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Rated M for explicit adult content and incest. Don't like, don't read!

"Come closer," King Logan commanded the Princess. "You are a woman now, my dear. Are you ready to truly be one, and perhaps bargain with me for the release of the prisoners?"

This may be a story to be continued, or it may end up standing alone as a one-shot. The rating is only listed for possible future chapters. If no future content is forthcoming, the explicit adult content warning does not apply. However, the theme of incest, does. Also, my interpretation of Logan for this particular story may seem OOC to some readers, so be warned!

Come Closer

"Come closer," Logan said, casually sitting in his throne, leaning to one side, looking every inch a confident ruler. And a cocky and arrogant man. He and his sister, the Princess Annika, were alone now. He had ordered his men to take Elliot and the rebel protestors to the prison so that he and the Princess could speak alone.

He leaned forward now, stroking his bearded chin thoughtfully. "So, you want to save the rebels and that boy? Very well, you shall have your chance. You are no longer a child, so I'll not treat you as one."

Annika swallowed hard as she saw Logan, the sibling she had never had a brotherly relationship with due to the fact that he spent had his formative years being groomed to rule Albion, take in the site of her. She wore her casual gown, with its short skirt, form-fitting leggings, and practical shoes. Logan's gaze swept slowly up and down her body, lingering and appraising, and finally squarely met her nervous gaze.

"You are a woman now, my dear. Are you ready to truly be one, and perhaps bargain with me for the release of the prisoners?"

Her mouth went dry. Bargain? What could she possibly offer him?

"I...yes, Logan. But...what sort of bargain?"

"Come closer," he said again, and Annika slowly approached him until she could have touched him had she extended her arm. He swept his dark intense gaze up and down her body once more and Annika shivered. Did he...want her?

If so, it was not right! Or...was it not so wrong? In the past it had not been uncommon for royal brothers and sisters to marry, but that was no longer done. He had not mentioned marriage, but his gaze and appraising looks were implying that he wanted her to bargain with her body.

Could she do such a thing if that was what he demanded of her? She loved Logan; she always had. But...as a brother? Not if she was honest with herself, as they had not been raised as such. They had spent much time apart, and when they had been together it was as close friends. He had always been kind, trustworthy, and noble, but not much like a older brother to her. Their daily lives and studies were very different. They didn't even look alike. It was difficult to believe that they shared one parent, much less two.

But during the past several years Logan had slowly changed from a kind, noble, and even fun-loving man to one who was constantly weary, short-tempered, extremely driven, and vigilant to every detail of his Kingdom to the point of obsession. He had no women, or men for that matter, nor any apparent interest in them. He was every inch a King, even if he had become a less than benevolent one.

"What sort of bargain?" Annika finally asked, her voice trembling despite herself. "What could you possibly want of me? What could I offer you, the King?"

Logan smiled and reached for her hand. His grip was firm, but surprisingly gentle.

"Do you love that boy? Have you lain with him?"

Annika gasped in shock and reflexively attempted to withdraw her hand, but Logan held it tightly, even beginning to stroke the back of it with his thumb.

"Well, Annika, do you, and have you?" His eyes bored into hers and suddenly Annika felt that she had to be truthful with him.

She shored up her courage and returned his intense gaze. His handsome, albeit scarred face, suddenly betrayed intense anticipation of her reply.

"I...I don't think I love him," she admitted. "I do care for him a great deal, but I have not lain with him." And when she saw Logan's lips curl into a smile, she couldn't resist adding, "Not yet."

That made his smile vanish. Then he pulled her even closer to him until she was standing between his legs. "Have you lain with any man, then, my Annika?"

Why was he asking her such things? Annika inwardly sighed. She knew why. He was interested in bargaining for her body, and he was assessing how he would go about it.

So why did she suddenly feel a surge of confidence? She had seldom felt confident in his presence ever since he had been crowned King. He had exuded raw power and competence from the very moment the crown adorned his head. Why now did she feel that she was, if not his equal, at least nearly so? And why did she suddenly feel...womanly? Even attractive and alluring?

Elliot had been courting her for almost a year, but Annika had still viewed himself and her merely as young adults, not true adults. She saw Elliot as a boy still, and not the young man he assuredly must be. And she certainly had never considered herself a woman grown. Until now.

And now, at this very moment, Logan was eying her carefully, and not just physically, she sensed, but mentally and emotionally. Logan had never trusted appearances, but had always delved into the psyche of every person he met. He made an art of dissecting the nature of individuals and thus, knew how to deal with them accordingly. He either persuaded them to his way of thinking, or he played upon their fears and doubts. If that failed, he could, and recently had, imprisoned or killed them.

How did he now see her; as a woman who had the capability of not only being strong and beautiful, but also his equal? Or was he attempting to manipulate her? He was an enigma to her now. And he had dared to ask her if she had ever laid with a man!

Annika frowned at him even as her body began to tingle all over from the sensation of his warm and calloused thumb caressing her hand. His eyes still held hers, and a strange heat began to coil in her belly. It was a sensation completely unfamiliar to her, but it was not unpleasant. She was innocent, but she was not completely ignorant. The sensation was that of desire, and the one who instilled it in her now was her brother and King.

"I very much think that is not your concern, Logan," she finally replied in as even a tone as possible. "How many women have you lain with? Or men, for that matter?"

