For Better Or For Worse

E/O Drabble challenge. Word: sly.

Summary: A Winchester doesn't do girly wedding watching. Never! Almost...

A/N: Okay, this one IS cheesy. And to make it even more so I had to write 200 words on the dot, because 100 wouldn't do. Dizzo, honey, this one's for you – and thanks for the awesome impressions of how the Brits are celebrating a real royal wedding :-)

He cast a glance at his brother, spread-eagled on the bed, slightly snoring, his soul apparently at peace.

His eyes switched back to the TV, the wedding of the century capturing every available channel.

He wondered how his parents had looked on their wedding day – young, happy, speaking the words "until death do us part" with joy in their hearts and faith in their future, not aware of the sisters of fate spinning their fatal golden threads for the Winchesters.

He thought of Sam, in a sly Djinn's dream, his eyes sparkling when he pronounced his engagement with Jess to his family.

He watched a prince sliding the ring over his brides finger and imagined Lisa, smiling her beautiful smile, her mouth warm and trusting. For a second the people on the screen blurred, and the voices of the boy's choir cut in his heart like a knife.

Jeez, chick flick big time. Crying over a royal wedding. Thank God Sammy was sound asleep, he'd grab this opportunity with both paws and shove it up his ass for weeks. Months, probably.

He looked at his brother again, grateful beyond words.

He had what he cared about most.

Alive and kicking.