wilson had suspected it for awhile; the late hours at work…well more so than usual, the calls that made him smile and speak ever so softly, the smell of sweet perfume, and of course the tell tale sign of disinterest in sex written off as just being too tired. He'd always follow it with "I do love you though…maybe tomorrow".

Wilson believed him for awhile; after all it was his forte to cheat not House's. His illusion was brought to a screeching halt when one afternoon he arrived home early to surprise House with a nice dinner and a movie. In his light spirits, he didn't notice the bike out front as he gathered the groceries from the back seat and made his way to the apartment. What he found when he opened the door was beyond shock, and pain shot through his entire body.

House was cheating; Wilson's suspicions were right on the money. Only one thing was not what Wilson had expected. House was cheating with another man. For some reason, Wilson thought he could handle it, even forgive House if it were a woman but a man? A man meant there was something wrong with their relationship; something that made him seek out another man to fulfill what Wilson wasn't providing.

Is this what Wilson's wives' felt like every time he would tell them he had been with another woman? He would say, no honey, it's not you; it just happened. The truth be told was that it was them and he was seeking to fill a void outside of his marriage. Now it's happened to him, the pain, the voids, the feeling of security shattered in one instant of infidelity. Can they move on from here, does House want to? Does he want to? If he doesn't, does that make him a hypocrite for leaving House like his wives' did to him?

Infidelity by definition is a violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundaries of an intimate relationship. What exactly does that mean? Does that mean House doesn't love Wilson anymore or does it mean that House is just a horny bastard that needed more than just Wilson to satisfy him? Ah! Loop hole.

Wilson convinced himself while standing there not yet noticed by the other occupants in the room that it was just sex. It was House just being horny; it meant nothing in terms of their relationship and that House still loved him more than ever. Just like when he cheated on his wives' right?

When House suddenly looked up and saw his partner standing there in deep contemplation, they shared a look that said what Wilson was thinking wasn't true but deceiving one's self is human nature and Wilson has always been proficient at self denial.


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