Alright, you guys've waited long enough for this. You know the game, you know the plot, now it's time to know the Link. Sky, the newest addition to the Seven Sword Heroes is here with us today so let's all give him a warm or perhaps rather cold, welcome!

WARNING: Excessive Spoilers for Skyward Sword. Read At Own Risk.

Today was the day.

Ever since the Links had heard of this newest Hero, this Link from Skyward Sword, mixed reactions and opinions had circulated around until finally the day when they would meet him for themselves had arrived. Some of the Links were excited for this new hero, thinking to make friends; others however, thought different.

Seasons sat bitterly in a corner, his arms folded. Already he didn't like this new Link. He was way too close to the Princess for his liking and he didn't like the fact that this Link used a harp. The harp was his item and Sky had no right to be playing it.

Brunette too, sat arms folded, a cross expression on his face. He never liked any new Links to begin with. Just what kind of changes had this guy made? What new elements did he bring? He already knew this Link had shattered an age old tradition of being proficient with only the left hand. Sure the punk had changed this, but this Link took it to a whole 'nother level.

Toony on the other hand sat content, rocking back and forth with a smile on his face. He liked this new Link already. Not only was he cool, at least to him, but he shared in his cel-shaded design though it was kinda infused with Twi's design too. There was no way this Link could be bad; he was simply a new friend.

Ocarina found himself glancing at the clock nervously. Though he welcomed a new Link, he was slightly anxious. Perhaps it was him just getting old, but he was worried that things might change because of this new guy. Things had certainly changed when Toony and Twilight first appeared. Why not this Link? Still, he would greet him with kindness and respect before passing his final judgment.

Young Link stared at the clock, resisting the urge to speed up time. He had wanted to meet this new Link since first they heard of him. What kind of new techniques did this guy have to offer? He had seen him use that blade beam and the vertical spin attack in trailers. How cool was that?-! He grinned widely. Oh yeah, this new Link was going to be kickass; he just had to be! Then again…maybe he would just be an ass. Well, there was only one way to find out!

Knight seemed to be the only composed one of the group. He sat by himself, idly flipping through an article about Sky's game. Skyward Sword had met with positive reviews, commenting on how well the story, controls, or graphics were. But underneath his calm smile, Knight was a bit worried. New things, whether they be living or not, always brought change no matter how small. He just hoped this newest addition brought a small change.

Twilight was pacing the room like an impatient animal, glaring at the clock, willing it to move faster. He wanted to meet this new Link ASAP. It wasn't as if he felt threatened by this other Wii Link that just happened to look just like him. That wasn't it at all. He just wanted to…to…lay down the ground rules, yeah. If this new guy thought he would just waltz in here, he had another thing coming.

"He here yet?" asked Toony cheerfully.

"Obviously not." Brunette rolled his eyes at Twilight, "Jeez, heel boy, will ya? He'll get here when he gets here."

Twi glared at him, "You said that-"

"Five minutes ago. Now relax."

The Twilit Hero clenched his fists. All this waiting was killing him! "Fine. I'm going outside." Twilight walked out, closing the door behind him.

They were at Knight's house. Toony had started to complain ever so slightly about them using his villa for everything. Since then they had skipped around going from one location to the next. He sighed, looking around. Where the hell was this Link?-!

"L-Look out!"


Twilight had a split second to look up before he was forcibly landed upon by a green blur. Link met dirt as he fell flat on his face, a heavy force pinning him down. W-What just happened?-!

"S-Sorry! I…didn't see you, sorry."

Twilight felt the weight lift and he pushed himself up, dusting himself off and standing, getting his first look at the thing that had landed on him.

Twilight Princess met Skyward Sword as the two Links gazed upon one another.

This was the guy they were all looking forward to meeting? Twilight scrutinized this Link up and down as the other looked around in awe. He looked harmless enough. Hylian Shield…Master Sword…same tunic… Just what made this guy so special?

The Skyward Hero stared at Twilight then, slight confusion starting to cross his face. This guy…he looked just like him! And his uniform… It was green yeah, but it was darker. A different year perhaps? "U-Um…are you one of the guys I'm supposed to meet here?"

"Yeah." His reply was short as he was still judging the Link before him.

His face lit up, "That's great. Are the others here as well?"


"Awesome. So uh, can I meet them?" His confusion was starting to come back as he noticed the Link staring at him. Was he still upset about him landing on him? He had already apologized for that. What-


The knight frowned, not sure what to make of this Link. He certainly didn't seem all too friendly. Maybe he was just taken aback by his appearance? They did look nearly identical. Shrugging this off as simply a 'bad first impression' what with him falling on the guy, the newest Link followed Twilight into the house where the others were waiting.

