The Glee club sat in the choir room. They were talking between themselves until Mr Schuester entered.

"Okay guys, who's going first?" He asked.

Rachel raised her hand and stood up.

"I will Mr Schue," She smiled enthusiastically.

Mr Schuester nodded and went and sat in a seat watching. The music began and Rachel began to sing.

"All this talking to you
I don't know what I'm to do
I don't know where you stand
What's inside of your head

All this thinkin' of you
Is that what you're doing too?
You're always on my mind
I talk about you all of the time,"

Rachel looked at Finn as she started the chorus. Finn smiled at her.

"Don't waste another day
Don't waste another minute
I can't wait to see your face
Just to show you how much I'm in it
So open up your heart
Help me understand
Please tell me who you are
So I can show you who I am
You're just standing by
You're just wasting time
Why don't you just tell me the truth
About me and you," Rachel sung.

Sam was looking at Quinn who was looking red in the face and coughing a bit.

"Quinn? Are you okay?" Sam asked.

"I'm fine... Sam," She coughed.

Sam took her word but kept his eyes on her.

"And as the time goes by
I hope you realize
If you ask me to,
I just might be with you," Rachel continued.

Quinn coughed again and was now rubbing her throat. Sam looked at his girlfriend and was getting concerned.

"So don't waste another day
Don't waste another minute
I can't wait to see your face," Rachel sung.

Quinn wasn't coughing anymore, she was red in the face, holding her throat and gasping.

"Quinn! Are you okay? Mr Schue!" Sam shouted.

Rachel stopped singing and put her hands on her hips.

Mr Schuester was beside Quinn and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Quinn?" Sam asked.

"She's choking," Mr Schuester announced.

He got Quinn to stand and went behind her. Mr Schuester thrust her waist. Quinn was still gasping and trying not to panic. Mr Schuester tried again.

By now everyone in the choir room were on red alert. Rachel stood waiting for it to be over.

"Can I finish my song?" Rachel asked annoyed at them ignoring her.

"Quinn's choking and that's all you care about?" Mr Schuester asked shocked at her, but then again it was Rachel. The self obsessed diva.

Mr Schuester thrust her waist again. There was a coughing sound and a gasp of breath. Mr Schuester faced Quinn.

"Quinn are you alright?" He asked.

She nodded and spat out her gum.

"I'm never having gum again. Thanks Mr Schue, you saved my life," Quinn said trying to catch her breath.

Mr Schuester smiled back and knew his student was okay.

"Just take deep breaths, it will help," He smiled.

Sam looked at his teacher.

"Thanks Mr Schue," Sam thanked.

Rachel cleared her throat.

"Hello... Can I please finish my song," Rachel said.

"Yes," Mr Schuester told her.

As long as she shut up, he didn't care. What he did care about was Quinn.