The first of many. Based on a true story, this one's for Yoko Kiara14.


It was nearly midnight. No… To be more precise it was around 2 maybe 3. The time of night, or morning if you prefer, when all is quiet, everyone is tucked in their beds either dreaming in sweet bliss or having nightmares about that 9 o'clock History Test they forgot to study for.

In any case, one thing was certain.

It was Fourth Meal Time.

Twilight crept from the room, making sure to keep quiet, nearly tripping over Young Link as he made his way to the kitchen.

The Links had been up all night, doing what any normal teenager, pre-teen, young adult, or kid would do on a Saturday. They had stayed up all night, watched movies, played video games, and when that got too violent, they would switch to card games. The Links quickly dropped that too as Knight continued to win every round.

After a few hours however, the youngest Link, Toony, had collapsed from weariness and the Links had decided it was time to turn in.

Twilight however, still had one more thing he had to do…

Smiling with a tired grin, Twilight stumbled down the hallway to the kitchen. He opened the fridge, took out the ice cream container, and placed it on the counter. Once he had the scoop in hand, he took off the lid and looked at its untouched surface.

"Ah… Fresh, never been scooped before ice cream… The best…"

Just as he was about to defile the purity of the cream, Brunette came out of nowhere and stuck his finger down into the cold dessert, tainting the ice cream and breaking its smooth surface.

Straight faced, the brunette Hero scooped up some of the dessert with his finger and stuck it in his mouth. A self satisfied grin slowly made its way across his face as he enjoyed Twilight's moment of defeat. "Sweet delicious victory…"

Twilight stared, slack jawed and shocked, as Brunette left. "What… He… Wh-Why?-!"

His feelings of defeat and disbelief only increased as Toony appeared, hopped up on the counter, mimicked his older friend's actions, and stuck his finger in the ice cream.

"Thanks, Twilight!" he said with a grin before following Brunette out of the kitchen.

"Hey now! Wait just a minute! You can't just-" His eyes widened as Young Link appeared in the door frame. "Oh no way! I don't care if you go Oni on my butt, you are not going to stick your finger in this ice cream!"

The young Hero of Time tilted his head to the side in confusion, "Okay… And why would I do that?"

"Did you see what those two just did?" asked Twilight agitated. His poor ice cream had been soiled, and he hadn't even had a taste yet…

"Yeah… I did… Morons…" Young Link grinned as he picked up the entire tub of ice cream. He took the scoop out of Twilight's hand and departed. "Should have just taken the whole thing."

Twilight was left standing in the empty kitchen in complete shock and disbelief, ice cream-less…

And then Ocarina walked in.

"Hey, Twilight, we got any ice cream?"

The Twilit Hero groaned and shook his head in answer. Yet another night gone without ice cream…

Ocarina frowned, "Too bad… But I thought I bought another tub today…" He shrugged. "Guess I was wrong."

As the two Links returned to their room they stopped to glance in the living room to check on Seasons and Knight.

Knight waved a spoon in their direction, a smile on his face. In his hand was a pint of ice cream. "And what are you two doing up so late?" he asked.

Twilight half glared at the pint in his hand, slightly jealous. "You're not our mom… And why are you still up, Knight?"

"First off, you're not my dad, and second…" He pointed to Seasons who was passed out on the couch, "Seasons needed to vent and since I was available…"

"You mean he rambled himself to sleep?" asked Ocarina.

"Seems that way. Though the ice cream helped a bit, I believe."

The two Links looked down on the floor where a large tub of ice cream lay empty. A spoon dangled loosely from the Hero of Holodrum's hand while he mumbled something about lava and hot springs.

Ocarina laughed softly so as not to wake him up, "So that's where that tub I bought went…"

Twilight frowned, opting not to mention the ice cream gang bang that had happened earlier. The other Links may have won this night, but there would be many more nights to come…

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