Instant silence followed the closing of the door as the many Links gazed upon one another. This was it, the moment they had been looking forward to excitedly, dreading and fearing. Now in this moment, everything was about to change whether it be for the best…or the worst…

The Skyward Link opened his mouth to speak, his eyes slightly wide. "A-Are you all knights?"

Confusion spread across their faces but it was Brunette who spoke first. He jerked his thumb in Knight's direction, a frown on his face. "Nah, this guy is the only 'knight' 'round here."

He smiled in his direction, "Really? I had assumed from all your uniforms that you were all enrolled in the academy, but it's just you? Neat. Although…" He cocked his head to the side, "I've never seen you there before. What's your name?"

Ocarina started at the question, "Oh right. You don't know, heh…" The Hero of Time straightened up, ready to get the ball rolling. "Alright, first things first. You can call me Ocarina. I'm the Link from Ocarina of Time, the Hero of Time-"

Young Link jumped up, "I'm the Hero of Time, too." He grinned, "You can call me Young Link, Majora's Mask."

"And I'm Toony from Wind Waker!" He smiled, "I'm known as the Hero of Winds."

"Seasons, from the Oracle games."

Twilight folded his arms, "And you already met me. I'm Twilight, from Twilight Princess."

Knight gave him his signature smile, "And you can call me Knight. I'm from A Link to the Past."

"Saving best for last, huh?" Brunette grinned, folding his arms. "The name's Link but you can call me Brunette. I'm what you'd call the original Link, heh, the first ever in the series a.k.a the best." He pointed at the rookie before him, "Seeing as you're the 'new guy', you don't have a code name yet. Therefore…I hereby dub you 'Sky' the Skyward Link."

"But we had already decided that…" mumbled Twi with a glare. It was then that he realized something. Sky was the new Link now. He was no longer the 'new guy'; that title was no longer his. Somehow, he didn't quite know how to feel about that.

Sky on the other hand, knew exactly how to feel. He hadn't been sure on how the others would take him. He had been worried that they may not accept him, viewing him as an outsider, but to be openly introduced to the others and to have them actually give him a nickname? And what's more, the original Link, the one who had started it all, had given it to him. He smiled at Brunette with admiration. He was so cool!

Toony ran up to him then, looking up at him with large, excited eyes, "Sky! Sky! So tell us about your journey!"

Young Link nodded, "Yeah! Just what kind of adventure did you have?"

"No doubt you had to save the princess from a villain and locate the Triforce in some way," mumble Brunette with a frown.

Sky looked at him surprised, "H-How did you know?"

Twilight scoffed, "For real?"

He nodded, "Yeah. Although…I don't know what you mean by 'princess'."

It was then that Seasons stood up, staring down this new Link. "The Princess Zelda. Honestly, don't you know anything?"

The Hero of Time smiled nervously, "Seasons-"

"But…" Sky cocked his head to the side, "Zelda's not a princess. She's the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia."

That one made the Links silent. They had always known her to be special, but a goddess? Sure, she had some unique capabilities but…

"Alright, hold up, bird boy." Brunette frowned at Sky as the younger Link turned towards him. "How is Zelda a goddess?"

"And who's this Hylia?" asked Ocarina. The only 'Hylia' he knew was the lake, Lake Hylia.

Sky tried not to sigh as he got ready to explain. He was a little nervous, what with all eyes fixed on him, but he was determined to make them understand. This was his moment and he hoped he didn't mess it up. "Well, ya see, long ago there was this battle and the Goddess Hylia, she was fighting against the Demon King-"

Instantly, Toony held up his hand.


"Was it Ganon?"

Sky took a moment to reflect upon the name. "Um no? I've never heard of any Ganon before."

Once again the Links were silenced.

Twilight frowned, "What kind of Link doesn't know about Ganon?"

"Well his game is a prequel. Perhaps Ganon had not been created then?" Knight glanced over at Sky. "Ganon or Ganondorf, is the main villain of most of our games. He goes by several other names such as Demon King, Dark Lord, or simply the Great King of Evil. I'm curious…if this Demon Lord wasn't Ganon, then who was it?"

Sky smiled, eager to gain new information and to answer his question, "His name was Demise and he was a really tough guy." Painful memories of that last battle resurfaced, forcing him to put on a smile to hide his unease. "Anyway, back to the past here. Hylia and Demise fought several times and in the end-"

"She sealed him away, right?" guessed Toony.

"Uh…yeah, actually."

Seasons scoffed, "Predictable."

Sky tried to ignore Seasons' rising negativity by saying, "And when that was done she took on human form to prepare for the day when Demise would finally be defeated."

"I see…" Knight folded his arms slightly, "Well, this certainly explains a few things."

"Yeah yeah, enough about her." Young Link grinned up at Sky, "So who was this other guy? This Demon Lord What's His Face?"

