A/N: Here is part 2 of 2 for "Self Denial". I don't know if it's all the meds or just the fact that I've been away from writing for awhile but I've been writing some weird shit lately! This is all Wilson's pov and very abstract. I think you'll either really get it and like it or you'll be confused as hell and tell me to go back to my hole. Anyway, thanks to Lylaa for recommending I add on to this and to all that agreed. Thanks!

Warnings: slash, omc

Pairing: House/Wilson and House/omc

Word count: 500

Fic rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own them, David Shore does.

Part 1 called "Self Denial"


Wilson just stood there frozen to his place as the haunting startled blue eyes stared back at him. The room began to spin as every corner filled with three ex-wives' and House. Wilson smirked as his mind flashed back to watching Sesame Street with his nephew. He almost started singing…'one of these things doesn't look like the other'. So not the time. His world was turning upside down, inside out, and spinning in circles and he has Big Bird on his mind?

Each corner he looked into, he saw a woman scorned. A woman whom he loved…so he thought. A woman whom he cheated on just as his lover is doing to him now. He could see House's lips moving but couldn't make out what it was he was saying. Wilson thought, probably something like..."it doesn't mean anything, it only happened once, I really love you and don't want to lose you." Well those are all the things he said to his wives'. Did he ever mean them? Funny thing is he never said them to House. He never had to; he never cheated. Thing is Wilson truly loved House and thought that he was always the reason deep down behind his infidelity. That he and House were meant to be together so he just couldn't make it with anyone else. But now was that all just a lie; just a silly misconception that two people are truly made for one another and will remain faithful because of that?

The room began to spin again. This time landing directly on House and his…lover getting up to leave. A good looking man Wilson thought. Probably a hooker though. House wasn't one to go and pick someone up…not when he could pay for a pro after all. Wilson felt something seriously wrong with his line of thinking. First, Sesame Street, then noticing the physique of his enemy and how House came by him.

What did all of this say? Wilson loved House…didn't he? Wilson would forgive House…wouldn't he? Wilson would never leave House…would he? House was talking to him again but again, Wilson couldn't hear him through his own thoughts. What was he saying? What in the hell could he possibly be saying standing there wrapped in a towel with a half naked man scrambling to get out of the apartment. Wilson didn't hear it or he couldn't; it didn't really matter. He cheated several times but never on House. Wilson was the king of self denial so what would he do?

He finally heard House say: "Do you forgive me?" Wilson just looked up at him with a smile and walked out the door.

Now House was king!


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