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Rated M for explicit adult content and incest. Don't like, don't read!

The rating is listed as M for certain chapters, as well as the theme of incest. Also, my interpretation of Logan for this particular story may seem OOC to some readers, so be warned! Also, I will not be strictly following the plot-line of the game. There will be some changes and deviations.

King Logan and Princess Annika are becoming ever closer. Annika is determined to understand her brother and stand by him even while the entire Kingdom begins to turn against him. But how can she do that while her part in a Prophecy approaches and begins to claim her?

Come Closer #41

She was absolutely certain that Logan's dark painted eyes were soothing her. Yes, he would come to her as soon as he could. Even through the hard oils of the portrait there was life in his visage, even if only for her.

Annika sighed and closed her eyes. It had felt like ages since she was able to lay in her bed at Hunter's Lodge and just ... rest. Ages since she had seen Logan and ages since she had known that the time would come where she would embark on the last stages of her Journey to the Truth of what Logan feared would descend all too soon upon Albion.

For the moment there was nothing she could do but wait. She would not set sail for Aurora until she had seen Logan, lavished love and reassurance upon him, and told him about their babe. How could she do otherwise? Had she been wrong to not tell him the moment she had known, or even suspected? From the first moment she had not entirely felt herself, from the very first faint tinglings and flutterings of something inside her - should she have summoned him? Had she been wrong to keep the secret?

Jasper had reassured her that she had not been. She had been so distraught and confused that speaking with Logan at that point would have only hurt them both. Her old friend had also suggested that Logan may be pleased by the news, and if that were true, then her doubts and hysterics would only have added to his current burdens and sufferings.

But now she was ready. She was not only ready to be whatever sort of Hero she would need to be, but ready to truly be a woman grown and matured. A woman ready to stand by, unconditionally love, and bear the child of the man she loved. Whatever Choices lay ahead they would face them together. And when they were physically apart they would still be together in spirit and blood. The Princess was unendingly grateful that Logan held such vast magical knowledge. She was the Hero, but her complete dearth of any magical arts other than those in her blood was counterbalanced by Logan.

Still, at times she felt oddly empty. Logan was not injured or in danger; she could sense as much. But knowing how he was faring was not the same as having him by her side. And, by the hells, when all of this ... whatever it was, precisely, ended for good or for ill, nobody or nothing would ever separate them again. Not if she had any say in the matter.

Annika pulled the blankets over her shift-clad body and kept her eyes closed. He would come to her soon, she just had to be patient.

Comfort, peace, warmth, and the unmistakable scent of her lover cradled her in a rainbow stream of tranquillity. Everything would be all right. He was here. His firm and heated chest pressed against her back and his strong arms held her possessively and protectively. One arm was slipped beneath her neck and curled back over her shoulder and his other rested upon her belly.

"Annika," he breathed against her ear as she slowly wakened. "My love, my heart, my most treasured one ... I am here."

Vague disturbing dreams of water, sand, blood, menacing and watchful eyes all dispersed like dew in bright sunlight by the low voice that whispered to her with loving reverence.

When the final vestiges of sleep reluctantly released their hold on her she sighed in relief.

"I need you, Logan. I need you so much."

His arms tightened around her and his breath whispered hotly against her neck. "And I need you to need me."

Annika was loathe to move from his embrace, for it was deliciously loving and completely naked, but she wanted to into his eyes. Gently she dislodged his arms and turned to face him. She cradled his face between her palms and gazed into his face. His visage morphed from pleased to curious. Then, as she continued to gaze at him, fine lines emerged around his eyes and mouth. His breathing quickened and he turned his face to kiss her palm. The kiss was tender and soft, but there was something besides love and affection in it.

"Logan, are you distressed? If it is because I am staring at you, please forgive me. I fret for you every moment. You bear more burdens than any man should. You are bearing the weight of a nation, and now I summon you for purely selfish reasons." She hesitated, then added, "Well, almost all of my reasons are selfish. Some are selfless, as more of them should be for you, my love."