Sky forced a smile, "Demon Lord Ghirahim."

"Yeah, that one. So who was he?"

"More like what was he," mumbled Twilight. Zant was crazy but this guy…he had a feeling he took it to a whole 'nother level.

"Demon Lord Ghirahim was…" he paused for a moment, trying to find the proper words. "In all honesty, he was a weapon or rather, the spirit of a weapon."

"Like your companion, Fi?" asked Knight.

He looked at him a bit surprised, "Y-Yeah, how did you-"

"Knight tends to know everything around here," explained Bru. "Best get used to it."

"Oh, okay." He smiled, "Yeah, like Fi but at the same time, not like Fi. He wanted to resurrect the Demon Lord and he needed the Goddess' power in order to do that. Naturally I wasn't going to let that happen but-"

"He ended up resurrecting this guy anyway and ya had to beat him. I get it." Brunette frowned, "So how does the Triforce fit into this?"

"Well, I had to acquire the Triforce in order to awaken Zelda and defeat Demise."

"Wait, I'm confused." Ocarina looked at him, unsure if he had heard him right, "Why did you have to wake her up?"

"Sounds like my game if ya ask me," mumbled Brunette slightly peeved.

"Why don't you guys stop asking questions and let him tell his story from the beginning, huh?" asked Young Link also slightly peeved.

Toony nodded, "Yeah! Tell us about Skyloft!"

"Okay well," Sky took a slight breath to prepare himself. "Skyloft is where I live, an island in the sky."

"You ever fall off?" asked Toony.

Young Link glared at him.

Sky however simply smiled, "Oh yeah, plenty of times but there's always knights on patrol looking out for everyone so there's not too many incidents."

"You're a knight too right?"

"I-In training, yeah."

Toony grinned, "Heh, just like Knight! He's a descendent of the Royal Hylian Knights so wait… Isn't your game a prequel?"


"So does that make Knight your descendent?"

The two Links looked at each other.

Knight smiled, "Why don't we let him finish his story?"

"A-Anyway, after I won the Wing Ceremony, I was promoted to the next class however, it was shortly after this that Zelda was taken…"

"And you just let it happen," glared Seasons.

"I think we all just let it happen," replied Ocarina. He glanced at Seasons, hoping his dislike didn't boil over into a fight.

"So what then?" asked Twilight. "You get all suited up and chase after her?"

Sky nodded, "I received the Goddess Sword and my uniform then headed below to the surface. There I met Impa and-"

"You know Impa?" interrupted Young Link.

Toony stuck his tongue out at him, "No interruptions, remember?"

He glared back, "Shut up. Sky, what was she like?"

"Well… She was very straightforward, I remember that much. Very talented, a true warrior. Although she was quite harsh at times," he added lightly.

Ocarina nodded, "Sounds like Impa."

"So you guys know her too?" he asked.

The Hero of Time nodded, "She's Zelda's attendant-"

"-and a member of the Shiekah," finished Young Link.

Sky smiled, "Jeez, I feel like you guys already know everything."

"Well we do have more experience than you," replied Twi with a grin.

"In some areas I'm sure." Sky took his eyes off Twilight and continued, "After going through several trials and temples, I finally managed to locate Zelda however… Ghirahim decided to show up again and she fled to the past."

Brunette stopped him there. "Hold up. What is this? Ocarina of Time?"

"Or the Oracles," added Seasons bitterly. It was bad enough this Link used a harp, but now time travel was involved? It was as if this guy was directly trying to copy his game, Oracle of Ages.

"I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that but she had to travel back to the period when Demise had been sealed in order to prevent him from awakening. She did this by…sealing herself." He paused, his own inability to save her creeping back. There had been nothing he could do and because of that…

"So its Adventure of Link all over again," Brunette frowned at him. "You like stealing other's plots?"

"What? No! Of course not. I didn't-"

"And just like AoL, you had to get the Triforce to awaken her. Tell me that's not plot stealing."

"That's not plot stealing…?"

Brunette face palmed.

"I'm sorry if I stole any plots."

"And what about items?" asked Twilight.


"Does the words Double Clawshot mean anything to you?"

"Or a harp!" added Seasons.

"Guys guys, calm down." Ocarina frowned. What was this? Tag Team the New Guy day?

Sky looked at the both of them unsure of what was going on. Had he upset them somehow? He hadn't meant to. Why were they so mad at him?

Ignoring the others, Young Link asked, "So Sky, what happened then? Did you beat up Ghirahim or what?"

Thankful for the change, Sky turned his attention to the young Link, "Well no, he managed to escape, but I did walk away with the key to finding Zelda: Her Harp."

"Whoa, hold up." Seasons stared at him, "You mean to tell me that's Zelda's Harp?"

