Author's note: The challenge word is sly and we were to include the British royal wedding. Well, this IS a horror show so naturally I had to include dead royalty.

Disclaimer: Would love to make money on it but so far it's all expenses.

Word count: 100.

Warnings: None.

On The Sly For Lady Di

They had reached Wisconsin in the hour of the wolf, and rolled into what looked like a peaceful, prosperous little town at daybreak. But with only 16000 inhabitants, and 23 active missing person reports of men named William, the brothers were wary even of the shadows from dancing dapples.

Which was a good thing since 22 hours, 15 yards of white silk, 3 bridesmaids from hell, 2 wedding cake mayhems, 2 sly-but-botched plans, 1 crashed wedding and the public staking of a vampire in a wedding dress later the brothers were still unmarried, alive and hightailing it out of Middleton.