It was her turn to look away. As imperative as it was for her to tell him of their babe and reassure him of her devotion before setting sail, she wanted him to lavish his love upon her. She craved his assurances, emotional and physical, as desperately as he needed to know the truth of her ... condition.

A small smile was her reward as he sat up. When she attempted to do the same he shook his head and gently pushed her back onto the bed. One hand caressingly slid into her sleep-mussed hair and the other between her breasts.

"Can you make me a Promise?" he whispered, now sliding his hand over her left breast. The gesture did not feel erotic or arousing to Annika, but as if he were preparing to either receive or not receive an oath.

"I already have," she replied, covering his hand. She felt his lean fingers twitch. His eyes glittered with an emotion she could not decipher. He sighed and closed his eyes.

"I know. But this is ... different." He opened his eyes again.

Did she see the beginnings of tears?

"This is very different, my Annika." His tone was now bordering on beseeching, barely holding it at bay, but underlying fear was unmistakable.

"Logan, stop," she said firmly. "There is no need for you to fear losing my love or my regard. I have sworn myself to you in every way and that will not change."

And then she realised the unendurable. How had it not occurred to her before? She was the one who should fear losing him! She had conceived a child without his consent. She had refrained from going to him for help and instead turned to Reaver; the worst possible human being, if human he was. They both knew that she must travel her Path her own way, but she had involved herself with the true tyrant of Albion the same as Logan had. Silently and with infinite patience, Reaver had allowed their desperation to do his work for him. But that was one of his ways of rising to ever more wealth and power, wasn't it?

She had been beyond distraught when she had discovered just how insidiously the Deviant had intertwined himself with Albion's king. And now she had done the same thing.

Oh yes, their motives were good, but both she and Logan had made numerous Choices without consulting, and sometimes even considering, each other. And every Choice only made their problems and their future more difficult and uncertain.

Logan had Albion to consider, and although she did as well, she still primarily thought of herself as loyal to Logan. Logan the king, yes, but even more so to Logan the Man. No, not so much the king, she reminded herself once more, but the man, Logan. Her Logan.

"I ... I will promise you anything you desire, Logan," she blurted out before she even realised she was speaking. "Anything! But please promise me something in return!"

His eyes widened and he sucked in an uneven breath. "My Annika, you needn't..."

"But I do!" she cried out, realising for the first time that she could lose him forever. Primal panic raged through her veins, blurring her vision and buzzing in her ears. For the first time since their Bond she truly understood how Logan could continuously fear the very same things she was now. She had always thought his worries unfounded and likely stemmed from the terrible stress he faced every day. But now she knew better.

"Logan, I have made decisions without you! I am to blame for something so great and wonderful, yet so ... powerful, that it will change our lives forever." Hot tears weighed heavily on her lashes, threatening to spill onto her cheeks. Her voice began to waver as she rushed on.

"I love you so much that I could not live without you!" That was the raw truth. Visions of a life without him had never entered her mind. But now she knew that she would rather see her life ended than be without him and his love.

But the babe... Oh, gods! What about the babe? She began to struggle to sit up. She had to tell him everything right now. She could wait no longer!

He was suddenly looming over her, his hands bearing down on her wrists to hold her still.

"Annika, be silent and hear me!"

His voice barely sliced through her own racing chaotic thoughts, but she discerned the command above the desperation and fell silent. Her chest heaved with the effort to calm herself and listen to him.

"Annika," he began, voice wavering yet steady with conviction, "it seems we both have grave concerns."

She nodded, her breathing still ragged. Logan loosened his hold on her wrists only a little, plainly unconvinced that her hysterics were over.

"Please, not a single word until I am finished."

She nodded again.

"You have always admitted that you are a selfish creature, my love, but I am equally so. As a king and as a man I have found that making choices for others comes only too easily to me sometimes." He paused and swallowed thickly. His eyes misted but some of the lines around them relaxed. "I do not mean to say that I am unfeeling or uncaring, just that I have become accustomed to being the one who has to make as many small decisions as large and life changing or ... life ending ones."

