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Chapter Five

The two lovers locked lips the second they reach the top of the stairs. They wrestled for dominance and tore each other's clothes off, not caring about where the clothes were falling onto the floor. Jou's blond hair was a mess as Seto threw his shirt on the ground. Jou pinned Seto to the nearest wall, knocking the picture that hung on it onto the ground. The glass cracked, but Seto could care less. He was enjoying Jou's talented tongue as it slipped pass his lips and played with his own tongue. He moaned as Jou pressed his body into Seto's, their clothed members coming into contact. Seto pushed Jou away slightly and knelt down, pulling Jou's pants and boxers down with him in one motion. He slid his tongue along the underside of Jou's member, loving the small moans his lover was making. Jou ignored the fact that they were in the middle of the hallway of the deserted mansion. The pleasure that collided with his senses was nothing he felt before. True he experienced several different sexual pleasures, but his mind was too depressed to even register what was happening. Here and now with Seto was a whole different experience. He felt everything as if it was the first time and enjoyed every lick of Seto's tongue that played with his nerves and sent shivers through his body.

Seto stood and moved them into his bedroom, ignoring the clothes that now lined the once clean hallway. The burnet guided Jou down on top of the silk blanket, kissing him the whole way down. He placed one knee on the edge of the bed while he sucked on the corner of Jou's neck, pushing him up until Jou's head rested on the soft pillow. The blond moaned and shivered. "Uhh...Seto, please," Jou whimpered, opening Seto's pants. He wanted the CEO more than he ever wanted anyone.

Seto pushed his pants off his legs and threw them on the ground. "We are not rushing this," he murmured into Jou's ear, lying completely on top of him, but shifting most of his weight to his legs that sat in-between Jou's legs. Jou hissed when both of their throbbing members met. The pleasure was too much for him and he wanted nothing more but to hurry the CEO along even though Seto showed no signs of relinquishing his control over the whole situation.

"I want you inside," Jou moaned, sliding his body along the burnet's. Seto leaned up and reached into his nightstand for the bottle of lube he kept there. He set it beside Jou and slid his hands slowly down the blond's excited body. Jou trembled into the touch and nearly burst when Seto wrapped his hand around his member. He leaned down to kiss Jou while he sprayed the oily substance on his fingers. Quickly distracted Jou, Seto moved one finger inside, feeling little resistance as he slowly rubbed Jou's tight passage. After several long minutes, Seto added another finger. Jou broke the kiss and hissed from the discomfort. It had been years since he ever had sex, considering that none of the rich people that bought him ever paid enough to sleep with him, not that he minded anyway.

He wrapped his arms around Seto. "Relax. Just keep breathing," Seto whispered, searching for the one place he knew that would have Jou screaming. Jou gasped and moaned loudly. Seto smirked and massaged his prostate, distracting Jou from the pain and discomfort as he added a third finger. By the time Seto was ready to move to the next part, Jou was moaning and thrusting down on Seto's fingers. The CEO smirked to the whimper Jou made when he removed his fingers.

Seto reached beside Jou and put a generous amount of lubricate on his hands before rubbing it along his member. Jou watched his lover, transfixed on the expressions he was making while he teased himself. The CEO finally leaned over and kissed Jou deeply. He used one hand to stroke Jou's member while the other guided himself into Jou's awaiting passage. He eased in gently, pausing once fully seated and waited for Jou to adjust. After a few moments, the blond shifted downward until he couldn't move further. Seto chuckled and used that as an open invitation to continue. He slowly pulled out before pushing back in at the same speed. He continued the slow torture, allowing the blond to feel every inch of pleasure he could.

Each thrust Jou met head one and moved in harmony with Seto even after he began to pick up the pace. The two enjoyed the pleasure until they were close. "I-I'm," Jou gasped seconds before he exploded over both of their stomachs. Seto grunted with the walls tightening around his hard member. He last a few more thrusts until he exploded inside of Jou. The two breathed heavily, basking in their afterglow.

Seto pulled out and lied down next to Jou, pulling him into his arms. "That was amazing," Jou mumbled, feeling fatigue.

"I agree." The two remained silent for a long time, neither needing to say what was on their minds. Seto walked into the attached bathroom for a wet cloth and cleaned them both off before returning to the same position he was in. He was tempted not get up, but the sticky substance on both of them made him uncomfortable. Eventually the two lovers fell asleep, ignoring the world outside as the night slowly turned into day. At that moment nothing mattered to the two sleeping lovers.

Mokuba returned home early that day, knowing that his brother would still be in bed with Jou. He smirked as he walked up the stairs and saw the clothes tossed carelessly about. He slowly picked them up and folded them before placing them outside of Seto's door. He smiled and walked back downstairs and into the kitchen to make the two lover birds breakfast even though he promised Jou that he wouldn't go back to the mansion until late in the afternoon. He was too excited to stay away, loving the fact that both Seto and Jou were finally together. He planned the surprise breakfast with Yugi and Atemu, asking them what the two would more likely want in the morning. Atemu teased and said something with plenty of protein, but Yugi just smacked him and informed Mokuba that it should be something from his own heart that showed Seto and Jou he support. Mokuba finally agreed and now he stood in the large kitchen, looking for all the ingredients he would need for his brothers' breakfast.


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