The Black Light Operation

By: Atomic Kokoro

Zed sets out on his father's trail, his friends close by his side. He learns more about his father and himself. However, the mystery turns into a great adventure when they are trapped in Calm, hunted by Relic Hunters, and forced to race time before the dual moons collide and the wind is lost forever.

Before You Read

The creator of "In Fear Of Destruction" brings you this brand new fanfiction, "The Black Light Operation"! Hope you enjoy this hopefully wonderful fanfiction!

This idea came from when I needed a reason for Hugh and Zed's father to be partners, sooooo, I came up with this idea and, voila, this fanfiction was born! No special requests, no asks, no nothing. This was done all on my own. Hopefully, this will be more successful than "In Fear Of Destruction", but you never know.

Anyways, I believe that's enough waiting. I'm sure you people are excited to read the next part to "In Fear Of Destruction", so I will start the story!

On with the story!

Chapter 1


Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Every life has a birth, a living, and a death. If life is a story, the birth is the beginning, the living is the middle, and the death is the end.

Thunder rolled in the distance. Lightening lit up the horizon. Rain hadn't yet begun to fall, but Zed knew it was coming. Thunderstorms in Templar were scarce, but when they came, there was no running. He had never seen such a terrible storm.

But at the same time, it was relaxing. The wind was at it's strongest and the rain assured there would be enough water. Often times, however, there was too much water and the lake overflowed, disabling fishing for the few days after.

This day, however, was not a day when not even rain could stop him. As the rain poured down, a wall of water soaking him from angel white hair to midnight black shoes as he ran across Templar. As he was deafened by the thunder, blinded by the lightening. As his breath could be seen, the wind cutting through him like a knife. As his legs seemed to refuse to go anymore, all he could think was, Damn straight, Mikki, you're waking up today whether you like it or not.

Or as so he was told.

Someone had sent for Zed, who was watching the lightening storm at the Old Windmill, to deliver the message Mikki was waking up after two weeks of comatose sleep. Zed left for the hospital as soon as he could, ignoring the rain and thunder. All he could hope for was for Mikki to wake up and forgive him for his actions. Forgive him for putting him into coma.

Zed raced through the hospital door and slid into the receptionist's desk due to the slippery bottoms of his shoes and smooth floors. "I wanna see Mikki," he wheezed, the air taken out of him. The receptionist nodded, shocked by his sudden appearance and Zed was down the hall again.

Once more, he slid across the floor and passed Mikki's room, but he grabbed the door frame and pulled himself back. He peeked in to find Mikki still comatose on his bed. Zed frowned and walked into the room. Only one other person was in the room and she was Pinot, Mikki's girlfriend.

She was watching Mikki carefully, expecting a sign of life from her boyfriend but she was only disappointed with more silence. "How is he?" Zed asked as he walked into the room.

"The same," she replied, not taking her eyes off of Mikki.

Zed frowned.

Pinot wasn't exactly happy with Zed, to say the least. Roya was the one to tell her everything, even the fact Zed was the one to comatose Mikki. Zed could've sworn Roya was trying to make his life a living hell every since their fight by the lake. Several times Zed tried to ask for her back and several times she scoffed in his face and walked off.

He could only hope Mikki would understand. He expected him to forgive him. Mikki didn't get angry; he got sad. And scared. Mikki was never one to hold grudges or anything, whether it was something like throwing his life in danger for the sake of the world or something like stealing his bread. He wasn't vengeful and he wasn't hot-headed.

But who said people couldn't change? Knowing his luck, Mikki would probably act the way Roya did and try to drive him away.

The only people who really seemed to still talk to him were Noa and Sagiri, but Sagiri left to the Seekers only a week after the whole incident on the ship involving his half-sister, Princess Zera, and the Seekers.

So it left Noa, his childhood friend and suddenly his seemingly only friend, to talk to. He spoke with him about what was going on and how to try to fix everything with everyone. Noa listened, knowing Zed would find the answer on his own.

He just needed someone to listen.

When Zed wasn't talking about his broken relationship with everyone, he was going on about his plan to finish the Black Light Operation his father and High started. Despite that he had no leads, he knew that if he returned to Calm and found the notes his father left behind or if he raided Hugh's former room and looked for clues there, he would be able to continue on and forth with the operation, picking up where his father left off. Finish what he started.

Noa agreed to tag along with his friend. He said he had some "unfinished business" to take care of back in Calm. He knew the only reason Zed was waiting to leave was in case Mikki wanted to come along, as well. Noa doubted Mikki would wish to join (if anything, he wouldn't want to leave the hospital for another couple days...weeks...months), but it was just in case. Zed also doubted Mikki would come, too.

But if Zed had to express all the joy he felt when Mikki's caramel eyes opened, he probably would've fainted. However, it all vanished when the next thing he acknowledged was a blade the to the throat. He backed away, his hands in the air, trying to figure out who the dagger's holder was. He wasn't surprised to find it be Roya.

He rolled his eyes and backed away to the corner of the room, deciding to let Roya tell [her side of] the story. When she was done (to everyone's surprise), Mikki just shrugged and said, "It's over now, right?" Zed uncrossed his arms and smiled a bit, still trying to understand what Mikki meant by that. "Zera was controlling him; it's not like he really had much of a choice."

"Thank you!" Zed sighed, sounding relieved and understood. Still, he took a breath and apologized and Mikki (surprisingly) forgave him. Roya didn't seem too happy with what happened but could see the logic in Mikki's words.

I don't understand, Zed thought to himself while Pinot and Mikki talked for a bit. I thought Roya was pissed cause of what I said at the lake; not what I did on the Frontier. He shrugged and stared out the window. What had been with Roya lately? He'd never understand girls.

"So, you're leaving again," Mikki muttered as he finished polishing the window. He stared at his own reflection and frowned.

"I'm not- ...Yeah. I am." Mikki's gaze shifted slightly to Zed's reflection in the window and stared at him for a moment. Zed averted his gaze away from Mikki and stared out the front door. "If you wanna come, you can. If you don't, you don't. It's simple. I just didn't want to leave without saying goodbye or leaving you behind in case you wanted to come."

Mikki sighed and turned halfway to study his friend, who didn't move. "Maybe I should stay here," he said after a moment.

"Fine by me," Zed muttered before Mikki could finish his thought and began out the door.

Mikki shook his head. "Wait. No. It's not meant to sound that way-"

"No. It's fine," Zed replied, stopping and turning around. "I understand. You just woke up from a coma I put you in. You need your rest. Stay here, take care of Roya, Pinot, and the bread shop. Noa and I come back when we're done."

The bread maker sighed and dropped his shoulders. "Noa's going, too," he stated, more to himself then anyone else. "Is anyone else going? Where are you headed?"

Zed shook his head. "Just Noa and myself. Our first stop is Jimoto, to find the notes in Hugh's room if there is any. Then we're going to Calm to find my dad's notes. If there is any."

Mikki stared in the ground in thought. "Well, I've never been to Jimoto," he began. "And I've always wondered what your world was like..." He paused and set the cloth down on the table and leaned against the glass display. "Will there be fighting?"

"None for you," Zed joked.

Mikki sputtered a laugh and stood straight up again. "Fine. I'm in."

Zed smirked. "Alright. You ready to go now."

"No," Mikki replied. "I have one thing I want to do before we leave."