Logan now released Annika's wrists but she did not move. His every word was important and carefully chosen and she sensed that he was about to reveal his greatest fear to her. Her breathing came easier now, but she was still afraid. Her wildly pounding heart was testament to that. How had she gone from so calm and serene to completely panic-stricken in mere moments? Her brain was muddled and clouded, but Logan was clearing its fog for her. Or so she hoped.

"You say you have made decisions. So have I." He paused for several long moments. Was the rapid rising and falling of his chest equal to her own?

"I, with full knowledge of every possible implication I could imagine, made a ... Choice. It was the most selfish and dangerous Choice I have ever made, Annika. Not only dangerous for myself and my pathetic heart and soul, but for you."

Logan's eyes were upon her, but there was a dread in them that frightened her.

"I should look you in your eyes as I say this, Annika, but I am too much of a coward."

With that he shifted position to lay his head between her breasts. He lay one hand on her belly and it was so warm that she felt its heat push its way completely through her shift.

Annika began to stroke his hair, silently reassuring him that he could speak on. Frigid fear had taken root and its stemming vine to twine around her heart, but before it could take firm hold it loosened. A little. Something in Logan's manner, his very emotions, was beginning to soothe her. Their Bond allowed them to experience the emotions of the other, but when consciously closed they could not. And Logan had said he was afraid.

But so was she. Had they, either consciously or unconsciously, closed their hearts to each other to protect secrets that should never have been concealed?

"My love, my darling Annika, I have placed you in great jeopardy." He paused, but when she continued to stroke his hair he slowly and softly continued. "I have made love to you, not only to express my love, but with the strong desire to ... implant what I could of myself within you. I hoped that my own Will would be sufficient to overcome any resistance you may have had against ... bearing our child."

Annika's heart continued to race and cold perspiration sheened her body, but her vision began to clear and the buzzing in her ears ceased.

Calm, in small measures, began to dose her with comfort and understanding. And, as a woman, she understood him completely.

"You want something of our love to be made manifest," she whispered in wonder and relief, despite his not having released her from her vow of silence. "You want there to be something of us both when we have left this physical world. And ... you want something made from both of us that we can love and nurture, care for and live for once all of this is over. You want a babe."

His face, gaunt and pale as usual, lit with a new beauty that astounded Annika. Her understanding made him happy? Relieved? Was this what had been troubling him so? And here she had been fearing that she had been the only one to perhaps, unconscious as it may have been, open herself to carrying new life within her. Life made from, hopefully, the best of them.

She pulled his body atop hers and held him tightly. He sagged upon her and trembled violently. His arms circled her waist uncomfortably but she did not care. Logan rained kisses upon her breasts, midriff, and belly.

"You understand? You forgive me? You forgive me for desiring to overcome your own feelings?" he whispered frantically, continuing to pepper her with kisses and the salt of freshly shed tears.

"Yes, Logan!" she moaned, happy beyond measure. She tangled her fingers in his hair and held his head to her, encouraging his continuous kisses. "A little while ago I suspected, then shortly after knew for certain, that I was carrying our babe. I did not tell you at once, and I feared that when I did that you would be angry! I feared that I could lose you! I did not know what to think or feel, you see, and I was afraid."

Logan pulled his hands from beneath her body to tug impatiently at her shift. She almost giggled in delight. He was most definitely returning to himself!

"All you need to be afraid of is my tearing this thing to shreds if you don't remove it at once."

She sat up and he tugged it over her head and tossed it aside.

"You do know that I am going to ravish you senseless, don't you?" he asked, his voice low and husky.

"You had better," she sighed and lay on her back, shimming a bit to make her ample breasts jiggle temptingly. "I was so hoping you would! And don't fear for the babe. There is no chance of harm."

"Do they ache at all?"

She knew what he meant. "My breasts? No. But I want them to," she purred. "Kiss them, suckle them, and maul them at your leisure. And ... " She hesitated, uncharacteristically shy.