"Well yeah."

Seasons clenched his fists angrily. Not only does he get in close with the Princess or goddess or whatever, but he also uses her harp?-! This Link was now the enemy.

"So Sky, you used this harp to travel to the past?" questioned Knight.

"Sort of. In order to pass through the Gate of Time," and here Ocarina laughed though Sky didn't know why, "I had to strengthen the Goddess Sword. The harp allowed me to overcome the Goddess' Trials which were simply one more step in doing that."

"And is it true that these 'trials' were like Twilight's quest to collect the Tears of Light?"

"Um…" He glanced at Twilight who was frowning at him, "I guess?"

"And is it also true, that once you had overcome these trials and empowered your sword, it became known as the Master Sword?"

"Well yeah." He grinned, "Brunette was right. You are pretty smart."

"Yes well, one of us must be." He stared at Sky, his suspicions confirmed. The story of their sword, of the creation of the Master Sword, it was different. This only meant one thing. That this Link, Sky, had completely ruined the background story of his game, A Link to the Past, and Knight didn't like that, not one bit. So much for small changes…

"So you actually forged the Master Sword? That's so cool!" Toony grinned, thinking of his own blade.

"Yeah but it wasn't easy." He smiled, thinking of those trials and facing Ghirahim again, not to mention escaping that sinking ship.

"Well if it were easy, I'm sure Seasons would had yelled at you, right Seasons?"

A scowl was his only reply.

"I think I understand now." Ocarina folded his arms as he sorted out the facts. "You get to the past via the sword's power, and it's there that Zelda seals herself away, correct?"


"Then it's off for the Triforce to awaken her and defeat the villain."

"You didn't have a time limit or anything, did you?" asked Young Link.

He shook his head, "Not that I'm aware. It was only during the Trials that I was timed."

"Huh, so how did you collect the Triforce? In pieces or what?"

"After revealing the Sky Keep via the Song of the Hero, I collected all three pieces and-"

Brunette's eyes went wide. "All three? Not just Wisdom or Courage? But Power as well?"

"Well yeah." He blinked. "Is that such a big thing?"

He scoffed, "A 'big thing' he says…"

"I mean, yeah it was kinda challenging to acquire, but I succeeded and was able to destroy Demise in my time." Sky sighed slightly, not even wanting to think of that boss. Three times he had to fight him, four if you counted his ultimate final form. Briefly he wondered if any of the other Links had to do such a thing.

"'In your time'." Young Link frowned, "So what? You had to beat him in the past?"

Ocarina nodded, "Makes sense."

Sky looked down, "Yeah, although we had destroyed him in the present, he still existed in the past. And then Ghirahim showed up…"

"Kidnapped the Princess, went to the past, and resurrected him, correct?" Seasons sighed, rolling his eyes slightly. Once again this Link couldn't protect Zelda, even with the power of the Triforce at his disposal.

"Yes, that did happen." He glanced at Seasons. He had hoped that his arrival would have gone smoothly but this Link, Seasons, it seemed, was determined to ruin it. "And although it did happen, I managed to defeat Ghirahim and Demise, saving Zelda and the world."

"Yeah, so did we." Twilight grinned. So that was it? That was this guy's story? Ha, it was nothing compared to his, going to a whole new realm, the Twilight Realm, being transformed, having to do battle on horse- He paused. "Hey, Sky, you don't have a horse do you?"

"A what?"

Young Link gave a short laugh, "Duh, Twilight. He doesn't need a horse; he can fly."

"I-I'm still confused though. What's a horse?"

The Links all looked at him, thinking the same thing: 'You've got to be kidding me'.

"Hey hey! What about a Rito?" asked Toony.

"Or a Zora?"





Sky looked at them all slightly overwhelmed but when he heard 'Gorons' he smiled, "Gorons? Sure! They're those big rock people thingies."

Seasons turned to Twilight. "Looks like he shares your sense of explanation," he said flatly.

"And the rest?" asked Brunette. "Clueless?"

He smiled sheepishly, "Just a little. But-But I'm a fast learner. I'm sure I'll get it down in no time."

"Sure, you can learn twenty-five years worth of knowledge in no time," he replied sarcastically.

"Well what about you guys?" asked Sky slightly defensive. "Do you know what a Parella, Kikwi, or Mogma is? And I doubt you know anything about the Ancient Robots."

They all stared back clueless which only made him grin in triumph. It seemed they didn't know everything.

"So when you say 'robot'," started Brunette, "do you mean like, Gundam and them?"



An uneasy silence had fallen over the Links. For some reason, Sky got the feeling that he wasn't exactly liked here. But why? The one that looked just like him…Twilight? Yeah, he was sure he didn't like him and the Oracle guy, Seasons? Definite dislike there. Maybe…Maybe if he just got to know them better… He grinned, knowing exactly what to do. "So, you guys know about me. It's only fair I know some about you, right?"