Logan pulled her closer and smirked. He tugged her into his lap and Annika gasped. She fell against his chest and he embraced her. At first she involuntarily tensed, but his arms were so warm and welcoming that she suddenly felt safe and cherished. She relaxed into him. It felt...right to do so.

"Everything you do is my concern, dearest Annika. You mean more to me than you know." He buried his face in her long red hair and nuzzled her neck, causing gooseflesh to erupt all over her body and that secret place between her thighs to throb.

This was...this was positively scandalous! Logan was her brother! She should never...

Oh, gods! she thought, her previous thoughts interrupted as he gently grasped and kneaded her hips. His mouth found a sensitive spot at the base of her throat and he suckled it gently. His breath came hot and passionate as he whispered, "My precious Annika, I don't like men, as you surely know! And women...well...I've had my share, but not for quite some time. None has every truly interested me save one. And that one I have not yet had. And that one, if I can win her heart, I shall keep, love, and cherish forever."

Annika found herself tipping her head back and exposing her throat to him entirely. He trailed small kisses up her neck to her jaw. When she did not protest, his hands left her hips and gently cradled her face. He looked at her, and his expression was, oddly, both intense and vulnerable.

"Logan, I've never lain with any man," Annika whispered, unable to keep to herself a truth that he so desperately needed to know.

"My Annika," he said, his voice quiet and trembling slightly, even though his gaze was steady, "are you willing, truly willing...to bargain for the prisoners?"

"Hmmm?" she asked, having forgotten all about them. "Oh, my!" she gasped, then, acutely ashamed. How could she have forgotten the very reason she was here with her brother now? She tried to turn her head away from Logan, but he held it firmly.

"Look at me, my Annika. It's all right. I'll not force you to do anything you do not wish to do, and surely you know at least a little of how I feel, and a bit more of what I desire. But..." He suddenly shook his head violently and looked horrified by his own behaviour. He groaned and clenched his fists, as though trying to rid himself of his thoughts and desires. "Annika...I...I have erred most grievously. I'll free them all. There is no bargaining for you to make with me for them."

The King of Albion sighed heavily and released his sister. "You may go. You needn't think about this any more." He buried his face in his hands and his entire body sagged. "I'm a fool, Annika. I'm a foolish and desperate man! Please, forgive me. And forget all of this. Just...leave. Please." His voice was more pained than she had ever heard it, and the underlying sadness in it tore at her heart.

Annika stood, but now her entire being was divided between exploring forbidden love and desire, or keeping her chastity and virtue, and the morals modern society dictated, intact.

She did love Logan; and she was very close to loving him completely, as a woman loves a man. She certainly desired him and yearned and ached for what he could teach her. But the agony on his face and in his eyes...

"No, Logan. I'm not going anywhere. We had a deal and I expect you, as the honourable man you are, to fulfill it." The confidence in her was building, even if she did not know from precisely where it was coming. She just...felt it. And she would not allow her brother-friend to collapse in on himself. He had been King for so long, been so tired and so vigilant for so long, that he suddenly seemed on the brink of breaking. Even if she had to use his love for her against him; to manipulate him into remaining strong, she would do so without regret. Even if she had to use her newly discovered womanly wiles to tempt him and bring out the man in him, she would do so.

This was her brother, her King, and a man she cared for and loved.

This was her Logan. Her Logan. And she would be damned to any and all Hells before she would leave or abandon him now.

"Annika," he groaned, "please leave! I don't know what came over me, but do not humiliate me further by remaining."

She grasped his hands and wrenched them from his face. Tears streamed from his eyes and, to Annika, he had never looked so lost and forlorn.

"Logan," she whispered, bending down and kissing his forehead, "look at me."

Apparently feeling that he had nothing more to lose, he did.

"Do you mean everything you said? That I mean so much to you? Or was that all just in the heat of the moment, or a way to assess me? Tell me the truth."

Annika found herself desperately hoping, despite all that society had impressed upon her mind as she matured, that Logan meant everything he had said; that he had also meant his kisses, and that he truly did and still desired, and possibly loved her. And not in a brotherly way.

The man before her; the humbled and humiliated man on the throne looked at her through tear-blurred eyes and an expression of deep raw hurt and regret.

"Of course I mean it, my Annika. I'll always mean it." He closed his eyes. "But I'm a fool. I allowed my self-control, and therefore my secret, to slip. I was greedy and desperate. I knew there would likely never be another opportunity for me to try and...to win your..." He stopped. "Annika, do not make me give voice to what I can never have. Please, if you have any pity at all for me left in your heart, do not."

Annika now realised that she did not know everything a woman should about men and women, but she knew enough. She knew enough of her own mind and heart, and knew she could trust them, along with her instincts, implicitly. She now had only to explore a bit further to refine and create solid realities of what her soul already knew. Her mind, heart, and body would catch up in time.

She was almost ready, truly ready, for the Truth. Her Truth, and Logan's.

"Logan, I do not, nor will I ever, pity you."

He looked at her in bald surprise.

She took his face in her hands and pressed her mouth to his, tasting his maleness, his love, his mortification, his hopes and fears, and his guilty desire. After a few moments his tense and salt-wet lips softened beneath hers. Then, with a groan of either anguish or desire, or perhaps both, he pulled her back into his lap and kissed her senseless.