"Make your nipples so sore that you'll feel them for days?" he teased.

"Ah, you remember what I like!" Her face was heated but Logan was plainly pleased.

"Always," he groaned, bending down to nuzzle his face between her mounds for a few moments. Then he drew back, appearing thoughtful. "My Annika, spread your legs. I want to see where our babe entered you. Not to fear, however. I'll give the rest of you enough attention for you to remember for weeks."

She obeyed and he bent very close, caressing and slowly parting her outer lips with his calloused thumbs. She moaned when he breathed hotly on her moist centre.

He began with a long slow lick at the bottom of her pink folds and ended just above her now throbbing pearl. "Yes," he said slowly and with obvious approval. "You are the only woman, Annika, who I will ever love. You are the only woman I would also love in this way. And you are the only woman who is worthy of carrying my son or daughter."

She had never thought of that. Logan was nearing thirty years of age. Many men, especially kings, would have had at least several children by now, illegitimate or not.

But Logan had not. Perhaps he had not realised it before, but he had been waiting for her to reach adulthood. He had been waiting for her, for his true love and one woman he would ever give and share a child with.

Despite the timing, Annika was touched, humbled, and honoured. This may not have been the best time, but perhaps, she now thought, perhaps it was the perfect time. After all, this time, above all others so far, was the most crucial and uncertain. Their love and their babe would keep them as steady and determined as possible. They needed that. Badly.

And ... ooh! Logan had licked her slowly and broadly once more. She needed this badly, too!

He chuckled while she gasped and arched her back. He seized her hips and began to love her with his mouth in earnest. Tongue laving, swirling, teasing, and snaking all about her increasingly sensitive flesh would surely drive her out of her mind!

His finger entering her passage while his teeth nipped her slick stiff bud had her convulsing in bliss she had nearly forgotten.

"Those cries," he murmured into her flesh, "how I've missed them!"

And how she had missed making them!

She had not yet descended from her peak of bliss when Logan turned her onto her belly and was pulling her hips up.

"On your elbows and knees, and head down," he instructed. "I want to love you fast and hard. Then later, I'll love you so slowly and maddeningly that you'll scream for me."

She had no doubt about that! He slid into her easily and she could swear he was thicker and longer than ever. She happily groaned and sighed into the mattress while he held her hips firmly and slammed into her just the way she liked. His belly and sac slapped her rear as he thrust in and out, in and out, in and out... Annika lost track of time. Logan was able to go on forever, it seemed, and it was perfect.

Gods, how long later was it? she was reaching her peak once more! She involuntarily stiffened in climax and gasped out guttural cries. When she collapsed onto her belly Logan lay atop her and slid his hands beneath her and cupped her breasts.

"I've been ... ah ... practising how to prolong my own release, my Annika."

"I've no complaints," she whispered, utterly spent.

He chuckled again and kissed the back of her neck. His fingers moved to her nipples and began to pinch them, first lightly, and then more roughly.

Annika gasped at the pain-pleasure and he licked her earlobe.

"Keep the rest of your secrets while I keep mine," he said hoarsely. "At least for now. But if you think I'll allow you and our babe to come to harm even overseas you are quite mistaken."

He twisted and plucked at her now sore nipples. "For now, however, just feel. I'm not nearly done with you yet."

"Thank the gods," she moaned.

"No, thank our own incredible stamina," he said with pride and more than a hint a smugness. "Well, add that to our unabashed love of physical pleasure and I think you can see where the credit lies."

"At the moment I'll concede that it lies mainly with you," she replied saucily.

Another tweaking at her nipples and he was sliding into her from behind once more. At her resulting breathy gasp he grasped her breasts fully in his hands and squeezed.

"Are you certain?" he asked her, voice laden with possessiveness.

"Absolutely," she sighed. "You win this round, Logan-mine."

"I think that we both win," he amended.

Neither would think on her impending journey. Not yet.