Ocarina nodded, thankful for the change of subject. "Sure, why not? Who to go fir-"

"Me, obviously." Brunette grinned. "Like I said, I'm the oldest, therefore best-"

Twilight coughed, "Liar."

He glared at him but continued, "Therefore best. I killed this Ganon guy, which you have no clue who he is, and I saved the kingdom, protecting Zelda and getting the Triforce of Wisdom in the process." He grinned, "And I did it first so don't you guys go on feeling all special cuz you did the same thing."

Sky nodded, mentally taking notes. He saved Zelda also; had they all saved Zelda?

"'course naturally, the pig's lackeys didn't like that, tried ta resurrect him and all that, but I taught 'em a lesson they wouldn't soon forget, heh."

"Wow…he is so into himself…" remarked Young Link.

Twilight nodded in agreement.

"Then of course this Dark Link guy comes out of nowhere but…I toasted his ass, got the Triforce of Courage, and awoke the Princess. The…end." He ended with a smile, pleased at himself. "Oh yeah...those were the days… Nothing but a sword, a bow, some magic spells…" He sighed, "Those were the days…"

Sky was in awe. Not only had he saved Zelda once but twice? And the world as well! And this Dark Link guy…just who or what was he? A dark reflection perhaps? The final test of courage! He turned to the other Links, eager to hear their stories as well.

"I suppose if we're going by age that would make me next." Knight sat up, already thinking about how he would go about this. "As you know, I represent A Link to the Past, the third game in the series."

"Third?" Sky looked confused, "So the second part of Brunette's tale was a sequel game?"


"Do you have a sequel game?"

All eyes turned to Knight. Everyone knew that he had a sequel game, but they also knew not to talk about said sequel game. Sky had just committed the ultimate taboo. The only question was, how would Knight react?

A familiar smile began to creep upon Knight's face. This Link had just asked about his sequel. Naturally, given the situation, it was only fair to tell him about it, however… He folded his arms ever so slowly, making sure to keep this Link in his sights. "I have a sequel game, yes. However, given your position, your rank amongst us, I don't think it fit to divulge such information. For example, you wouldn't openly share the knowledge that you had failed to come to the Chosen's rescue in the Earth Temple, now would you?"

Sky looked at Knight with shock and surprise. How did he- So this Link really did know everything… A dangerous companion indeed.

"Alright alright, knock it off." Ocarina frowned, tired of the constant challenges. He expected Seasons to do this, even Twilight, but Knight? What did he have against Sky? Sure, he asked about his sequel but there had to be something else…something like- And then it hit him. He was upset because of the sword. A long sigh came from the hero and he glanced at Knight disapprovingly, "Just tell him about your game."

Knight simply smiled back, "Very well then. One rainy evening, when the lightning flashed across the darkened sky, the clouds billowing overhead-"

Brunette glared at him, "Knight, simple version."

"If you insist." He readjusted himself before saying, "The Princess asked that I rescue her from the dungeons which I did. After safely leaving her in the care of the loyal sage, I located a man named Sahasrahla who informed me on how to acquire the Master Sword which was needed to stop the evil wizard, Agahnim. Agahnim you see, was intent on creating a portal to the dark world and he needed the seven maidens to accomplish this. Zelda was one such maiden."

Young Link stared at him, "And this is the simple version…?"

He nodded, "Indeed. After collecting all three Pendants of Virtue, I was able to draw forth the Master Sword and claim its powers for my own. However, shortly after this, Zelda was recaptured by Agahnim's minions and I was forced to go rescue her once again. Unfortunately, this time I arrived too late and the portal was opened. Though I managed to strike down the wizard, he flung me into the portal and it was there, in the dark world, where I continued my quest."

"Hey, Toony, go get some popcorn…"

"Once I was in the dark world, I was tasked with rescuing the seven maidens, one of which was Zelda." He skipped over the details, of traveling between the worlds and the many dungeons, aiming for a quick finish. "Afterwards, I used their power to storm Agahnim's keep and destroy the fiend, however, Agahnim was not the true villain. Ganon had been the one behind everything and he fled to the Pyramid of Power where we did battle. He was quite tricky but I prevailed, claimed the Triforce for my own, and brought peace and justice back to the land." He smiled, "And that's that."

Brunette let out a tired sigh, "Remind me never to have you explain something again."

"Then don't ask me to," he replied curtly, his smile still in place.

Oh yeah, Knight was in a bad mood. Ocarina frowned, "I suppose I'm up next."

Sky nodded, still slightly blown away by Knight's tale. He had definitely been through a lot but that might only be because he had added more detail than the previous Link. Still, Sky hoped Ocarina wasn't as talkative.

