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Chapter One

Seto sat in the back of his once clean limo, ignoring the world speeding by his window. Reports and random papers lied in piles along the black leather seats. He tapped on the edge of the small computer that balanced on his crossed legs. He read through the second report before inputting the data into the document and moving on to the next one. He shook his head before placing a large X with his red pen over the paper that he picked up from beside him. He growled in frustration, hating the incompetence of his staff. He couldn't figure out how difficult a simple progress report was to some of his people. He paused in his writing when the door suddenly opened, revealing his driver, a tall man who always wore sunglasses even at night and a black suit. His black hair was hidden mostly under the black hat he wore. "Kaiba-sama, we have arrived." Seto was surprised that he didn't feel the car slow nor stop. He barely even remembered feeling the turns the limo must have made to get to where he was going. He quickly hid his reaction behind his usual emotionless face. Even though he didn't hold his image too much in front of his driver, Seto never wanted to show someone that he was surprised.

Leaving the papers where they lied, Seto got out of the car and walked up to the large mansion. Lights cut through the dark night, revealing the small porch that connected to the large oak door. Bushes and flowers lined the walkway leading to the porch. The grass all around the front lawn was freshly cut and glistened with small water drops in the bright moonlight He sighed, knowing that it was next to impossible for him to return home early enough to wish Mokuba good night. He never liked staying away from home long enough to cut into his private time with Mokuba. He frowned as the butler opened the door before he could even approach the porch. Clearly, Hiro was expecting him. He hated going to parties, whether they were birthdays or gatherings. He especially despised Hiro's parties. There was always some sort of exotic male dancer or naked men around the mansion. Hiro wasn't ashamed to show the public that he was gay. In fact, when the evidence was revealed, he didn't deny it nor let it affect his company. Hiro was the CEO for his own gaming company longer than Seto was for his. He refused to let something as simple as being gay push him out of the door. Of course his board members did try, but they didn't get far with that, especially since his stock rose dramatically with his announcement. Apparently being honest with the public sometimes was to the advantage.

Seto sighed and walked into the surprisingly silent house. There was no loud music or cheering from the other guests. Could Hiro have not ordered the exotic dancers this time? Seto highly doubt that, but he hoped that he came late enough to avoid any entertainment that he wasn't comfortable with. True he swung the same way as Hiro, but he was still a closet case. He'd never admit it to anyone. Not even his brother, but he was sure Mokuba knew. He followed the gray haired butler into the dining room where he's eyes widened in shock. Seto could handle the dancers, but what he saw was way beyond his comfort level. Lying on the large mahogany table was a naked raven haired male. His skin glittered in the dim light. Some of the other guest were licking whipped cream off his fingers and other various parts of his body. While the other guests were watching the others while chewing on fruit that they obviously took off the naked male.

Seto spotted Hiro's red hair disappear beside one of the guest that was licking red jelly off the male's stomach. Almost every part of the male was cleaned off except for the half erect penis. Ashamed that his pants were starting to feel tight and unable to watch Hiro lick the whipped cream off the male's member. Seto turned away and decided to focus on something else in order to lessen the pressure in his pants. No noise was made. Confused, Seto turned back in time to see the honey eyes that were staring at the ceiling close in bliss as he released into Hiro's awaiting mouth.

Hiro leaned up and frowned. "Well I obviously lose," he mumbled. "Oh well, Katz, the bathroom is on the second floor, two doors down the hallway on the left."

The raven haired male sat up and took the black bathrobe that was handed to him by the tall bald hair man that Seto hadn't notice was standing further away from everyone. He escorted the quiet male upstairs and that was the first time that Seto thought that the black hair didn't suit the naked man. The male's eyebrows were a light color instead of black like his hair. He sighed and turned to Hiro who was approaching him. Seto shifted again in order to attempt to hide the erection he had. His pants were annoyingly tight. "I was starting to think you wouldn't arrive."

"Do you ever have a party that doesn't involve someone naked?" Seto snapped. It wasn't that he was uncomfortable with the male anatomy, but he wanted to hide his obvious reactions.

Hiro chuckled. "So you liked him? I found him working as a bartender for the exotic bar I usually go to. Apparently there was a contest on getting him to make any noise. The rules are that you only have to pay for half of his cost if he makes a noise and there has to be a witness to the noise. That's why his bodyguard was here. I lost. He never talks at the bar or even makes any noise. You should have seen him the one night someone tried to drag him away. He struggled and had fear in his eyes, but nothing he did could fight this drunk off. I thought he would say something or scream, but no noise came from him. I'm starting to think that the contest is rigged. He has to be a mute."

"Mutes could still make some sort of noise. What's his real name?"

Hiro shrugged. "They always called him Katz. It sounds like a stage name more than a regular name."

"Doesn't it bother you that he might not wanted to do this? The expresses on his face didn't match what was happening," Seto commented, remembering those dull honey eyes.