He made sure he had his attention before beginning, "I'm known as the Hero of Time and as such, during my journey I traveled back and forth through the currents of time, trying my best to put a stop to Ganondorf and his evil schemes. He wanted access to the Sacred Realm where the Triforce lay so naturally Zelda and I put forth a plan to counter him." He paused, thinking back on collecting all the Spiritual Stones, getting the Ocarina of Time, going to the Temple of Time. "Though we succeeded in getting there first, once I withdrew the Master Sword, I was sealed away for seven years and Ganon was able to claim the Triforce for his own."

Young Link elbowed Sky, whispering, "See? That's why you don't follow 'im. He never thinks things through."

Ocarina sent a quick glare to his younger self before continuing, "I awoke seven years in the future and was tasked with awakening the Sages in order to vanquish Ganondorf. Once this was done I slew the beast and Zelda sealed him away in the Evil Realm." He smiled, "The end."

"So you didn't have to rescue Zelda?"

"Er… Yeah, I had to do that too…heh."

Sky nodded. Once again she had to be saved. Seems Demise's vow for revenge had indeed come true. Perhaps this 'Ganon' was the assumed form of his hatred? If that were true, then he could assume that Ganon was also just as bad as Demise.

"Alright, enough of the boring simple stuff!" Young Link grinned as his turn came, "Time to add a bit of darkness to our tale!" He made sure he had Sky's attention before saying, " See, now I'm the true Hero of Time. This guy here," he jerked his thumb at Ocarina, "he left out the most important part of the story! After Ganon was sealed away 'n junk, Zelda sent the Hero back to his original time and that's where I come in!"

"Wait…" Sky looked from Ocarina to Young Link, confusion slowly setting in. "So…Majora's Mask is a sequel to Ocarina of Time?"

Young Link grinned, "Well duh."

"Then why are there two Links?"

The Links in the room grew silent. Why were there two Links? That didn't seem fair. Brunette owned both LoZ and AoL, Knight had his two games, even Toony was a single Link. What made the Heroes of Time so special?

Brunette blinked away his confusion, glaring at the two Links. "Hey, answer the question."

Ocarina forced a smile, trying to hide just how uncomfortable this subject was. Naturally there were two Links because of the split timeline, right? But…even then that wouldn't make sense because he would have had to disappear. There was no reason for the Link 'Ocarina' to exist. 'Ocarina' was Young Link and at the same time, 'Young Link' was Ocarina. He laughed nervously, "W-Well, ya see-"

"I'll answer the question when you stop being so full of yourself." Young Link turned his back on Brunette, gave Ocarina a nod, then continued, "Like I was saying, I went off on my own little journey and came across this place called Termina."

Brunette was about to retort but was silenced by a not so friendly looking Knight.

"Turns out I had to save the world in three days. Either that or this giant moon was gunna fall and kill everyone." Young Link smiled slightly, pleased by the amazed look Sky was giving him. "So by utilizing the power of several masks, I fixed the lands problems, killed off the evil bad guy, and saved the world, and no. Zelda was not involved in this story. I didn't have to worry about saving her."

"All in three days?"

He grinned, "All in three days."

"Alright, my turn." Seasons glared at Sky, deciding on how best to describe his journey. Should he be blunt and spare himself the pain of explaining or should he be as detailed as possible and confuse the crap out of him? A cynical grin crossed his face as he chose his answer.

Ocarina groaned, knowing exactly what was about to go down.

"So I'm transported to this strange land by the will of the Triforce, see? You do know what that is correct? Of course you do, you've used it before. Anyway, I end up in Holodrum and the evil General Onox, and if you say Pokemon I'll kill you, takes away the graceful dancer, Din, who is actually the Oracle of Seasons." He paused for a second, frowning bitterly, "Do they even get seasons on that tiny island of yours?" Before Sky could answer, he continued, "Stuff happened, the seasons go out of whack, I meet up with a talking tree, and viola, you're in Subrosia."

"Seasons shows no mercy, huh?" mumbled Toony sadly.

"Now, Subrosia is a land below the land, this might be a hard concept for you seeing as you just discovered the actual land, but try to keep up. It was there that I obtained the Rod of Seasons and the ability to change them at will. Using the power of the rod, I collected the eight Essences of Nature, going to different dungeons, encountering things such as dancing Subrosians, hopping Kangaroos, and flying bears."

"I think he's doing it on purpose…" whispered Young Link back.

"In the end though, after destroying creatures such as Poes, Like Likes, Leevers, and Peahats," he grinned with each creature, the look on Sky's confused face priceless, "I finally collected them all, acquired the Maku Seed, dispelled the barrier around Onox's Castle and-"

"Killed him, rescued the Oracle and saved the country." Brunette shot him a frown, "Stop confusing the newbie and get on with it."

His frown was returned as Seasons changed games, "My second journey took me back through time as the evil Sorceress Veran kidnapped the Oracle of Ages, Nayru."

Sky started to raise his hand, "'scuse me-"

"Ask questions at the end of the tour, thank you." He nodded curtly before continuing, "After being sent into the past, I ended up collecting all the Essences of Time in order to help the Maku Tree and defeat Veran. Unlike my previous adventure however, I ended up going back and forth between the past and present by use of the Harp of Ages." Here, he glared daggers at the skyward Link, knowing full well he would be able to make the connection. Sky had not only copied Brunette's plot but his as well, and that made for a not so happy Seasons. Fueling his dislike, he said, "Then I met up with the Tokays, evil little bastards…"

"Looks like the Harp Boy's losing it…" warned Brunette lightly.

"They stole all my items and it was a pain to get them back. And then the real fun began…" He clenched his fists angrily, "Block puzzles and constant time shifts…Water Temples and Zoras…Trading Item Sidequests…!" He was full on angry at this point. "And even after I save Nayru, they're still not done with me, rotten selfish bastards. The stupid Black Tower gets finished and I have to go and 'stop Veran'. Then that dumbass Ralph gets involved…"

Sky leaned into Ocarina, "Is he always like this?"

"Only in extreme cases…"


"And once I finally kill her ass, what do they do? They kidnap the Princess Zelda in hopes of resurrecting Ganon." He scoffed, "Like I'm going to let that happen. I stormed in there, slaughtered them, then slaughtered him too!" He took a moment to calm himself before continuing, "The Princess was saved, so was the kingdom, and everyone lived happily ever after."

Sky stared at him blankly, the question he had meant to ask already gone. So, from what he could gather, this Link saved two kingdoms by utilizing time and nature. Ganon was involved again and the Princess, Zelda, had to be rescued, again. Everything else, bears, Subrosians, talking trees… It was a lot for one Link to take in. Sky simply gave him a small frown, "So um…thanks?"


"Oh oh! My turn! My turn!" Toony bobbed up and down excitedly to get his attention before starting off, "My adventure started when my little sister got kidnapped by the giant chicken!"

Sky raised an eyebrow, "A giant…what?"

"Ignore him," replied Brunette flatly.

"Then I met up with Tetra and her gang of pirates and together we sailed the high seas!"

"R-Really?" Sky couldn't help but grin, "I've never seen the full ocean before but I have seen a glimpse of what one could be. That must have been amazing! And you teamed up with pirates too? I had to fight one myself, real tricky that one."

Sky's grin was returned as Toony replied, "Yeah! Tetra's gang was real tight but they weren't all that bad. They helped me rescue my sister and besides, Tetra was actually the Princess Zelda in disguise!"

"Seriously?-!" Zelda? A pirate? Somehow he could see that. "So did you have to face Ganon as well?"

"You bet! Me 'n the King had to sail beneath the waves to the Kingdom of Hyrule to defeat him!"

"Hyrule was underwater?"

Toony nodded, "Yep! But before that I had to collect all the shards of the Triforce of Courage and before that I had to power up my Master Sword so I could face Ganon!" He grinned, "Then Zelda and I teamed up to defeat him and everyone was happy!"

"Amazing." Sky smiled down at this bright Link, thankful for the cheery change. At least some of them liked him and a world covered all in water? What would something like that look like? Maybe like the sky, just replace the clouds with water…

"Hey, I'm not finished yet!" Toony brought him out of his thoughts as he said, "After we defeated Ganon, Tetra and I sailed off looking for adventure when we ran across…the Ghost Ship!"

Brunette groaned, "Aw, not this story again…"

Toony suppressed a frown and continued, "It was during my second adventure that I met up with the great Captain Linebeck and my partner Ceila!" He smiled fondly, pleasant memories of the reluctant captain and the spunky fairy arguing daily resurfacing. "See, we found the Ghost Ship but when we boarded her, Tetra had disappeared and I awoke in this strange place. It was only later that I learned she had been kidnapped and it was up to us to rescue her! We located the three spirits, empowered the Phantom Hourglass, which was this neat thing that allowed the user to stop time, and in the end we finally tracked her down. However…"


"When we found Zelda, she had been turned into a statue by Bellum's power. Ya see, Bellum was this evil life draining guy and he kidnapped people for their life force and stuff. He was a really scary dude…but we beat him!" He smiled slightly, "Had to forge a special weapon to beat him, but it was worth it in the end. We beat Bellum, returned Tetra to normal, and even Linebeck got to show off!" Toony grinned up at Sky, "Linebeck got his wish and Oshus returned Tetra and I to our own world, but…I know what happened wasn't a dream. It couldn't have been because…I still have the Phantom Hourglass!"