"He could say no. I'm sure his boss doesn't force him into anything like this. I'm not the first person that's done this to him. He even changed the color of his hair for this occasion."

Seto was shocked. He knew the color of his hair didn't match. In fact, he was beginning to suspect that he knew who it was. Those eyes looked familiar, and the fact that Hiro called him Katz which could be short for Katsuya. Seto shifted and looked over towards the stairs. He was becoming more and more uncomfortable. "Excuse me for a moment." He walked pass all the other guests who were drinking various things and talking to one another as if nothing strange happened a few minutes ago. The dinning room wasn't decorated for the party nor any other room for that matter. He moved up the red carpeted stairs. The pressure in his pants was becoming more intense as he thought about his old rival. He wouldn't expect Jou to do something like this, but he couldn't be certain. He frowned at the obvious bulge in his pants that wasn't going away even with his mind distracted. He had to do something to relieve the pressure in his pants and knew that a simple bathroom break would be enough excuse as to why he disappeared a few minutes after he arrived. He walked to the second floor, knowing full well that Katz was in the first bathroom, but being in Hiro's house several times, Seto knew where the other bathroom was. He passed the door and stopped.

He heard a deep voice speaking inside. "Why do you do this to yourself, Jou? You're young enough to get a job anywhere. The pay isn't all that great for selling your soul to these rich people." Seto paused and pressed his ear closer to the door. "Jou, you know I'd help you leave. Why don't you consider it?" There was a pause before a heavy sigh. "Fine. No need to glare at me like that. I just wish you'd say something. Do you know how many people are after you because they know you won't make a sound?" Another pause followed by a chuckle. "Fine. I'll stop. Are you almost done?" The shower shut off and Seto forgot why he came upstairs to begin with.

Seto quickly moved downstairs and noticed that most of the guests were gone, and Hiro was sitting in his study, placing bundles of money in a bag. "Where is this bar?"

Hiro chuckled. "I knew you liked him. You know you should come out to the media. It'll be a lot easier than hiding it. I'll help you with your board members. I know every trick that they'd would do to get rid of you."

Seto rolled his eyes. He didn't care what Hiro thought about him. He was confused on what he felt and wanted to know if the raven haired man was the same person he once called his rival. It had been two years since Jou mysteriously disappearance. He never graduated from school, and the teachers didn't care enough to go searching for him. His friends couldn't find him, and Seto didn't care enough back then. "What's the bar's name?" Seto tried again.

"Pushy aren't you. Fine. It's called Exotic Dishes. It's down by the shores, but I'm sure you could find it on your own. Why do you want to know? It's not your type of bar," Hiro said, expressing his concern. Even though he enjoyed teasing Seto, he knew that the cold CEO would never go to a bar like that.

"It's none of your concern."

Seto was about to turn and leave when the tall bodyguard walked into the room directly in front of a now blond male with his eyes downcast. "We need the remainder of the fee. You've reached your fifth hour, and the boss was expecting Katz to be back at the bar by now. It'll be up to the boss if you pay for the extra hour."

Hiro waved him off and gave him the money. "Whatever. I clearly lost so if he wants more money he'll only get enough to pay for one more hour of Katz's time, and no more."

"That's between you and the boss." The tall male turned and gently placed his hand on the blond's back, leading him out of the house.

Seto stared at Jou. He couldn't believe that he would see Jou doing something like this and not making any sound. Even his footsteps were silent. Hiro noticed Seto's gaze. "You know him, don't you?"

"You could say that. He went missing in my senior year two years ago. He never graduated and the teachers gave up on him. He really wasn't an elite student, but he was compassionate about everything that he did. It's strange seeing him quiet and reserved. That is the complete opposite of his loud personality that he had," Seto rambled, not paying attention that he was saying everything aloud.

Hiro smirked and handed him a card. "This is the boss's name and direct line. Good luck."

Seto stared down at the card with a frown on his face. He didn't know why he cared about what Jou was doing, but something about the whole situation made him extremely uncomfortable. Seto didn't even know what he would say to Jou. What could you say to a person that you used fight with everyday that suddenly disappeared?

Seto left the mansion a few minutes later. He slid into the limo, deep in thought not even noticing that his driver shut the door behind him. He moved the papers out of the way and put his laptop on the seat next to him. The card still remained in his hand for a few minutes before he placed it in his pocket. He turned to watch the city go by outside the window. The whole ride home, Seto couldn't focus on anything but seeing Jou in that predicament. Unanswered questions lingered in his mind. Once he arrived back at home, Seto moved swiftly through the hallways, pass Mokuba's room, knowing that his younger brother was already asleep, and into his office to work on finding all the information on Jou that he could. No matter what their relationship was in the past, it was clearly irrelevant in Seto's eyes. He wanted answers and to offer Jou a way whether or not the blond man was trapped in that world. The dead brown eyes was unnerving. Seto paced in front of his book shelves reading the random titles while he waited for his laptop to boot up. He sighed and shifted his gaze out the window. He wasn't getting any sleep that night.


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