At this point, Sky had started to get confused. A dream? Had this adventure not happened? But… He shook his head, smiling. It wasn't his place to question. If he said it happened, it happened.

"Try not to take everything he says seriously," advised Brunette. "He's got an overactive imagination. Still a kid, see?"

Toony turned to him, a pout on his face, "Am not!"

"So are."

"I'm more mature than you are!"

He grinned down at him challengingly, "Wanna prove it, ya little brat?"


"Heh, thought so. Yo, Twilight, you're up."

"Huh? Right…" Twilight repressed a sigh as he turned his attention to Sky. He hadn't really talked about his adventure much so he didn't know where to begin exactly. Hoping he didn't leave anything too important out, Twilight began, "So um…the Twilight Realm was creep'en up over Hyrule, which was bad, and um…Midna and I had to stop it. Midna was the princess of the Twilight Realm so…yeah." He scratched his cheek nervously. This wasn't exactly Knight material but… "We had to collect some Tears of Light to restore the kingdom and gather these Fused Shadow things to beat up Zant, the crazy Usurper King of the Twili. Oh, and I got turned into a wolf. I can still turn into one. Anyway, we got all the Shadows but durp-uh-dur, couldn't enter the Twilight Realm because the Mirror was broken." He paused, remembering how Midna had spazzed. She had spazzed a lot during the course of their journey. "So we fix it, kill off the king, and- Oh! We met Zelda too. She got possessed by Ganon but…we fixed that, killed Ganon and um…Midna turned back into her…usual self." He ended his story there, not wanting to discuss the part about Midna leaving them. "Oh, and I have the Master Sword too, just so you know."

Sky's expression was blank as he stared at Twilight. "W-Wha…?" Twilight Realm? What was that? Tears of Light? Fused Shadow? Was that like…the light…rains down and the shadows…come together? Wha? And that thing about turning into a wolf, what was all that about? Was that figuratively or literally? What was a Twili? How do you enter a different realm by using a mirror? And Ganon did what to Zelda?-! Millions of questions raced through his mind, none of them concluding in answers. Overwhelmed, Sky simply nodded, hoping that that was the end.

Seasons couldn't help but snicker at the hopelessly confused look on Sky's face while a dangerously pleasing smile crossed Knight's. Twilight's tale had not been the most eloquent, but it was definitely the most rewarding.

Ocarina's smile was genuine however as he approached Sky, "And that's all of us. Well, there are the Four Sword Links and Tracks 'n Minish, but I think meeting seven of us is enough for now. Oh, of course there's also Dark and Shadow. If you have any questions, feel free to ask."

"And if you ever need to train or something, Twilight is real good sparring partner and I'm not bad myself," grinned Young Link.

Knight looked at the two Wii Links, "Oh yes. I would love to see a match between the two of you."

Brunette laughed, "Jeez, if you want him slaughtered that badly, just fight him yourself."

"You know I don't do things that way, Brunette," he replied smoothly.

He shrugged, "No, I suppose not."

"Hey, Sky! Why don't you come to my world one day and we can go out and sail the ocean!" offered Toony excitedly.

Young Link shot him a glare, "Back off. You just want to get in good with him so you can fly around on his Loftwing!"

The small Hero of Winds frowned defensively, "I-I do not!"

"Well you can just forget it." Young Link grinned up at Sky, "Sky's coming to my world first, so there."

"Why do you get to be first?"

He looked down at him, a superior grin on his face, "Because I'm older."

Brunette glared at him, "Hey, you little brat, that's my line!"

Ocarina sighed, watching the chaos unfold. Change had indeed come after the arrival of this new Link; it always did, but this time he feared that the changes had been too great. Young Link and Toony fighting for Sky's attention, Seasons' open hatred towards him, Knight's quiet resolve to dislike him, even Twilight shared some tension with this new Link. Out of all of them, it seemed only Brunette remained the same, always judging, never liking, then grudgingly accepting.

Still, perhaps, just as before, they would be able to work around these differences and…get along better. Or…so he hoped.

"So um," Sky looked around at all the Links, finally settling on Brunette, "I know that I'm new, and I haven't shown you what I'm truly capable of, but…I hope that you'll have me."

Brunette stared at him, as did the other Links, openly shocked. "Um…that Link there is the leader."

Sky's eyes landed on Ocarina as the Hero of Time smiled sheepishly, "Wha?-!"

Indeed, changes were on the way.

The lines have been drawn! Hopefully we'll get at see more of our fav Bird Boy and get to learn more about him or rather…confuse him even more.

As of this moment, I have my lost files from my laptop and will be dedicated to finishing The Tournament Part 3 ASAP.

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